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Savage Nights Quotes

Savage Nights is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Savage Nights ended in 1970.

It features Nella Banfi as producer, René-Marc Bini in charge of musical score, and Manuel Teran as head of cinematography.

Savage Nights is recorded in French and originally aired in France. Each episode of Savage Nights is 126 minutes long. Savage Nights is distributed by Pan Européenne Distribution.

The cast includes: Cyril Collard as Jean, Carlos López as Samy, Aïssa Djabri as Kader, and Romane Bohringer as Laura.

Savage Nights Quotes

Cyril Collard as Jean

  • (Cyril Collard) "I wanna live, I don't wanna die."
  • (Cyril Collard) "I'm alive. The world is not something that is only around me. I'm part of it. Maybe I'll die of AIDS but it's no longer my life. I am part of life."
  • (Cyril Collard) "I feel I'm going through life like an American tourist, doing as many towns as possible."
  • (Cyril Collard) "Come here, Laura. I wanna say something."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "What's wrong?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "You know I've been with lots of guys, one worst than the other -- I think we should take some precautions."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "What precautions?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "I did the HIV test and the result was positive."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "You knew that the first time we made love?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "Yes."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "And you didn't say anything. You knew it and you didn't say anything. I can't believe. How could you do this to me and not say anything? This is terrible -- monstrous. How long?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "A few months. Don't make judgments. You don't know what it does."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "No and I don't care and you should have told me. It was the least you could do. Not a word. Do you realize we made love and you didn't say anything."
  • (Cyril Collard) "I thought nothing was going to happen to you."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "Even if nothing's gonna happen, you should have told me."
  • (Cyril Collard) "I -- don't know how to explain it, as if this weren't a part of me, understand? I couldn't -- I couldn't absorb."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "But you never stopped thinking about it. Didn't you thought about it when we made love? You didn't told me -- you don't trust me. Why don't you trust me?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "It has nothing to do with that."

Carlos López as Samy

  • (Carlos López) "You would have a great scoop if I had fallen."
  • (Cyril Collard) "Said it right: if you had fallen."
  • (Carlos López) "But wouldn't that be a great news -- if I had fallen?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "Why do you think that I'm interested in filming a death?"
  • (Carlos López) "You could make a lot money, don't you think?"
  • (Carlos López) "I'd like to work with you."
  • (Cyril Collard) "That's blackmail. You sleep with me and I get you a job?"
  • (Carlos López) "No, you got me wrong."
  • (Carlos López) "Are you in a hurry or you always drive like this?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "Always like this."
  • (Cyril Collard) "Who is Mr. Andre?"
  • (Carlos López) "An old queer."
  • (Carlos López) "What's your story?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "I am -- me."
  • (Carlos López) "Do you like guys?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "What do you think?"
  • (Carlos López) "I'm just asking --"
  • (Cyril Collard) "Come here -- I'm not gonna rape you."

Romane Bohringer as Laura

  • (Romane Bohringer) "He kills me and reduces me to nothing yet I still love him."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "You can't love. You're incapable of loving me. You prefer that little whore. If you could see how pathetic you are. He turns you on but you don't love him either. You don't love life. You suck everyone dry but what do you give?"
  • (Romane Bohringer) "Do you sleep with Jean?"
  • (Carlos López) "I'm not gay."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "You could do it for interest."
  • (Carlos López) "You don't know what interests me. I don't care about money, glory, social position. I just need things that excite me, understand?"
  • (Romane Bohringer) "Sleeping with Jean doesn't excite you?"
  • (Carlos López) "Can't you think of another thing? You seem obsessed with this."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "Do you intend to stay long?"
  • (Carlos López) "I don't know."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "I don't think you will."
  • (Carlos López) "Oh really?"
  • (Romane Bohringer) "Yes."
  • (Carlos López) "How would you know?"
  • (Romane Bohringer) "Because Jean is like this: some come, others go."
  • (Carlos López) "Is that so? And what are you doing here?"
  • (Romane Bohringer) "This is my house."
  • (Carlos López) "This is your house? Everybody goes and you stay?"
  • (Romane Bohringer) "That's how it is."
  • (Carlos López) "You're lucky. But one day someone will occupy this house."
  • (Romane Bohringer) "Yes, but it won't be you."

Aïssa Djabri as Kader

  • (Aïssa Djabri) "How do you do with the guys?"
  • (Cyril Collard) "You're curious huh? Safe sex. A quickie under the bridge, no longer than five minutes and then -- Am I shocking you?"
  • (Aïssa Djabri) "No."

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