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She Fought Alone Quotes

She Fought Alone is a Drama that appeared on TV in 1995 on NBC. She Fought Alone ended in 1970.

It features John Leekley as producer, Dan Wool as theme composer, and Robert Primes as head of cinematography. She Fought Alone is executive produced by Bonnie Raskin.

She Fought Alone is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of She Fought Alone is 87 min. long. She Fought Alone is produced by Bonnie Raskin Productions and distributed by NBC.

The cast includes: Tiffani Thiessen as Caitlin Rose, Brian Austin Green as Ethan, David Lipper as Jace, Isabella Hofmann as Avon Rose, Maureen Flannigan as Abby, Jessica Robertson as Junie Rose, and Keith MacKechnie as Aaron.

She Fought Alone Quotes

Tiffani Thiessen as Caitlin Rose

  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I thought you were different from the other guys. I thought we had something going"
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Like what, true love?"
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "It felt real."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Listen Caitlin, I'm uh, I'm planning on getting out of this town. The last thing I need is uh something to stick around for."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "You know, I see right through you."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Really?"
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Yeah"
  • (Brian Austin Green) "You don't know anything about me."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "You work all hours on your car, making sure it runs just right, you go out by the old fairgrounds and you just let it go-put down the petal and you fly till your outta gas. You lie awake nights, thinking of the interstate, outside of town, where it goes, how far you can fly away from here."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "How do you know all that about me?"
  • (David Lipper) "Hey, been looking for you Ethan but I can see you been busy."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "See ya around --"
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "It's Jace's baby isn't it?"
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "Yeah well he wasn't so careful, or gentle."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Why you choose to have this baby? I mean you don't care about Jace and he sure as hell doesn't care about the two of you."
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "It's hard to explain. I guess I felt that this way atleast I'd have somebody love me."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I understand."
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "I don't even know why your talking to me after what we did."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I don't know why you did it."
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "You stood up for yourself, we never did."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "But that's no reason to hate me."
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "No cause see, if you were telling the truth about the way things really were then we were sluts to."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I uh, I gotta go."
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "I can't believe your going to college."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Junior college."
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "Your gettin out."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Look, I know it was you and Jace who wrote that stuff all over school."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Hey, fair warning."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "This is not about you. This is about me and Jace."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Caitlin. The crew, we stick together. It's us against the world. I kinda figured you'd know that by now."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Why would I lie about it, what do I have to gain?"
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Why would Jace or I have to rape anybody? I got girls following me around all day long."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Jace didn't do this for sex. He's wired wrong, he likes to hurt girls."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Well you must really believe those lies going on in your head. Your pretty damn good at it."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "You know, I used to think this crew was so cool. I wanted to belong. Is this because Jace told you I slept with him? I didn't."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "It doesn't really matter. A year from now I'll be playing ball in L.A."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I don't think so. Your just a small town boy going no where."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Why don't you get the hell outta here."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Yeah you got your chevy all fixed up. But you got no where to go."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Junie, come on. Let's go"
  • (David Lipper) "Hey Caitlin, your cute sister has your pretty eyes. Hey maybe she wants to join the crew. I could break her in."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "It will never happen Jace. You raped me."
  • (David Lipper) "That was love baby."

Maureen Flannigan as Abby

  • (Maureen Flannigan) "So how come you weren't in school today? It's about Jace right? I heard you two partied last night."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Well I'm sure thats what he thinks. Hes a rat."
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "It's no big deal."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "He forced me."
  • (Maureen Flannigan) "If you want to go out with guys like Ethan and Jace, a guy all the girls want, you do it their way."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Not me."

