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Seabiscuit (film) Quotes

Seabiscuit (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Seabiscuit ended in 1970.

It features Kathleen Kennedy (producer) as producer, Randy Newman in charge of musical score, and John Schwartzman as head of cinematography.

Seabiscuit (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Seabiscuit (film) is 141 minutes long. Seabiscuit (film) is distributed by Universal Picturescn and date=May 2017.

The cast includes: Chris Cooper as Tom Smith, Tobey Maguire as Red Pollard, Gary Stevens as George Woolf, Jeff Bridges as Charles Howard, William H. Macy as Tick Tock McGlaughlin, Eddie Jones as Riddle, Eddie Jones as Sam, Elizabeth Banks as Marcela Howard, Tobey Maguire as Mrs. Pollard, and Tobey Maguire as Mr. Pollard.

Seabiscuit (film) Quotes

Elizabeth Banks as Marcela Howard

  • (Elizabeth Banks) "Well he is fast."
  • (Chris Cooper) "Yeah -- in every direction."

Tobey Maguire as Red Pollard

  • (Tobey Maguire) "This isn't just any race. This is the Santa Anita. I had that race. I was there."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "I know."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "How far do you want me to take him?"
  • (Chris Cooper) "Till he stops."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Okay -- Sounds like a pretty good ride."
  • (Chris Cooper) "Hope so."
  • (California Doctor) "If he breaks it again, it's possible he could never walk again."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "He just said it's possible. Well, hell, anything's possible. We've proved that already."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "A dream come true, walkin' you around. Hook you up to a plow, pull me around for a little while. Come on. You ever run in the money? Huh? Hey. Hey. You ever run in the money?"
  • (Tobey Maguire) "I don't think so. Couldn't beat a human being, let alone another horse."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "You god**** sack-of-crap old plater. Probably the fastest you're gonna run in your entire life, you piece-of-s*** old glue-pot. That's right."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "I'm fine George. I don't need your help and I sure as s*** don't need your charity. Leave me alone."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Did I lose?"
  • (Gary Stevens) "Oh no, you clobbered him."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Morning."
  • (Chris Cooper) "What's all this?"
  • (Tobey Maguire) "It's beer. From an admiring public, pretty good too, more in there."
  • (Chris Cooper) "Where's the horse?"
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Signing autographs."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "That's as much my horse as it is yours."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "You should be riding it. You knew the poem."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Yeah, but he just looks so perfect out there, doesn't he?"
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Yeah."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "That's the poetry, Agnes. That's the poetry"
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Brick by brick, my citizens. Brick by brick."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Jesus Christ. I want to be a horse."
  • (Chris Cooper) "You're almost big enough."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "You know, everybody thinks we found this broken-down horse and fixed him, but we didn't. He fixed us. Every one of us. And I guess in a way we kinda fixed each other too."

Gary Stevens as George Woolf

  • (Gary Stevens) "So long, Charlie."
  • (Gary Stevens) "You know, if you did more riding and less talking you might start winning some races."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "I got two bucks says I beat you in this one."
  • (Gary Stevens) "I'm not sure you do but I got five bucks says that you don't."

Jeff Bridges as Charles Howard

  • (Jeff Bridges) "Go ahead, eat."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "I'm not that hungry."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Sure, you're not."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "It's just a lot of food."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "I'd rather have you strong than thin."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Son, what are you so mad at?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "You could be crippled for the rest of your life."
  • (Tobey Maguire) "I was crippled for the rest of my life. I got better. He made me better. Hell, you made me better."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "It isn't just the leg. He could fall off. He could get trampled. He could --"
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "He could die?"
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "You know I play with this all the time, too. No matter how hard I try, I can't get that damn ball to stay in the hole. Just let him ride. Just let him do it."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Well, I just think this horse has a lot of heart. He may have been down, but he wasn't out. He may have lost a few, but he didn't let it get to him. I think I learned a lick or two from this little guy. Oh, and by the way, he doesn't know he's little. He thinks he's the biggest horse out there."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "To tell you the truth, I wouldn't spend more than five dollars on the best horse in America."

Eddie Jones as Sam

  • (Eddie Jones) "It wouldn't be fair to us. It wouldn't be fair to them either. You wouldn't put Jack Dempsey in the ring with a middle-weight would you?"
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Middle-weight? I'll kill him. I'll knock his god**** block off. He's chicken, that's what it is. I mean, middle-weight?"
  • (Eddie Jones) "You sure that leg'll hold you?"
  • (Tobey Maguire) "He's a 1200 pound horse, Sam. I'm an afterthought."
  • (Eddie Jones) "No, I meant your leg."

William H. Macy as Tick Tock McGlaughlin

  • (William H. Macy) "One comeback I can take, but two? Who's next? Lazarus?"
  • (William H. Macy) "$100,000? Makes me wanna walk on all fours and put a saddle on my back."
  • (William H. Macy) "No more match races for this little horse because frankly they're all out of matches. Who's he gonna race? Pegasus? I pity these horses."

Chris Cooper as Tom Smith

  • (Chris Cooper) "Every horse is good for something."
  • (Chris Cooper) "Where is the horse?"
  • (Tobey Maguire) "Signing autographs."
  • (Chris Cooper) "He's what?"
  • (Chris Cooper) "You know, you don't throw a whole life away just 'cause he's banged up a little."

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