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Shark Tale Quotes

Shark Tale is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Shark Tale completed its run in 1970.

It features Bill Damaschke as producer, and Hans Zimmer in charge of musical score.

Shark Tale is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Shark Tale is 90 minutes long. Shark Tale is distributed by DreamWorks.

The cast includes: Will Smith as Oscar, Bobb'e J. Thompson as Shortie #1, Jack Black as Lenny, Renée Zellweger as Angie, Michael Imperioli as Frankie, Martin Scorsese as Sykes, Robert De Niro as Don Lino, Phil LaMarr as Prawn Shop Owner, David P. Smith as Crazy Joe, Peter Falk as Don Feinberg, Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug as Ernie, Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug as Bernie, Vincent Pastore as Luca, Katie Couric as Katie Current, and Angelina Jolie as Lola.

Shark Tale Quotes

Phil LaMarr as Prawn Shop Owner

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Peter Falk as Don Feinberg

  • (Peter Falk) "I could fly high as an eagle, if you are the wind beneath my wings --"
  • (Peter Falk) "Any requests? How about that Titanic song?"
  • (Peter Falk) "He come out of nowhere, this guy. Calls himself --"
  • (Peter Falk) "The Shark Slayer."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Ira, over here --"
  • (Peter Falk) "The Shark Slayer."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Where do I find him?"
  • (Peter Falk) "He lives on the South Side. That's all we could dig up."

Katie Couric as Katie Current

  • (Katie Couric) "Are they gone? Are they gone? -- Are you sure? -- Good morning, Southeast Reef. This is Katie Current keeping it current. I just received confirmation that the sharks are gone. I repeat, the sharks are gone."
  • (Katie Couric) "Oscar, are you going to continue working at the wash?"
  • (Will Smith) "Please, I barely work here now."

Jack Black as Lenny

  • (Jack Black) "Here I come. Ta-da. I'm Sebastian. The whale washing dolphin."
  • (Jack Black) "Echo. Echo."
  • (Jack Black) "Now batting in for the Southside Sharks, Number 15 --"
  • (Jack Black) "Ow, it's not okay to hit."
  • (Jack Black) "It's all my fault, kinda, not really, but still --"
  • (Jack Black) "Mom says it's not okay to hit."
  • (Michael Imperioli) "Mom's not here."
  • (Jack Black) "Hi, I'm Lenny."
  • (Jack Black) "Ooh. Little buddy, did I scare you?"
  • (Jack Black) "Aaahhh. Curse you, Shark Slayer."
  • (Jack Black) "That song gives me the creeps."
  • (Michael Imperioli) "What do ya mean? It's our theme song."

