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Scary Movie 4 Quotes

Scary Movie 4 is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Scary Movie 4 ended in 1970.

It features James L. Venable in charge of musical score, and Thomas E. Ackerman as head of cinematography.

Scary Movie 4 is recorded in English and originally aired in United States.

The cast includes: Bill Pullman as Henry Hale, Regina Hall as Brenda, Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell, Beau Mirchoff as Robbie, Craig Bierko as Tom Ryan, Michael Madsen as Oliver, Regina Hall as Brenda Meeks, Anthony Anderson as Mahalik, John Reardon as Jeremiah, David Zucker as Zoltar, Leslie Nielsen as Harper, Molly Shannon as Marilyn, Carmen Electra as Holly, James Earl Jones as Narrator, Michael McDonald as Tiffany Stone, Henry Mah as Mr. Koji, Conchita Campbell as Rachel, and Chris Elliott as Ezekiel.

Scary Movie 4 Quotes

Regina Hall as Brenda Meeks

  • (Regina Hall) "What? We at peace now, I was just sealing the deal."
  • (Regina Hall) "p*****."
  • (Anna Faris) "Brenda."
  • (Regina Hall) "What? 50 Cent got shot nine times and he's still walking around."
  • (Regina Hall) "I don't believe it. The aliens killed a dinosaur."
  • (Regina Hall) "Cindy. Oh, it's been so long."
  • (Anna Faris) "Brenda, I thought you were dead."
  • (Regina Hall) "Oh, I thought you were dead, too."
  • (Regina Hall) "You and me should get it on."
  • (John Reardon) "Elder Hale. We should welcome the outsiders among us."
  • (Bill Pullman) "Jeremiah, ought not your tongue be held?"
  • (John Reardon) "I am sorry, Elder Hale -- but sometimes my tongue wiggles beyond my ability to control it."
  • (Regina Hall) "This is a problem with which I have had much experience. Maybe I could help him in a room in which there are no others. Or you can all watch. I don't give a s***."
  • (Regina Hall) "Lil' Kim- Lil' Kim got my sandwich. Look out- Russell Crowe's got a phone. R.Kelly, don't pee on me. MY LOVELY LADY LUMPS. Where are we?"
  • (Anna Faris) "I'm not sure, but I think were close. It's supposed to be near mile 62."
  • (Regina Hall) "Is something wrong?"
  • (Anna Faris) "No, it's just -- I met this guy, and I wonder if he's safe. Oh, you'd love him, Brenda."
  • (Regina Hall) "What's his name? I might've already loved him."
  • (Anna Faris) "Tom Ryan."
  • (Regina Hall) "Yeah, did him. Big, fat Chinese guy?"
  • (Anna Faris) "No -- No."
  • (Anna Faris) "But he is the kind of guy I'd like to share the rest of my life with."
  • (Regina Hall) "Here's Detroit."
  • (Regina Hall) "Here's Detroit after the invasion."

Craig Bierko as Tom Ryan

  • (Craig Bierko) "Hey, you look great for being pregnant."
  • (Molly Shannon) "I'm not pregnant."
  • (Craig Bierko) "I'm not a very good father. Just ask my son."
  • (Anna Faris) "I did. What exactly is a "taint-licker"?"
  • (Craig Bierko) "That's not important right now."
  • (Craig Bierko) "I've never been a good parent. Just ask my son."
  • (Anna Faris) "I did. What exactly is an "cock monger"?"
  • (Craig Bierko) "That's not important right now."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Oh, my God. I'm so sorry."
  • (Anna Faris) "It's okay. My throat cushioned the blow."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Its Locked"
  • (Jigsaw) "I call it, "the nutcracker"."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Why?"
  • (Craig Bierko) "Ow. My ass."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Penis."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Oh, hey, I'm sorry."
  • (Anna Faris) "Oh, it's okay. I've taken balls to the face before."
  • (Craig Bierko) "You want this money, then you gotta be a bad bitch --"
  • (Craig Bierko) "I've never been a good parent. Just ask my son."
  • (Anna Faris) "I did. What exactly is an "Ass Clown"?"
  • (Craig Bierko) "That's not important right now."
  • (Craig Bierko) "They've taken everyone. Young and old, rich and poor, and Chingy."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Run away kids. Run towards the tri-pods if you have to."

Michael McDonald as Tiffany Stone

  • (Michael McDonald) "Ooh, a nickel."

Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell

  • (Anna Faris) "Oh, Brenda, I know you'd love him."
  • (Regina Hall) "What's his name, I may have already loved him."
  • (Anna Faris) "Tom Ryan."
  • (Regina Hall) "Yep, did him. Big Chinese dude, right?"
  • (Anna Faris) "Oh, my God."
  • (Henry Mah) "Don't mind her. She slip and fall."
  • (Anna Faris) "That last lightning bolt smelled like --"
  • (Conchita Campbell) "-- A giant turd --"
  • (Craig Bierko) "Yeah -- the lightning --"
  • (Anna Faris) "It looks like we have a lot in --"
  • (Craig Bierko) "-- common."
  • (Anna Faris) "We're already finishing each other's --"
  • (Craig Bierko) "-- dinner."
  • (Anna Faris) "-- sentences."
  • (Anna Faris) "Okay Mrs. Norris, time to dig out that dootie bubble --"
  • (Saw Villain) "Let the game begin."
  • (Anna Faris) "I -- I don't get."
  • (Saw Villain) "Okay -- maybe this will help you "see.""
  • (Anna Faris) "You want me to cut something?"
  • (Saw Villain) "That should be obvious, yes."
  • (Saw Villain) "No."
  • (Saw Villain) "No. The key is behind your eye, okay?"
  • (Anna Faris) "Last night I saw a face."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Did it have a nose?"
  • (Anna Faris) "Well -- yeah."
  • (Craig Bierko) "That does sound like a face."
  • (Anna Faris) "I was married once --"
  • (Cindy's Husband) "Get out the way, bitch."
  • (Anna Faris) "Don't call me no bitch. You ain't s***."
  • (Cindy's Husband) "Shut yo ass up, snow ho."
  • (Anna Faris) "Well, actually, married twice."

Michael Madsen as Oliver

  • (Michael Madsen) "We'll build our own tripods. Ours will have four legs."
  • (Michael Madsen) "We gotta find a way to take out these tripods. I heard that the Japs took out a few of 'em over in Kikkoman."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Kikkoman. That's- That's a soy sauce."
  • (Michael Madsen) "Right, yeah. Low sodium."

David Zucker as Zoltar

  • (Saw Villain) "Tell me you didn't catch anything."
  • (David Zucker) "No, it's cool. She said she was a virgin."
  • (Saw Villain) "We are so f***ed."

Carmen Electra as Holly

  • (Carmen Electra) "I'm not in my house, am I?"

Bill Pullman as Henry Hale

  • (Bill Pullman) "f***in' A --"
  • (Bill Pullman) "This Village is not what it used to be --"

Chris Elliott as Ezekiel

  • (Chris Elliott) "Pee-pee. Pee-pee, vagina."

Molly Shannon as Marilyn

  • (Molly Shannon) "Late again, Tom."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Hey, Marilyn."
  • (Molly Shannon) "I thought you were moving."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Oh, it's all I could afford right now. You took everything in the divorce except my name."
  • (Molly Shannon) "No, actually, the judge granted me that yesterday. You're now officially known as "Horace P. MacTitties.""

Beau Mirchoff as Robbie

  • (Beau Mirchoff) "Asshole."
  • (Beau Mirchoff) "Dad, talk to me. What's happening?"
  • (Craig Bierko) "There's no time to explain."
  • ('Alien Attack!') "Alien attack."
  • (Craig Bierko) "Well, actually, that about sums it up."

Anthony Anderson as Mahalik

  • (Anthony Anderson) "Hey. You cold?"
  • (C. J.) "L-Little bit."
  • (C. J.) "Hey, what you doing?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Relax man. I'm just trying to grab some nuts."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "C.J., what are you doin'?"
  • (C. J.) "I just wanna eat some peanuts."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Huh?"
  • (C. J.) "See? Peanuts."
  • (C. J.) "Zombies."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Grandma? The zombies have got my grandma."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Die, Grandma. Die. Die. I loved you. I loved you."
  • (C. J.) "We caught a lot of fish."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Yeah. Black cod."

Leslie Nielsen as Harper

  • (Leslie Nielsen) "Sir, you're naked too."
  • (President Harris) "I am? I thought this was a wrinkly leather coat."
  • (President Harris) "Then these aren't buttons?"
  • (Leslie Nielsen) "No."
  • (President Harris) "And I've been pulling this thing up and down as if it was a zipper."

James Earl Jones as Narrator

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