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Saw II Quotes

Saw II is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Saw II stopped airing in 1970.

It features Gregg Hoffman as producer, Charlie Clouser in charge of musical score, and David A. Armstrong as head of cinematography.

Saw II is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Saw II is 93 minutes long. Saw II is distributed by Lionsgate Films.

The cast includes: Glenn Plummer as John, Donnie Wahlberg as Eric Matthews, Shawnee Smith as Amanda, Glenn Plummer as Jonas, Franky G as Xavier, Tim Burd as Obi, Erik Knudsen as Daniel, Lyriq Bent as Rigg, Dina Meyer as Kerry, Emmanuelle Vaugier as Addison, Beverley Mitchell as Laura, Noam Jenkins as Michael Marks, and Tony Nappo as Gus.

Saw II Quotes

Franky G as Xavier

  • (Franky G) "Do -- not -- run."
  • (Franky G) "The only door you know how to open is between your legs."
  • (Franky G) "The only door you know how to open is between your legs."
  • (Franky G) "'Obi'?"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "What the f*** is a 'Obi'?"
  • (Tim Burd) "'Ah-bi'. That's my name."
  • (Franky G) "It's not a fortress. It's a f***ing house."
  • (Franky G) "Look who's talking, the only door you know how to open is between ya' legs."
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "Why don't you shut the hell up all right."
  • (Franky G) "Why don't you shut the hell up?"
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "I'm sick of your bulls***. You'd best bend over before I land one on the back of your cheek, asshole."
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "Get the f*** off me."

Glenn Plummer as Jonas

  • (Glenn Plummer) "You remind me of me, no matter what kind of f***ed up situation you're in you've got to find an enemy. You know what? I got enemies man."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Outside these f***ing walls, bro -- and they're lookin for me. And if they don't find ME they're going after the ones closest to me, my family. You understand?"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "I want to play a game."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Some people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you -- not anymore."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Would you kindly get me a glass of water? I would very much appreciate that."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Your son is in a safe and secure state."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "All I'm saying is let's just take our time and come up with a game plan."
  • (Franky G) "Well you come up with a game plan. Alright? I'm getting out of here."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "The jigsaw piece that I cut from my subjects was only ever meant to be a symbol that that subject was missing something. A vital piece of the human puzzle. The survival instinct."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "This is all really, really interesting, John. But right now I'd really like for you to talk to me."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "I am talking to you. You're not listening."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "X marks the spot."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "I'm not fixable. I've had cancer."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Since when has force been a problem for you? Why are you so desperate to get your son back?"
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "'Cause he's my son --"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "What's the last thing you said to him before you left him?"
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "Well, then, go."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Seems to me that the knowledge of your sons impending death is causing you to act -- Why is that we're only willing to do that, when a life is at stake?"
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "I've always loved my son, it has never changed"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "No -- no -- It's changed now. You see, the knowledge of death -- changes everything. If I were to tell you the exact date and time of your death -- it would shatter everything."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "How will you get a conviction without all this evidence?"
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "I don't need this s*** to convict you."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Go ahead. Destroy it. We both know the sort of person you are. The sort of person who guns down an unarmed suspect. The sort of person who plants evidence in order to obtain a conviction. The sort of person whose wife leaves him and whose son hates him."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "Shut the f*** up."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Not too long now till your son starts pissing blood."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "What the f*** is a Obi?"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Hello Michael, I want to play a game. So far in what could loosely be called your life you've made a living watching others. Society would call you an informant, a rat, a snitch. I call you unworthy of the body you possess, of the life that you've been given. Now we will see if you are willing to look inward rather than outward to give up the one thing you rely on in order to go on living. The device around your neck is a death mask. The mask is on a spring timer. If you do not locate the key in time the mask will close. Think of it like a venus flytrap. What you are looking at right now is your own body not more than two hours ago. Don't worry, you're sound asleep and can't feel a thing. Taking into account that you are at a great disadvantage here I'm going to give you a hint as to where I've hidden the key, so listen carefully. The hint is this -- It's right before your eyes. How much blood will you shed to stay alive, Michael? Live or die, make your choice."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "You all possess the combination to the safe. Think hard. The numbers are in the back of your minds. The clue to their order can be found over the rainbow."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Now, that's the Eric Matthews they gave medals to."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Hello Obi, I want to play a game. For years you have burned those around you with your lies, cons, and deceits. Now you will have a chance to redeem yourself, for the games you've played with others, by playing one of mine. Inside the device in front of you are two antidotes for the poison coursing through your veins. One is my gift to you for helping me kidnap the others, the second is for you to donate. However, one will come with a price. Remember Obi, once you're in Hell, only the devil can help you out."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Can you imagine what it feels like to have someone sit you down and tell you that you're dying? The gravity of that, hmm? Then the clock's ticking for you. In a split second your awe is cracked open. You look at things differently; smell things differently. You savor everything be it a glass of water or a walk in the park."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "The clock is ticking, John."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "But most people have the luxury of not knowing when that clock's going to go off. And the irony of it is that that keeps them from really living their life. It keeps them drinking that glass of water but never really tasting it."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Greetings -- and welcome. I trust that you are all wondering where you are. I can assure you that while your location is not important, what these walls offer for your IS important -- salvation, if you earn it. 3 hours from now the door to this house will open. Unfortunately, you only have 2 hours to live. Right now, you are breathing in a deadly nerve agent. You've been breathing it since you've arrived here. Those of you familiar with the Tokyo subway attacks will know its devastating effects on the human body. The only way to overcome it and walk out that door is to find an antidote. Several are hidden around this house. One is inside the safe in front of you. You all posess the combination to the safe. Think hard -- the numbers are in the back of your mind. The clue to their order can be found "over the rainbow". Once you realize what you all have in common, you will gain a better understanding of why you're here. X marks the spot for that clue, so look carefully. Let the game begin."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Hello, Xavier, I want to play a game. It's similar to the game you play as a drug dealer, the game of giving hope to the desperate. I think we can agree that your situation is desperate, so I'm going to offer you hope. By entering this room, you have started a timer on the door in front of you. When the timer runs out the door will be locked forever, locking away the antidote inside it. If you want to find the key, you will have to crawl through the same squalor that your customers have. I'll give you one hint where to find it."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "It will be like finding a needle in a haystack."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "How do you know all this?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Because I've played before."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Those who don't appreciate life do not deserve life."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "My son appreciates his life."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "But do you appreciate yours? Do you appreciate your son's?"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Oh, yes, there will be blood."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "How much blood will you shed to stay alive?"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Those who do not appreciate life do not deserve life."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "You may not remember all those people but I'm sure they remember you. You're the arresting officer on all their cases and you're the one who planted all the evidence used to obtain their convictions. You're the one who put them away. Your son is playing a game with a lot of people who don't like you very much, Detective. It would be a shame if they discovered who he was."

