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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (film) Quotes

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Saturday Night and Sunday Morning completed its run in 1970.

It features Tony Richardson as producer, John Dankworth in charge of musical score, and Freddie Francis as head of cinematography.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (film) is 89 min long. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (film) is distributed by Bryanston Films (UK) (UK).

The cast includes: Albert Finney as Arthur Seaton, Shirley Anne Field as Doreen, Rachel Roberts as Brenda, Avis Bunnage as Mousy Woman, Norman Rossington as Bert, Bryan Pringle as Jack, Hylda Baker as Aunt Ada, Louise Dunn as Betty, Edna Morris as Mrs. Bull, Peter Madden as Drunken Man, and Anne Blake as Civil Defence Officer.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (film) Quotes

Hylda Baker as Aunt Ada

  • (Hylda Baker) "It ain't right is it, I think men get away with murder."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "They do, don't they."
  • (Albert Finney) "I don't know that much."
  • (Hylda Baker) "Don't be such a big 'ead; and get cracking so as I can talk to her. What's your name duck?"
  • (Rachel Roberts) "Brenda."
  • (Hylda Baker) "You can't beat a bit of fun, can you Arthur."
  • (Hylda Baker) "Look at him, he can't take his eyes off that young girl over there."
  • (Albert Finney) "Not me, I'm courting already. I was looking at the calendar."
  • (Hylda Baker) "I believe you."
  • (Hylda Baker) "Them was rotten days."
  • (Albert Finney) "I know, it won't happen again though, I can tell you that."
  • (Norman Rossington) "I was talking to a bloke the other day at the pit, he's always going on you know 'you can't beat the good old days'. So I got 'old of me pick and I said to him; 'you tell me anything else about them good old days as you call them and I'll split your stupid head open'; I would too."

Shirley Anne Field as Doreen

  • (Shirley Anne Field) "What did you do that for?"
  • (Albert Finney) "I don't know, just felt like it I suppose."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Maybe one of those houses will be for us."
  • (Albert Finney) "I know."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You shouldn't throw things like that."
  • (Albert Finney) "It won't be the last one I'll throw. C'mon duck, let's go down."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "I asked mam if we could live at home, she said it'd be alright."
  • (Albert Finney) "Till we get a new house, I wouldn't mind an old one me'self."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "I would, I want a new one with a bathroom and everything."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Why don't you ever take me where it's lively and there's plenty of people?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "This is a nice room, are all them clothes 'yorn."
  • (Albert Finney) "Ah, just a few rags."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "They must have cost you a pretty penny."
  • (Albert Finney) "I get good wages."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Sharp, ain't he."
  • (Albert Finney) "Is it somebody's birthday?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "It's Mum's anniversary if you want to know."
  • (Albert Finney) "I can't see your dad."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "That's because he's not there."
  • (Albert Finney) "Well, is he coming?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "I shouldn't think so, he left her 15 years ago today and she's just having a drink on it."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Well I'm glad someone thinks it's funny."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You won't tell anybody anything, will you?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Why should I? It pays to keep your trap shut. Sit down."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "No it don't."
  • (Albert Finney) "I've just told you, haven't I? I told you; I got run over with a horse and cart."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You are a liar."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You know the girl at our firm?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Which one?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You know, Tina, the one in the photo."
  • (Albert Finney) "What about her?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "She got married yesterday, she looked ever so nice."
  • (Albert Finney) "What was the bloke like, could you smell the drink? They must've been drunk to get married."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You're in a rotten mood today."
  • (Albert Finney) "I lost 5 quid at the races."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Serves you right, you shouldn't waste your money."
  • (Albert Finney) "It's not wasted, I enjoy betting."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "I don't care what you do with your money, its naught to do with me."
  • (Albert Finney) "Well, stop telling me off then."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "I'm not telling you off, you don't think I'm bothered about you like that do you?"
  • (Albert Finney) "That's not what you said in the pictures just now."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You're a pig, bringing it up like that."