Will Smith as Oscar

  • (Will Smith) "Yo that was crazy, right? Who knew? I mean it's all set, we good to go, we had the money. And he trips underwater. Who in the hell-o-but trips underwater? And by the way, on what?"
  • (Will Smith) "He trips underwater. Now who in the halibut trips underwater? And by the way, on what?"
  • (Will Smith) "Ernie. Bernie. My jellyfish brothers. Booyakah."
  • (Will Smith) "Hi, I'm Oscar; you might think you know me, but you have no idea. Welcome to my crib; the good life, the way the other half lives. Check it out, I got my 60-inch high-def plasma TV with six-speaker surround, CD, DVD, Playstation and an eight-track for one of those days when you're feeling just a little weeka-weeka-weeka OLD SCHOOL, ha ha ha. Coz even a superstar Mac-daddy fish like me has to have the basic necessities."
  • (Bobb'e J. Thompson) "Yeah, like money."
  • (Will Smith) "I'm not really a shark slayer -- I lied."
  • (David P. Smith) "And I'm not a financial advisor."
  • (Will Smith) "And you tell Don LAME-o that I don't never, ever, ever, ever, never ever want to see another shark in this reef again. Ever. Remember this name: Oscar the Sharkslayer."
  • (Will Smith) "Yippee-ki-yay --."
  • (Will Smith) "You dig, dawg?"
  • (Jack Black) "Dig dawg -- , dawg dig, dig dawg, yeah, yo diggy dog."
  • (Will Smith) "Sykes, the deal is off. That shark I killed was Don Lino's SON."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "I know. Ain't that great?"
  • (Will Smith) "Not if he finds out."
  • (Will Smith) "I am the Panama Canal, baby. From now one, everything flows through me."
  • (Giuseppe) "What'd he do? What'd he do? I can't see it."
  • (Will Smith) "Are you not entertained?"
  • (Will Smith) "You can't handle the truth."
  • (Will Smith) "You had me at hello."
  • (Will Smith) "Sykes. My brother from another mother."
  • (Will Smith) "Remember what Angie said. Remember what Angie said. What did Angie say?"
  • (Renée Zellweger) "Dreams can start out small. You just gotta -- bet it all. Bet it all."
  • (Will Smith) "Well, for your information, I am the Sharkslayer. That's what they're callin' me."
  • (Jack Black) "Wait a minute. You mean when the --"
  • (Will Smith) "Uh-huh."
  • (Jack Black) "And then you --"
  • (Jack Black) "Oh, you're a liar."
  • (Will Smith) "What is with y'all living in a love boat? You're supposed to be the MOB, get yourselves a decent hideout."
  • (Will Smith) "All right, I totally betrayed you, but before we work this out I got a small thing to take care of --"
  • (Renée Zellweger) "Oh, yeah? What's that?"
  • (Will Smith) "SHARKS -- ARE COMING -- TO GET ME."
  • (Renée Zellweger) "And they should. What did you expect? You just take credit for killing a shark and then everything would be fine and dandy for the rest of your life?"
  • (Will Smith) "Uh -- yeah. But don't worry. Me and Lenny, we're gonna take care of this --"
  • (Jack Black) "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's with the "we"? I don't want any part of this?"
  • (Will Smith) "Hey, too late now, Veggie Boy, they'll be looking for you too."
  • (Jack Black) "Point taken. What's the plan?"
  • (Will Smith) "Listen to them, Lenny. They love us."
  • (Jack Black) "They love YOU, they hate me."
  • (Will Smith) "Sykes, shut up. SHUT UP."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Hey, that's good. That's good, I like that. Shut up, Lino. Ha. Shut up. Oh, kid, he wants to talk to you."
  • (Will Smith) "No. I'm not here. I'm not here."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Yeah, he's right here."
  • (Will Smith) "Hello?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Shut up? Shut up? You don't tell me shut up, I tell you shut up."
  • (Robert De Niro) "What?"
  • (Vincent Pastore) "Hi, how you doing? I'll have a large pie, everything on it, anchovies, meatballs, mushrooms --"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Luca."
  • (Vincent Pastore) "Oh -- Uh, hi, Boss. What're you doing working at a pizza joint?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Get off the phone."
  • (Vincent Pastore) "But I'm hungry."
  • (Robert De Niro) "My guys are coming for you, Sharkslayer. They're going to tear you fin from fin."
  • (Will Smith) "Any shark that comes around in Oscar town is going down. I get poetic. In the heat I get poetic."
  • (Will Smith) "My man, Sykes -- Has just, begged me -- Not to murderlize you all up in here, all right? Now I might listen to him -- But then again I might not."
  • (Will Smith) "Hello, who's this?"
  • (Vincent Pastore) "Hi, this is Luca the Octopu -- never mind. Just listen up and follow these instructions, to the letter like. File cabinet, bottom drawer, there's a package --"
  • (Vincent Pastore) "That's right, tough guy. We got your girl. Now there's gonna be a sit-down; be there if you don't wanna see her sleeping with the fishes --"
  • (Will Smith) "-- the DEAD ones. Now nod your head if you understand."
  • (Vincent Pastore) "Now tell me if you nodded your head."
  • (Will Smith) "I nodded."
  • (Will Smith) "Big shark comes at me. Seventy-five, hundred feet long, with razor-sharp teeth. I say to him, "You coming at me like that? You come at the O like that?""
  • (Renée Zellweger) "Hey, do the muscle thing. The muscle thing."
  • (Will Smith) "Oh, right. So I say, "You see this guy?""
  • (Will Smith) ""Well, he has a brother who lives right over here.""
  • (Will Smith) ""And I think it's time for a little -- ""
  • (Renée Zellweger) "Family reunion."

