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Shattered Glass (film) Quotes

Shattered Glass (film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Shattered Glass completed its run in 1970.

It features Craig Baumgarten as producer, Mychael Danna in charge of musical score, and Mandy Walker as head of cinematography.

Shattered Glass (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States, and Canada. Each episode of Shattered Glass (film) is 94 minutes long. Shattered Glass (film) is distributed by Lionsgate Films.

The cast includes: Hayden Christensen as Stephen Glass, Chloë Sevigny as Caitlin Avey, Steve Zahn as Adam Penenberg, Cas Anvar as Kambiz Foroohar, Melanie Lynskey as Amy Brand, Rosario Dawson as Andy Fox, Hank Azaria as Michael Kelly, and Chad Donella as David Bach.

Shattered Glass (film) Quotes

Steve Zahn as Adam Penenberg

  • (Steve Zahn) "But there is one thing in this story that checks out."
  • (Cas Anvar) "What's that?"
  • (Steve Zahn) "There does appear to be a state in the union named Nevada."
  • (Steve Zahn) "This guy is toast."

Hayden Christensen as Stephen Glass

  • (Chuck Lane) "You're fired, Steve."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "What?"
  • (Chuck Lane) "You're fired, Steve. You've lost your job."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "But you can't do that."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "There's so many show offs in journalism, so many braggarts and jerks. They're always selling, always working the room, always trying to make themselves look hotter than they actually are. The good news is reporters like that make it easy to distinguish yourself, if your even a little humble and a little self-effacing, you stand out so you bring a co-worker lunch and his there buried under a dead line and you remember birthdays. I mean even Woodward Bernstein went out for a burger every now and then and he won a Pulitzer. Some reporters think its political content that makes an article memorable. I think it's the people that you write about, you find their quarks their flaws, what makes them funny and what makes them human. Journalism is the art of capturing behavior and you have to know who your writing for, you have to know what your good at. I record what people do and I find what moves them what scares them and I write that down. That way they're the ones telling the story and you know what? Those kinds of pieces can win Pulitzer's too."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I messed up, I made a huge error I don't know what to say, if you want me to resign I will."
  • (Hank Azaria) "I want you to tell me what happened."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "They don't have mini bottles at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. I guess I just saw all those little bottles and made an assumption, which I know we're never supposed to do. Those guys were drinking out of a rented refrigerator."
  • (Hank Azaria) "That's it?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Yeah."
  • (Hank Azaria) "The rest of piece is solid?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Yeah of course."
  • (Hank Azaria) "Go home Stephen, your resignation will not be required."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Really? You're not mad?"
  • (Hank Azaria) "Of course not."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Thanks for backing me."
  • (Hank Azaria) "It's what editors do."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "There are good editors, there are bad editors, you'll have both. My hope for you though is at least once you get a truly great editor, a great editor defends his writers against anyone, he stands up and fights for you. Michael Kelly was that kind of editor he had that kind of courage and that's my hope for all of you."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I didn't do anything wrong, Chuck."
  • (Chuck Lane) "I really wish you'd stop saying that."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "It's in my notes."
  • (Chuck Lane) "You had your brother pose as George Sims."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "What?"
  • (Chuck Lane) "The phony recording from Jukt Micronics? It's a Palo Alto number. And your brother is a student at Stanford. You had him pose as Sims."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "No, Sims is a real guy --"
  • (Chuck Lane) "Steve, Steve --"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I've talked to him a million times, Chuck. My brother and I aren't even speaking right now."
  • (Chuck Lane) "Stop it. You faked Sims, you faked a website, you faked all those voicemails --"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "You don't know. You don't know, Chuck."
  • (Chuck Lane) "Restil, Hiert, Ghort --"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "You got this totally backward."
  • (Chuck Lane) "It's all crap. I can trace it if you make me. I'll find it all billed to you."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "If I were to throw a party where all we did was play "Monopoly," would you guys come?"
  • (Chloë Sevigny) "Could I be the little shoe?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Of course."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Every radio station is talking about Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield and these are supposed to be news stations. So on Tuesday I started calling a few of them and finally got through to one, a bible talk station in Kentucky, I managed to convince the screener that I was a behavioral psychologist that specializes on human-on-human biting. I told the guy I did all the extensive research on people who chomp flesh under extreme stress so then they put me on the air I took calls for forty minutes."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "There are sixteen thousand eight hundred magazines in this country but only one calls itself the inflight magazine for Air Force One, that's the thrill of working at The New Republic, you're under paid the hours are brutal but what you write gets read by people who matter, presidents, law makers your work can actually influence public policy that's an amazing privilege and a huge responsibility let me take you through the life of your typical piece so you can see where some are the hurdles are we'll use one I wrote last year about a bunch of young Republicans at a conservatives convention, now journalism is about pursuing the truth and I would never encourage you to do anything sneaky or dishonest in pursuit of a story such as assuming a phony identity"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "On a story like that your notes are crucial you have to record everything you see and everything you hear, every quote, every detail all the way to the mini bottles in the fridge."
  • (Mrs. Duke) "Contributing writer for Harper's magazine, contributing writer for George Magazine, contributing writer for Rolling Stone and associate editor for The New Republic Magazine in Washington D.C. Sorry if I'm beaming but I was his journalistic muse."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "It's true, I was doing the exact same thing you guys are doing grinding out pieces and then having horrid nightmare of Mrs. Duke and her infamous red pen."
  • (Mrs. Duke) "And now he's at The New Republic Magazine, see what happens when greatness is demanded from you?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Are you mad at me?"