Albert Finney as Arthur Seaton

  • (Albert Finney) "It costs too much to get married, a lump sum down and your wages a week for life."
  • (Norman Rossington) "Most blokes ain't got aught else to work for, have they?"
  • (Albert Finney) "No. I have though. I work for the factory, the income tax and the insurance already, that's enough for a bit. They rob you right, left and centre. After they've skinned you dry you get called up to the army and get shot to death."
  • (Norman Rossington) "That's how things are Arthur, no good going crackers over it. All you can do is go on working and hope that some day something good will turn up."
  • (Albert Finney) "There's a lot more in life Bert, than me Mam and dad have got."
  • (Albert Finney) "Pour us some more tea duck, it's thirsty work falling down stairs."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "Two ain't it."
  • (Albert Finney) "You're good to me Brenda, love, and don't think I don't appreciate it."
  • (Albert Finney) "What I'm out for is a good time; all the rest is propaganda."
  • (Albert Finney) "That's what all these looney laws are for, to be broken by blokes like us."
  • (Albert Finney) "You might cop it one of these days."
  • (Albert Finney) "What's the matter with you tonight?"
  • (Rachel Roberts) "I'll tell you what's the matter with me Arthur, I'm pregnant, good and proper this time; and it's your fault."
  • (Albert Finney) "Oh aye, it's bound to be my fault isn't it."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "Well of course it is, you never take care, you just don't bother, always said this would happen one day."
  • (Albert Finney) "What a wonderful Friday night."
  • (Albert Finney) "I've still got some fight left in me, not like most people."
  • (Norman Rossington) "Not saying you ain't, but where does all this fighting get you?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Have you ever seen where not fighting's got you?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Look I'll go and see me Aunt Ada, she'll know what to do, she's had 14 kids of her own and I'm sure she's got rid of as many others."
  • (Albert Finney) "It's not the first time that bastard's called me a red though. Not that I wouldn't vote communist if I thought it would get rid of blokes like him."
  • (Albert Finney) "They'd bested me right enough. Still, I had me bit of fun. It ain't the first time I've been in a losing fight, won't be the last either I don't suppose."
  • (Albert Finney) "What are you doing round this way then?"
  • (Bryan Pringle) "I'm just going to press shop, I'm, I'm on days now."
  • (Albert Finney) "I thought you might have been coming to see me."
  • (Bryan Pringle) "There's no need of that is there?"
  • (Albert Finney) "In't there. Haven't you thought them squaddies had killed me."
  • (Bryan Pringle) "I don't know what you're talking about."
  • (Albert Finney) "I didn't think you would. That's the sort of bloke you are, in't it, till you get bashed in the face then you squeal like a stuck pig."
  • (Bryan Pringle) "You caused a lot of trouble between me and Brenda, you can't deny it neither, it weren't right."
  • (Albert Finney) "You don't have to tell me what's right and what isn't. How's Brenda anyway?"
  • (Albert Finney) "I got beat up with 2 soldiers."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "What for?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Well I've been knocking around with a married woman and her husband set them onto me, 2 onto 1, so they beat me. I'dve flattened them if they'd been one at a time."
  • (Albert Finney) "What do you do in the week Doreen, do you ever go to pictures?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Only on Wednesday, why?"
  • (Albert Finney) "That's funny, I go on Wednesday n'all. Which one you go to?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "The Granby, as a rule"
  • (Albert Finney) "I'll see you next Wednesday then at 7."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Fast worker aren't you. All right, but not on the back row."
  • (Albert Finney) "What's your name then duck?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Doreen, rotten name ain't it."
  • (Albert Finney) "What's wrong with it? Mine's Arthur, neither of them's up to much but it's not our fault, is it."
  • (Albert Finney) "Where do you work then Doreen?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "Me? Harrison's, the hairnet factory, I've been there ever since I left school."
  • (Albert Finney) "Don't let the bastards grind you down."
  • (Albert Finney) "Brother home for long?"
  • (Bryan Pringle) "Fortnight. There's one thing about him though, you know, he'll always help me if I'm in any sort of trouble. If anyone does aught against me, I can always rely on him. I was with him and his pal once and we set on a bloke -- I never want to do aught like that again."
  • (Albert Finney) "Aye but people like that should be careful though, never to pick on the wrong bloke. I saw a fight like that once, this was with two soldiers an' all. They set on to a bloke and he wiped the floor with the both of them. It was horrible, blood all over the place, I had to turn me 'ead away."
  • (Albert Finney) "Nine hundred and fifty four, nine hundred and fifty bloody five. Another few more and that's the lot for a Friday."
  • (Albert Finney) "What's it like outside?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "It's a bit cold."
  • (Albert Finney) "Not in bed it 'int, it's warm under all these blankets; come and try."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "What do you take me for?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Well we're courting aren't we?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You might call it courting."
  • (Albert Finney) "Your a nice girl Doreen, I like you a lot. I reckon you oughta stay with me for good so's that I don't get knocked down by any more horses. Trouble with me is I'm always bumping into things, it's not much of a paying game."
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "You'll have to watch where you're going then won't you."
  • (Albert Finney) "How's Johnny getting on in Australia?"
  • (Hylda Baker) "Well you know Arthur, I reckon Johnny's a lot better off out there, he never did well in this country, did he."
  • (Albert Finney) "No, he always was a good worker though, I know that."
  • (Albert Finney) "Mam called me barmy when I told her I fell of a gasometer for a bet. But I'm not barmy, I'm a fighting pit prop that wants a pint of beer, that's me. But if any knowing bastard says that's me I'll tell them I'm a dynamite dealer waiting to blow the factory to kingdom come. I'm me and nobody else. Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not because they don't know a bloody thing about me. God knows what I am."
  • (Albert Finney) "Think of number one, share and share alike's no good."
  • (Bryan Pringle) "You wouldn't think like that though if you won the pools though, would you?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Wouldn't I? I'd see the family right but nobody else. If I got a stack of begging letters like most blokes do, you know what I'd do with them?"
  • (Bryan Pringle) "What?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Make a bonfire."
  • (Albert Finney) "Your mam takes all night to read the paper, does she read slow or is she looking a the adverts?"
  • (Shirley Anne Field) "She reads every word. She loves her newspaper more than a book."
  • (Albert Finney) "I dunno, work next week. I'll be hard at it, sweating me guts out at that lathe. It's a hard life if you don't weaken."