Robert De Niro as Don Lino

  • (Giuseppe) "It's a terrible thing. Everyone loved Frankie. May whoever did this die a thousand deaths. May his stinking, maggot-covered corpse rot in the fiery depths of Hell."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Thank you for your kind thoughts, Guiseppe."
  • (Robert De Niro) "How are my babies this morning? You miss me? You doing good, huh? Huh? You see, Sykes, it's a fish-eat-fish world; you either take or you get TAKEN."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You're gonna regret the day you became the Shark Slayer."
  • (Shrimp) "Well, well, well -- look who's stuck in the porthole --"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Huh?"
  • (Shrimp) "You still hungry, big guy? Well, say hello to my little friends."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I tell you what's what, and what?"
  • (Martin Scorsese) "What?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "What what?"
  • (Martin Scorsese) "What what nothin'. You said what first."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I didn't say what first."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "You said "and then what?' and I said "what?'"
  • (Robert De Niro) "No, I said "What, what?" as in "What, what?""
  • (Martin Scorsese) "-- You said what first."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Hey, Luca -- Get Sykes. He knows that Reef better than anybody. I want to know all about this guy. I want to know what he does. I want to know where he eats. I want to know where he sleeps. He pops a gill, I want to know about it. Who is the Shark Slayer?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Lenny? Is that you? You're alive? I thought I'd lost you -- What're you wearing, huh? What is that?"
  • (Vincent Pastore) "Hey, boss, it's Lenny; he was wearing a disguise so we wouldn't recognise him, but he's not wearing a disguise, so we DO recognise him."
  • (Jack Black) "Hi, Pop --"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you out of your MIND? Do you have any idea how this looks?"
  • (Giuseppe) "This is the best sit-down I've ever been to."
  • (Robert De Niro) "What're you doing with this guy? He took out your own flesh and blood, Frankie."
  • (Jack Black) "But Pop, just listen --"
  • (Robert De Niro) "But nothing, you never take sides against the family, ever."
  • (Will Smith) "Don, Lino, sir, listen, it's not his fault; this is between you and me."
  • (Robert De Niro) "What did I ever do to YOU? You took Frankie away, and you turned Lenny into a dolphin. I'm going to get you."

Angelina Jolie as Lola

  • (Angelina Jolie) "Deep down, I'm really superficial."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "The only thing I like more than money is -- revenge."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "Hello? Hello? Oscar? Listen, Baby, I know I was a bad girl, but you'd have to be crazy not to take me back."
  • (David P. Smith) "Did someone say crazy?"

Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug as Bernie

  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "You're not doing it right. I told you."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "I'm doing it."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "X, circle, X X, double left square, right trigger down, square, square."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Oh, double square. Respect."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Respect."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Syke's Whale Wash. You get a whale of a wash and the price -- eh -- is really, really low, considering how good the wash is."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "It's "oh my gosh." "You get a whale of a wash, and the price, oh my gosh.""
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Got it."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Whale wash."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Rhymes with gosh."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Get out of here, you two. Go be useless someplace else."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Hello, Sykes' Whale Wash; And the price --"
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "OH MY GOSH."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Hey, you got it right."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "You're a nobody."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "No wait. Lola. I'm not a nobody. I'm a weiner."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Oscar."
  • (Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug) "Did you kill that shark?"
  • (Will Smith) "Yeah, Yeah. Exactly how it looked; that's how it is."