Brian Austin Green as Ethan

  • (Brian Austin Green) "What the hell happened back there man?"
  • (David Lipper) "That lying bitch."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "What happened?"
  • (David Lipper) "That's the kind of girl who cuts your johnson off in the middle of the night man."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "I thought you said you went over to her house and she jumped your bones. What's up with --"
  • (David Lipper) "Yeah I go over there, she wants it, shes hott, we do it. And uh I felt like it wasn't right, you know? So she starts tripping and uh now she's lying about it."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "We'll take care of her."
  • (David Lipper) "She'd be trouble man. We gotta shut her up. This is embarrasing."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Jace, listen to me alright? If she wants to cry wolf, she'll see what happens."
  • (David Lipper) "Yeah"
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Alright?"
  • (David Lipper) "Yeah"
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Let's get the hell out of this town, never come back."

David Lipper as Jace

  • (David Lipper) "So uh, you wanna swim out to the really deep place?"
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "You know what? I'll tell you Jace, I hear theres snakes out there."
  • (David Lipper) "Now that is definitly true, but you know the guys get a little slippery in the water. But hey I'll protect you. So what do you say we go skinny dipping? It's just you and me and all night long."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Naw, I'll catchya later Jace."
  • (David Lipper) "Hi Caitlin, Caitlin? Listen to me you slut bitch, and I know your listening. If you ever come back to school we'll hunt you down. Only this time we'll take you into the bathroom and all the guys in the crew will pull a train on you."
  • (David Lipper) "Come on, just forget about him. He never lets anyone get this close to him."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Eh, No big deal."
  • (David Lipper) "Now take me for example, you see I'm crazy about you and you know it."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Jace, I don't feel very well okay."
  • (David Lipper) "Come on Caitlin, I'm asking you to be my girl."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I'm nobodys girl."
  • (David Lipper) "Okay, you can't pull this crap with me."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Look, this tough guy routine might work with other girls but it doesn't work on me."
  • (David Lipper) "Look, you did Ethan now it's my turn."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Don't ever grab me Jace."
  • (David Lipper) "I'm sorry, I must be tripping tonight. Look, let's go outside and talk about this for a minute okay."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Jace, we may hang out sometimes --"
  • (David Lipper) "Just give me another chance. It won't happen again."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I know it won't."
  • (David Lipper) "It's Caitlin, isn't it? That bitch. She's getting to you."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Jace, we're done with her alright. She doesn't even go to school anymore."
  • (David Lipper) "Yeah well I'm not done with her. She was the best I ever had. I love it when they fight back."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "What? What did you say?"
  • (David Lipper) "Hey, no really means yes. Know what I mean?"
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Wait, she was telling the truth?"
  • (David Lipper) "Forget it."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "Jace, you raped her in her own house?"
  • (David Lipper) "I taught her a lesson alright. We got to break down anyone who gets in our face."
  • (Brian Austin Green) "We've been going after this girl for no reason."
  • (David Lipper) "She was threatening us Ethan. If she can face you and me down, what happens to the rest of the crew? What do you care anyway? She's history. Who gives a rats ass."

Isabella Hofmann as Avon Rose

  • (Isabella Hofmann) "You invited him into this house didn't you?"
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I was trying to let him down easy. I didn't want to hurt his feelings."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "Did he touch you first?"
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I held his hand."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "And then things just went to far."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "It wasn't like that."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "Just went a little to far."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "He made me."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "Caitlin, that is a perfectly convenient excuse."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Oh god, just forget it."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "Girls run around are asking for it. Now everyone in town knows that."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Well everyone in town can just go to hell."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "You had sex with this guy right here in this house, right here. You invited him in, now what did you expect would happen?"
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Maybe to you thats sex."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "Don't you talk to me like that. When I was in high school I knew how things work."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Yeah, you knew how things work? Knocked up at seventeen, high school dropout, that makes you an athority."
  • (Jessica Robertson) "Jace made her do it. He's a creep."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "Oh baby. I'm so sorry. I am so sorry."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I can't prove it happened."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "We're gonna press charges."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "It'll be my word against his."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "I know, I know."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "I just wanna forget this ever happened."
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "Whatever you want."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Kay"
  • (Isabella Hofmann) "We'll just uh, we'll just put this all behind us."

Keith MacKechnie as Aaron

  • (Keith MacKechnie) "You wanna remove nail polish, try nail polish remover."

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