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Satellite City Quotes

Satellite City is a television program that was first aired in 1970 on BBC One Wales. Satellite City ended its run in 1970.

Each episode of Satellite City is Approximately 30 Minutes long.

The cast includes: Boyd Clack as Gwynne, Rhodri Hugh as Dad, Michael Neill as Randy, Shelley Miranda Barrett as Mandy, and Einir Sion as Bridget.

Satellite City Quotes

Boyd Clack as Gwynne

  • (Boyd Clack) "We was better when we all had initials -- JJ, JPR --"
  • (Dai the barman) "MD."
  • (Boyd Clack) "MD? Who's MD?"
  • (Dai the barman) "Mervyn Davies."
  • (Boyd Clack) "Mervyn Davies wasn't known as MD."
  • (Dai the barman) "No but they's his initials though."
  • (Boyd Clack) "Yes Dai, but he was known as 'Merv the Swerve'"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "In that case he should be called M the S. M for Merv, S for Swerve and 'The' for 'The'."

Michael Neill as Randy

  • (Michael Neill) "Spike Malarky, you are accused of sneaking into our house, confusing Idris with psuedo-philosphical ideas and stealing an expensive executive toy. How do you plead?"
  • (Spike Malarky) "I never done it."
  • (Dai the barman) "I'd like to point out that there's only three people on the jury. One of them is predisposed to the accuser because she has an obvious sexual infatuation for the lawyer, the other one is mentally challenged and the third one is non compost mentist."
  • (Michael Neill) "There must be some jobs, Gwynne's got a job"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Yeah but he's been there since he left school. I think they forgot to sack him"
  • (Michael Neill) "It's still a job, what is it you do exactly?"
  • (Boyd Clack) "Do?"
  • (Michael Neill) "Yeah"
  • (Boyd Clack) "Well it's difficult to put into words really Randy boy. I go in in the morning, and then I potch about until dinner time -- then I have dinner. Then after dinner I -- that's a good question and I can't answer it, not off the top of my head just like that -- but I do do something, remind me to ask Moira"
  • (Moira price) "Randy's been looking for a job, Dai"
  • (Dai the barman) "A Job? What job?"
  • (Michael Neill) "There were these turkeys right? So naturally I assumed they'd need caring for. Feeding, talking to, that sort of thing. So I went in to apply."
  • (Dai the barman) "Turkey strangler was it?"
  • (Michael Neill) "Yeah"
  • (Michael Neill) "Are you alright Idris?"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "No."
  • (Michael Neill) "I noticed you were up half the night"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "I was in the garden"
  • (Boyd Clack) "Sitting in his vest in the rain he was"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "I was trying to catch pneumonia"
  • (Michael Neill) "Even when I was with the Hopi Indians I found gainful employment watching mudhuts dry"
  • (Boyd Clack) "Aye but there's probably a lower unemployment rate in the Nevada desert"

Rhodri Hugh as Dad

  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Satan's handmaidens will get you, they'll force you to dance"
  • (Shelley Miranda Barrett) "Aye, and take drugs"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "That Worthington stuff"
  • (Shelley Miranda Barrett) "'E' Mr Price"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Aye, 'E', and then you'll dry up and die. Like it says in the papers"
  • (Unnamed) "Why didn't you marry again Price? Open your shirt."
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "No woman could ever replace my Angharad."
  • (Unnamed) "She was a formidible woman Price, I agree."
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Do you know she could carry a goat in one hand from Ton Pentre to Maerdy."
  • (Michael Neill) "Why would she want to do that Idris?"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Well she had the shopping in the other hand."
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "I went to Cardiff once. There was a big shop and we had fish and chips sitting down. I didn't like it much."
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "You stupid, useless, shoplifting bugger."
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "You'll grow a little moustache and forget all about us"
  • (Michael Neill) "A little moustache?"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Aye, like that Ian Rush"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "You are the nicest young bloke I ever slept with."
  • (Shelley Miranda Barrett) "You are the nicest young bloke I haven't slept with."
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "You can't go to Cardiff mun"
  • (Michael Neill) "Why not Idris?"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Why not?"
  • (Michael Neill) "Well yeah, why not?"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Well they eat people's heads in Cardiff"
  • (Michael Neill) "I don't think that's true."
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "Well you'll have your head eaten then"
  • (Michael Neill) "I'm not saying I want to go to Cardiff"
  • (Rhodri Hugh) "It's the capital of head eaters mun."

Einir Sion as Bridget

  • (Einir Sion) "Let's go, is it Mand?"

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