Rosario Dawson as Andy Fox

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Chad Donella as David Bach

  • (Chad Donella) "Look, I'm really sorry to bother you at night but it seemed important."
  • (Chuck Lane) "It's fine, is there a problem?"
  • (Chad Donella) "Well, I don't know. I just got off the phone with Stephen. He sounds horrible. Did you suspend him, Chuck?"
  • (Chuck Lane) "David, what is the problem?"
  • (Chad Donella) "He asked me if I would drive him out to Dulles later tonight, he said he wasn't sure he'd be safe driving by himself. I thought I should draw your attention to that."
  • (Chuck Lane) "Did he say where he was going?"
  • (Chad Donella) "Yeah, he said he'd be staying with his family for a while. That could only be one of two places."
  • (Chuck Lane) "His parents live in Highland Park, right?"
  • (Chad Donella) "Yeah, or his brother out in Palo Alto."
  • (Chuck Lane) "I'm sorry?"
  • (Chad Donella) "His brother at Stanford."

Cas Anvar as Kambiz Foroohar

  • (Cas Anvar) "In light of all this: how confident are you in this story of yours?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Are we off the record?"
  • (Cas Anvar) "If you like."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Well, off the record, some of the things that you've brought up: the website, the idea that I was always speaking to these people through voicemail, that is, that they were always calling me. It didn't seem strange before, but clearly, there are some problems with the story. You've pointed them out. One portion of it was structured in a way that; in light of all this, I'm increasingly beginning to believe I've been duped."

Melanie Lynskey as Amy Brand

  • (Melanie Lynskey) "Have you noticed the way Steve's phone has been ringing lately? Did you see all those editors at the correspondence dinner? The way they were circling him?"
  • (Chloë Sevigny) "Is that what you want, Amy? To get a bunch of smoke blown up your ass by a pack of editors?"
  • (Melanie Lynskey) "Yes. Yes it is."

Chloë Sevigny as Caitlin Avey

  • (Chloë Sevigny) "What the hell did you do to Steve? He called me from his car, hysterical. I asked him what was wrong, he said, "ask Chuck?""
  • (Chuck Lane) "I fired him, okay? Not suspended, fired. Because this wasn't an isolated incident Caitlin. He cooked a dozen of them, maybe more. And we're going to have to go through them, you and I. We're going to have to go through all of them, now."
  • (Chloë Sevigny) "No, the only one was Hack Heaven. He told me that himself."
  • (Chuck Lane) "If he were a stranger to you, if he was a guy you were doing a piece about, pretend that guy told you he'd only did it once. Would you take his word for it? Of course not. You'd dig and you'd bury him. And you'd feel offended if anyone told you not to."
  • (Chloë Sevigny) "Every one of those pieces was fact-checked, they were all --"
  • (Chuck Lane) "So was Hack Heaven."
  • (Chuck Lane) "You're a good reporter. You've always been such a smart and thorough reporter, why can't you be one now?"
  • (Chloë Sevigny) "Cause what you're telling me just is impossible, Chuck."
  • (Chuck Lane) "Go upstairs. Read 'em again."
  • (Chloë Sevigny) "This is bulls***."
  • (Chuck Lane) "And make sure you go all the way back, because half of them ran when Mike was still here."
  • (Chloë Sevigny) "That's what this is. Of course. I mean, what are you going to do, Chuck, pick us off, one by one? Everybody that was loyal to Mike, till you have a staff that belongs to you? Is that the kind of magazine you want to run?"
  • (Chuck Lane) "Caitlin, when this thing blows, there isn't going to be a magazine anymore. If you want to make this about Mike, make it about Mike. I don't give a s***. You can resent me, you can hate me, but come Monday morning, we're all going to have to answer for what we let happen here. We're all going to have an apology to make. Jesus Christ. Don't you have any idea how much s*** we're about to eat? Every competitor we ever took a shot at, they're going to pounce. And they should. Because we blew it, Caitlin. He handed us fiction after fiction and we printed them all as fact. Just because -- we found him "entertaining." It's indefensible. Don't you know that?"

Hank Azaria as Michael Kelly

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