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Selfless (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Quotes

Selfless (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Selfless ended its run in 1970.

Selfless (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Quotes

  • (Xander) "You think we haven't all seen this before? The part where you just cut us all out? Just step away from everything human and act like you're the law? If you knew what I felt --"
  • (Buffy) "I killed Angel. Do you even remember that? I would've given up everything I had to be with; I loved him more than I will ever love anything in this life and I put a sword through his heart because I had to."
  • (Willow) "And that all worked out okay."
  • (Buffy) "Do you remember cheering me on? Both of you? Do you remember giving me Willow's message? 'Kick his ass'?"
  • (Willow) "I never said that --"
  • (Xander) "This is different."
  • (Buffy) "It is always different. It's always complicated. And at some point someone has to draw the line and that is always going to be me. You -- you get down on me for cutting myself off, but, in the end, the Slayer is always cut off. There's no mystical guide book, no all knowing council. Human rules don't apply. There's only me. I am the law."
  • (Xander) "There has to be another way."
  • (Buffy) "Then please find it."
  • (Anya) "I've boned a troll I've wreaked some wrath, but on the whole I've had no path, I like to bowl I'm good with math but who am I? Now I reply that- I'm the missus."
  • (Olaf) "Come here, tiny man. You are small and toylike."
  • (Villager #2) "It's the largest troll I've ever seen."
  • (Villager #1) "Run. Hide your babies and your beadwork."
  • (Anya) "The rapid reproductive rate of our rabbits has given me an idea. I can give the excess out to the townspeople, exchanging them not for goods or services, but for goodwill and the sense of accomplishment that stems from selflessly giving of yourself to others."
  • (Olaf) "Ha, ha, ha. Sweet Aud. Your logic is insane and happenstance, like that of a troll."
  • (Xander) "You don't understand. This isn't an intervention. Buffy's coming to kill you."
  • (Anya) "She's coming to try."
  • (Xander) "Did everybody have their crazy flakes today?"
  • (Anya) "What would I have to do?"
  • (D'Hoffryn) "What you do best. Help wronged women punish evil men."
  • (Anya) "Vengeance."
  • (D'Hoffryn) "But only to those who deserve it."
  • (Anya) "They all deserve it."
  • (D'Hoffryn) "Well, that's where I was goin' with that, yeah."
  • (Buffy) "Oh, spider demon. Wait. H-Hold on. A-Are you alright? Like, how? Aha, aha. Wait, h; okay, go ahead. No, no, no, no, no. It's all good. Um, I'll get Xander to go. But seriously, you just; W; Ripped out the heart? My god. Hey, did you get that physics class you wanted?"
  • (Anya) "I don't talk to people much. I mean, I talk to them, but they don't talk to me, except to say that, "your questions are irksome," and, "perhaps you should take your furs and your literal interpretations to the other side of the river"."
  • (Anya) "I'm the Mrs. I will be his missus. Mrs. Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins Harris."
  • (D'Hoffryn) "I don't care about Halfrek now. I've got plenty of girls. Plenty of vengeance demons. There will always be vengeance demons in this world and others. But not you, Anya. You're out. Your insecurity with vengeance has just cost your powers and immortality -- again. But congratulations anyway. Your wish is granted. The lives of those frat boys are now restored."
  • (Anya) "You should have killed me."
  • (D'Hoffryn) "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. "From beneath you, it devours." Be patient. All good things in time."
  • (Anya) "And I'll be Mrs. I will be his missus. Mrs. Anya Lame-Ass-Made-Up-Maiden-Name Harris."
  • (Mustard Man) "Oh, no. Mustard on my shirt."
  • (Parking Ticket Woman) "Mustard. I'll never get it out."
  • (Mustard Man) "My favorite red shirt."
  • (Parking Ticket Woman) "Dry clean it."
  • (Mustard Man) "How could you serve --"
  • (Parking Ticket Woman) "Mustard."
  • (Buffy) "I just don't want you to get your hopes up."
  • (Xander) "Hopes? Oh, no, no, no, no. There are no hopes. Anya and I are done. I love being single. I'm a strong, successful male who's giddy at the thought of all the women I will no doubt be dating in the near future."
  • (Buffy) "Strong, successful males say "giddy"?"
  • (Anya) "This is getting to be a pattern with you, Buffy. Are there any friends of your left you haven't tried to kill? C'mon, Buffy, don't you have a clever retort for me?"
  • (D'Hoffryn) "Who did you think you were dealing with? Did you think it would be that easy to get away?"
  • (Anya) "Why?"
  • (D'Hoffryn) "Why? Because you WISHED IT."
  • (Anya) "But she was yours."
  • (D'Hoffryn) "The way you were mine? Haven't I tough you anything -- Anya? Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain."
  • (Xander) "Why you son of a --"
  • (Buffy) "Xander, no."
  • (D'Hoffryn) "Hold him back, Slayer. Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt?"

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