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Scarecrow (1973 film) Quotes

Scarecrow (1973 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Scarecrow ended in 1970.

It features Robert M. Sherman as producer, Fred Myrow in charge of musical score, and Vilmos Zsigmond as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Scarecrow (1973 film) is 112 minutes long. Scarecrow (1973 film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Al Pacino as Lion, Gene Hackman as Max Millan, Dorothy Tristan as Coley, Eileen Brennan as Darlene, and Ann Wedgeworth as Frenchy.

Scarecrow (1973 film) Quotes

Al Pacino as Lion

  • (Al Pacino) "Hey Max, you heard the story of the scarecrow?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "No."
  • (Al Pacino) "You think crows are scared of a scarecrow?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Yeah, I think they're scared. Yeah why?"
  • (Al Pacino) "No, crows are not scared, believe me."
  • (Gene Hackman) "The god damn crows are scared."
  • (Al Pacino) "No, crows are laughin'."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Nah, that's bulls*** --"
  • (Al Pacino) "That's right, the crows are laughin'. Look, the farmer puts out a scarecrow, right, with a funny hat on it, got a funny face. The crows fly by, they see that, it strikes 'em funny, makes 'em laugh."
  • (Gene Hackman) "The god damn crows are laughin'?"
  • (Al Pacino) "That's right, they're laughin' their asses off. And then they say, "Well, that ol' farmer Jo down there, he's a pretty good guy. He made us laugh, so he won't bother him any more.""
  • (Gene Hackman) "The god damn crows are laughin' --"
  • (Al Pacino) "Ohh, they laughin', woooo."
  • (Gene Hackman) "I gotta tell ya somethin', that's the most hare-brained idea I've ever heard."
  • (Al Pacino) "It's true, they're laughin' their asses off."
  • (Gene Hackman) "The crows are laughin' -- I guess the fish are reciting poetry --"
  • (Al Pacino) "I guess so."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Uh huh -- and the uh, pigs are playin' banjo? And the dogs would be, let's see, uh -- playin' hockey. And the uh -- the uh --"
  • (Al Pacino) "Crows are laughin'."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Crows are laughin', right. Ya know, in the joint I've heard some tales, oh boy, golly I've heard some tall tales. But at least those guys had the decency to admit that it was bulls***, you know what I mean? They actually took pride, pride in that it was bulls***. But the crows are laughin' huh? I mean you're not playin' with a full deck man, you got one foot in the grave beyond."
  • (Al Pacino) "Scarecrows are beautiful."
  • (Al Pacino) "How you doin'? You OK?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Hey Max, I've been meaning to ask you --"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Yeah?"
  • (Al Pacino) "In the joint --"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Yeah?"
  • (Al Pacino) "No women, right?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "No."
  • (Al Pacino) "So how'd you get laid?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "I'm gonna' have that car wash. Yeah. And a deep freezer full of steaks. And ass, buddy. I mean ASS."
  • (Al Pacino) "Max, you should be more careful where you drop your drawers. Some scorpion will put a lip-lock on your big ass."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Uh-huh. Well, it'll be his funeral."
  • (Al Pacino) "The crows are laughin'."
  • (Al Pacino) "Hey Max, what do you do when it's cold?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "I put on more clothes. I'm a cold-blooded bastard, I never get warm enough. I take a little nap after every fight."
  • (Al Pacino) "What's with the shoe?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "What's with mindin' your own business?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Boy, some partner I picked."
  • (Gene Hackman) "You didn't pick me, I picked you."
  • (Al Pacino) "Why?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "'Cause you gave me your last match. You made me laugh. God damn crows are laughin' --"
  • (Al Pacino) "It'll be ladies' night every Monday night of the week. And we'll have -- uh --"
  • (Unnamed) "Lollipops."
  • (Al Pacino) "LOLLIPOPS."

Ann Wedgeworth as Frenchy

  • (Ann Wedgeworth) "High school graduation has its prom here every year. They even have "Pomp and Circumstances" on the jukebox."
  • (Ann Wedgeworth) "And what did you miss most in prison?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Home cooking."

Gene Hackman as Max Millan

  • (Gene Hackman) "Guess what, I'm a "scarecrow""
  • (Al Pacino) "Yeah Max,you're a "scarecrow". You're also an "asshole""
  • (Gene Hackman) "Hey."
  • (Al Pacino) "You're also a "scarecrow"."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Ah, Coley this is my associate,Lion."
  • (Dorothy Tristan) "It's nice to meet you Lion."
  • (Al Pacino) "It's nice to meet you Coley, Max has told me nothing about you."
  • (Gene Hackman) "What's wrong with him?"
  • (Doctor) "Your friend has serious trouble."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Yeah, well, what --"
  • (Doctor) "He's catatonic."
  • (Gene Hackman) "How'd he catch that?"
  • (Doctor) "Well, it's nothing you "catch" --"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Oh my god,what happened?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Riley tried to f*** me, so I had to beat the s*** out of him."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Up yours, you two-bit sonofabitch you."
  • (Al Pacino) "Eat canteloupe, you bellyaching rhinoceros."
  • (Gene Hackman) "I gotta' tell you something about me. I'm, like, the meanest son of a bitch alive, you know what I mean?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Yeah?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "I don't trust anybody -- I don't love anybody -- And I can tear the ass out of a god****ed elephant, too."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Ahhh."
  • (Al Pacino) "Feel better?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "Yeah. I'm telling you -- gettin' laid is sure good for my regularity."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Gimme a chocolate donut and a bottle of beer."
  • (Gene Hackman) "Oh, I tell you, that Frenchy is 160 weight of mean woman. I tell ya', she did things I didn't think you could do less'n you were a snake."
  • (Al Pacino) "Gotta' admire talent --"

Eileen Brennan as Darlene

  • (Eileen Brennan) "Shut the door, you big dope. You're lettin' all the smoke out."

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