Emmanuelle Vaugier as Addison

  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "Obviously someone didn't want us to get in this room."
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "What is this, house arrest?"
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "Well we've established that the macho bulls*** approach isn't opening the door. Any other suggestions?"
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "It's stuck on something."
  • (Franky G) "Here, move, let me try. Move. Move. Come on."
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "Would you take it easy? Jesus."
  • (Franky G) "Just back up. Alright?"
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "Somebody open the f***ing door."
  • (Franky G) "I don't think anybody is listening. Man, what the f*** is this?"
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Somebody's listening."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "No. Those types of cameras don't have sound."

Beverley Mitchell as Laura

  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Jail. You said you three had been there. Make it four."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "For what?"
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Doesn't matter."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "X marks the spot."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "What?"
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "What are you doing with him?"
  • (Erik Knudsen) "You know him?"
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "Yeah. He's the guy who put me away. He set me up."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Tell me that's not your father."
  • (Emmanuelle Vaugier) "I can't trust any of you."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "That's the second time I've had to wake up in this s*** hole."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "He kidnapped me in the middle of the night."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "You're the last person I saw before I woke up here. You did this."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Are you sure it's him? You better be sure."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "I'm sure."
  • (Tim Burd) "You would have done the same. I did what I had to do."
  • (Franky G) "I'll give you a choice."
  • (Franky G) "You got 5 seconds to get us out of here."
  • (Tim Burd) "I don't know the way out."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Bulls***. You got us in here. You can get us out of here."
  • (Tim Burd) "No I can't."
  • (Franky G) "Then you're a dead man."
  • (Tim Burd) "So are you."