David P. Smith as Crazy Joe

  • (David P. Smith) "Man. Did you see what's playing next door? Woo-hoo. Kinky."
  • (David P. Smith) "Hey. Hey, you see this guy here?"
  • (David P. Smith) "He hardly worked on the film at all. Always on the phone; yakking, yakking, yakking."
  • (David P. Smith) "Now that you live in a big penthouse, can I be your financial advisor?"
  • (Will Smith) "Crazy Joe, that's a billboard."
  • (David P. Smith) "You live in a billboard?"
  • (Will Smith) "No."
  • (David P. Smith) "-- And I thought I was crazy."

Renée Zellweger as Angie

  • (Renée Zellweger) "Okay, somebody needs to get me out of the bubble. TODAY."
  • (Renée Zellweger) "What were you THINKING, bringing him here?"
  • (Will Smith) "Well -- I'm still working out the kinks --"
  • (Renée Zellweger) "Kinks? You LIED. Everybody thinks you "slayed the shark.""
  • (Will Smith) "Well, who am I to tell them that they're wrong?"
  • (Will Smith) "How could you lie to me, Oscar? ME?"
  • (Will Smith) "Don't take it personal, Angie. Come on, I lied to EVERYBODY."
  • (Renée Zellweger) "You're going way too far, Oscar."
  • (Jack Black) "Actually, he hasn't gone far enough --"
  • (Will Smith) "Exactly --. what?"
  • (Renée Zellweger) "You don't have to live at the top of the reef to be somebody."
  • (Renée Zellweger) "Sometimes, I wanna take your big, dumb, dummy head, and just -- nyhhhh."

Michael Imperioli as Frankie

  • (Michael Imperioli) "Lenny, is that you?"
  • (Jack Black) "I'm here, Frankie."
  • (Michael Imperioli) "Come closer."
  • (Jack Black) "What is it, Frankie?"
  • (Michael Imperioli) "I feel so cold."
  • (Jack Black) "That's just because we're cold-blooded."
  • (Jack Black) "Ow."
  • (Michael Imperioli) "Moron."
  • (Michael Imperioli) "Sorry, pop. Lenny had a little accident. He was born."
  • (Jack Black) "Ha ha. You're a comedy genius."

Martin Scorsese as Sykes

  • (Martin Scorsese) "I don't think you understand how huge my client is. Turn on your TV right now."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Turn off the TV. Turn off your TV."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Turn on your TV. What are you doing turning off your TV? Turn it back on."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Ernie. Bernie. I want you to find the deepest, darkest hole in the ocean, and when you do, dig deeper and put him in it."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Look, all I'm saying is the kid ain't exactly no killer."
  • (Robert De Niro) "My Lenny is a killer, you hear me? A cold-blooded killer. Look at him."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "My brother, my player, the shark-slayer."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Who's your Puff Daddy? Who takes care of you, huh?"
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Come on, snap your fin. Snap it. You're not snapping it."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I'm snapping it, I'm snapping it."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "That's okay, a lot of great whites can't do it, yo."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Yo?"
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Yo, what's up?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "What's up with what?"
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Yo-yo-yo, yo-yo-yo, yo-yo-yo-yo --"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Hey, you say "Yo" one more time, and I'm gonna yo you."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "I'm sorry."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "That's right, Lino. The Shark Slayer hired me as his agent. So I'm now, what I like to call, UNTOUCHABLE. And another thing; from now on you're gonna start paying ME protection."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Now I have to pay Don Lino protection, so everything you owe me, you owe him."
  • (Will Smith) "How do you figure that?"
  • (Martin Scorsese) "Simple; the food chain."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "On top there's Don Lino, there's me, there's regular fish --"
  • (Will Smith) "And that's me."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "No. There's plankton, there's single-celled amoebas --"
  • (Will Smith) "And then me."
  • (Martin Scorsese) "I'm getting there, I'm getting there -- There's coral, there's rocks, there's whale poop, and then there's you."
  • (Will Smith) "That's messed up."

Bobb'e J. Thompson as Shortie #1

  • (Bobb'e J. Thompson) "Let's go make Mr Sykes puff up."
  • (Bobb'e J. Thompson) "You so broke your bologna has no first name."

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