Edna Morris as Mrs. Bull

  • (Edna Morris) "I'll clout you one of these days."
  • (Albert Finney) "Ta'ra fatty."

Norman Rossington as Bert

  • (Norman Rossington) "I noticed that girl myself this morning, smashing bit of stuff. I shouldn't think she'd want aught to do with a madhead like you though."
  • (Albert Finney) "They all want a good time you can bet."
  • (Norman Rossington) "Did you get anywhere?"
  • (Albert Finney) "No, you?"
  • (Norman Rossington) "Nah, that Betty's barmy, she wouldn't let me get near her. Tell you, you've got to marry them these days before you get aught."
  • (Albert Finney) "Not if they're already married."
  • (Norman Rossington) "You should have been with us."
  • (Hylda Baker) "Our Ethel clicked with a bloke and he bought us drinks all round, the whole gang of us."
  • (Norman Rossington) "Aye, he must have got through a good 5 quid, soft bastard. Still he had a car so I suppose he could afford it."
  • (Norman Rossington) "I don't know how that ratface could do a thing like that."
  • (Albert Finney) "Cause she's a bitch and a whore, she's got no heart in her; she's a swivel-eyed git."
  • (Norman Rossington) "She wants pole-axing."
  • (Albert Finney) "Some people would nark on their mother, we're living in a jungle; we are and all. That bloke was a spineless bastard though, he should've run."
  • (Norman Rossington) "You were born dead lucky, weren't you."
  • (Norman Rossington) "Come on, what you frightened at, kiss won't hurt you."
  • (Louise Dunn) "What do you think I am, I don't even know you."
  • (Norman Rossington) "Well give us a kiss and then you will."
  • (Louise Dunn) "No, get off. You men are all the same."
  • (Norman Rossington) "I'm different."
  • (Louise Dunn) "You don't look like that to me."
  • (Norman Rossington) "Well I am, I think you're a little cracker."
  • (Norman Rossington) "You know I told you to lay off weeks ago, not that you took a blind bit of notice."
  • (Albert Finney) "Well you've gotta enjoy yourself."
  • (Norman Rossington) "You've got to keep your feet on the ground as well."
  • (Albert Finney) "I can't see much use in that. You see people settle down and before they know where they are they've kicked the bucket."
  • (Norman Rossington) "It ain't altogether like that."
  • (Albert Finney) "No, I now. It would be though if you didn't watch it."

Rachel Roberts as Brenda

  • (Rachel Roberts) "Yes, yes it's yours right enough. Haven't done aught like that with Jack for a couple of months or more; and I don't want to have it I can tell you that now."
  • (Albert Finney) "Have you tried aught, took aught I mean."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "Yes, some pills, they didn't work. 30 bob they cost me too, gone right down the drain."
  • (Albert Finney) "God almighty."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "He won't help you."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "Somebody told me the other day they'd seen you coming out of the pictures with a young girl."
  • (Albert Finney) "It's a bloody lie then."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "Do you think I'm daft Arthur? I can tell you don't go as much on me as you used to."
  • (Albert Finney) "That isn't true Brenda, you know I like you a lot."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "I know you do, you can see it a mile off."
  • (Albert Finney) "Not my fault if you don't believe me, is it?"
  • (Rachel Roberts) "You know the trouble with you, you don't know the difference between right and wrong, and I don't think you ever will."
  • (Albert Finney) "Maybe I won't, but I don't want anybody to teach me either."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "You'll learn one day."
  • (Albert Finney) "We'll see, but it's now that matters isn't it, we've still got to clear this mess up."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "Been 'ere long?"
  • (Albert Finney) "10 minutes, I was just looking at the lovely view."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "Better come down to earth then, adn't you?"
  • (Albert Finney) "How did you go on at Aunt Ada's, it go off all right?"
  • (Rachel Roberts) "No it didn't, was just one of them old wive's tricks, she made me sit in a hot bath for 3 hours, had to drink a pint of gin. I'll never go through that again, it was terrible, I thought I was gonna die. And it didn't work."
  • (Rachel Roberts) "I believe you, thousands wouldn't."

Avis Bunnage as Mousy Woman

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Bryan Pringle as Jack

  • (Bryan Pringle) "You're too much of a troublemaker, Arthur, you should take things as they come and enjoy life."
  • (Albert Finney) "I do enjoy life, just because I'm not like you don't think I don't."
  • (Bryan Pringle) "I'll see you sometime."
  • (Albert Finney) "Yeah."

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