Donnie Wahlberg as Eric Matthews

  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "You mother f***er where is he? Where is he?"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Where is he? That's a problem you're going to have to solve before it's too late. He has about, two hours, until the gas creeping into his nervous system begins to break down his body tissue, and he begins to bleed from every orifice he has. Oh yes, there will be blood."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "You seem to know a whole lot about me."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "I know you were once considered a fearless police officer. Do you feel a whole lot safer now that you only sit behind a desk?"
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "I feel a whole lot of things right now."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "But you feel alive. That's what you feel, and that's the point."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "I swear, if I don't see my son. I'll rip your f***ing head off."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "I don't intend to mock you officer but I'm a cancer patient. How could YOU possibly put me in more pain than I'm already in?"
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "You think cancer is an excuse for what you do?"
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "You f***ing bitch. I'll f***ing kill you. you f***ing bitch. I'll f***ing kill you."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "Hey, is this close enough?"
  • (Lyriq Bent) "Get his ass out of here --"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Actually, I will need to remain here while you deal with your problem, Detective Matthews"
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "What problem?"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "The problem in that room."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "Okay. Let's talk."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Sit down, Eric."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "I want to play a game. The rules are simple. All you have to do is sit here and talk to me. Listen to me. If you do that long enough you will find your son in a safe and secure state. We haven't been properly introduced. My name is John."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "Thought you liked to be called Jigsaw."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "No."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "It was the police and the press who coined the nickname Jigsaw. I never once encouraged or claimed that. The jigsaw piece I cut from my subjects was only ever meant to be a symbol that that subject was missing something. A vital piece of the human puzzle. The survival instinct."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "This is all really, really interesting John. But right now I's really like for you to talk to me about --"
  • (Glenn Plummer) "I am talking to you. You're not listening. Don't forget the rules."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "Where to now?"

Shawnee Smith as Amanda

  • (Shawnee Smith) "What is the cure for Cancer, Eric? The cure for death itself. The answer is immortality. By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal. So now we find the tables are turned. It is I who will carry on John's work after he dies, and you are my first test subject. Now you are locked away, helpless and alone."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Game Over."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "Daniel. Daniel. You f***ing Bitch. I'll f***ing kill you. You f***ing Bitch --. You f***ing Bitch. I'll f***ing kill you. Noooooooo, Nooooooo. Help. Nooooo --"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "The note said not to use the key --."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "We have to play by the f***ing rules."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "He's gone."
  • (Franky G) "Doesn't matter. All I want is the number on the back of his neck and then yours."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "You still don't know your own number. How are you going to get it if I don't tell you?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "If it's stuck, it's a trap."
  • (Franky G) "Lady, this whole house is a trap."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Game over."

Erik Knudsen as Daniel

  • (Erik Knudsen) "Amanda, you said you survived this right?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "I what?"
  • (Erik Knudsen) "This guy. You said that you've played before and you survived."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Yeah."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "So that means we could survive."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Yeah."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "My Dad's a -- he's a real hard ass. You know, he's probably got half the city out looking for me, just so he can kick my ass for disappearing on him."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "-- yeah, probably."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "Amanda, why did he pick you?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Because I was a f***ing junkie."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "But you know what? I passed his little test"
  • (Erik Knudsen) "If you passed his test then why are you back here?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "I wasn't being very good to myself."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "How long have you, um?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "I started in jail."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "What were you arrested for?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Possession."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "I thought you said --"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Maybe you should talk to the cop who arrested me."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "My dad's a -- he's a real hard ass --"

Lyriq Bent as Rigg

  • (Lyriq Bent) "We're in the wrong f***ing house. They've been dead this whole f***ing time."

Dina Meyer as Kerry

  • (Dina Meyer) "We don't have 15 minutes. We need that location to the video feed."
  • (Video Techie) "Kerry. We got a lock. We got a lock on the house."
  • (Dina Meyer) "Rigg, we got it."
  • (Lyriq Bent) "What?"
  • (Dina Meyer) "237 North Hyde Crescent."
  • (Lyriq Bent) "237 North Hyde Crescent. Got it."
  • (Dina Meyer) "I am the one who has been working on this case from day one. I have been spending every waking moment piecing it together."
  • (Lyriq Bent) "Maybe that's why you ain't got a god**** family for yourself and you can't understand what this man is going through."
  • (Donnie Wahlberg) "I don't want to talk to him."
  • (Dina Meyer) "You already lost your son one time before because you got involved with me. It's not going to happen again."
  • (Lyriq Bent) "This is bulls***. What are we going to do?"
  • (Dina Meyer) "Just humor him. Buy us a little more time. You can win this Eric. You can beat him."
  • (Dina Meyer) "It's not live."
  • (Dina Meyer) "Look closer, Detective Matthews."

Tony Nappo as Gus

  • (Tony Nappo) "f***. How do you just wake up in a room and have no idea where you are?"
  • (Franky G) "I guess you've never been drunk before."
  • (Tony Nappo) "I've been drunk. I spent 3 years in college."

Noam Jenkins as Michael Marks

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Tim Burd as Obi

  • (Tim Burd) "If you're going to threaten me with a knife you may as well cut me a little."

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