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Shakaar Quotes

Shakaar is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Shakaar completed its run in 1970.

It features Paul Baillargeon in charge of musical score.

Shakaar Quotes

  • (Shakaar) "I didn't fight the Cardassians for 25 years just so I can start shooting other Bajorans."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "You're offering 10 to 1 to anyone betting against me tomorrow?"
  • (Quark) "That's right."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "I'd make it 15, if I were you."
  • (Furel) "Just like old times."
  • (Shakaar) "That's the general idea."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Commander, um, is Chief O'Brien in here?"
  • (Commander Sisko) "He's back there; in the zone."
  • (Odo) "It has been my observation that one of the prices of giving people freedom of choice -- is that sometimes, they make the wrong choice."
  • (Lupaza) "The next time I start getting nostalgic for the old days, shoot me."
  • (Furel) "If you insist."
  • (Shakaar) "You cut your hair."
  • (Major Kira) "You let yours grow."
  • (Furel) "Before I went into that -- interrogation center -- I asked the Prophets to give me the strength to get the rest of you out of there. And -- that in exchange, I -- I said I'd give up my life.; Well, as it turned out, I was able to rescue you, Shakaar and Lupaza. It's only cost me an arm. I felt the -- the Prophets were generous. Somehow, replacing the arm seems -- ungrateful."
  • (Shakaar) "This isn't your fight, Nerys. Go home."
  • (Major Kira) "I am home, Shakaar. And I have been lied to by Kai Winn for the last time. She wants a fight, I'll give her one."
  • (Furel) "The civil police have issued a province-wide alert for you and Kira. They've also requested that the surrounding towns send more troops and equipment, to help in the search for the fugitive."
  • (Shakaar) "Now there's a familiar word. Haven't been called that in a while. Kinda missed it."
  • (Commander Sisko) "You want me to bring in Shakaar for you."
  • (Kai Winn) "Such an act would do much to solidify the relations between the Federation and Bajor."
  • (Commander Sisko) "I wasn't aware that our relationship needed solidifying."
  • (Major Kira) "It's a free election. If you wanna run, go ahead, but if you do, this entire incident is gonna be made public. And when the people know the real facts, when they know that you risked a civil war over a couple of pieces of farm equipment, they're never gonna trust you again. You'll still be Kai, the spiritual leader of Bajor. But your days in this office are numbered. So if I were you -- I'd start packing."
  • (Lupaza) "It's just like in the old days. Every once in a while the Cardassians would get too close, and we'd turn around and give 'em a bloody nose."
  • (Shakaar) "Sometimes it was our nose that got bloodied."

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