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Shindig (Firefly) Quotes

Shindig (Firefly) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Shindig ended its run in 1970.

The cast includes: Larry Drake as Sir Warwick Harrow, Mark Sheppard as Badger, Larry Pennell as Murphy, and Edward Atterton as Atherton Wing.

Shindig (Firefly) Quotes

Larry Drake as Sir Warwick Harrow

  • (Larry Drake) "You have to finish it, lad. You have to finish it. For a man to lay beaten -- and yet breathing? It makes him a coward."
  • (Inara Serra) "It's humiliation."
  • (Mal) "Sure. It would be humiliating. Having to lie there while the better man refuses to spill your blood. Mercy is the mark of a great man."
  • (Mal) "Guess I'm just a good man."
  • (Mal) "Well, I'm all right."
  • (Larry Drake) "Whom do you represent?"
  • (Mal) "Represent isn't exactly the --"
  • (Larry Drake) "Don't waste my time."
  • (Mal) "Fellow called Badger."
  • (Larry Drake) "I know him, and I think he's a psychotic lowlife."
  • (Mal) "And I think calling him that is an insult to the psychotic lowlife community."
  • (Larry Drake) "You willing to fight that hard to protect my property, I'll have it in your hold before midnight."
  • (Mal) "Now, you taking on this job; being my second; does this mean we're in business?"
  • (Larry Drake) "It means you're in mortal danger. But you mussed up Atherton's face, and that has endeared you to me somewhat."

Larry Pennell as Murphy

  • (Kaylee) "I'm not saying the 80-04's hard to repair. It just ain't worth it."
  • (Older Farmer) "It's a fine machine, you just keep it tuned."
  • (Kaylee) "T-sai boo shr. The extenders ain't braced."
  • (Larry Pennell) "I've been telling him to buy an 80-10 for years."
  • (Kaylee) "Those tenders snap off, don't matter how good the engine's cycling."
  • (Younger Farmer) "Miss Kaylee, I wonder if I could request the honor of having this --"
  • (Larry Pennell) "Wait a minute, let her talk. She's talkin'."
  • (Kaylee) "By the way, the 80-10's the same machine. They just changed the plating, hoped no one noticed."
  • (Larry Pennell) "Why Banning Miller, what a vision you are in your fine dress. It must have taken a dozen slaves a dozen days to get you into that getup. 'Course your daddy tells me it takes the space of a schoolboy's wink to get you out of it again."

Mark Sheppard as Badger

  • (Jayne) "This ain't bad."
  • (Mark Sheppard) "There's a trick to it. Wood alcohol."
  • (Mal) "Now, we're favored guests, treated to the finest in beverages that make you blind."
  • (River Tam) "Sure, I got a secret; more 'n one. Don't seem likely I tell 'em to you, now, do it? Anyone off Titan colony knows better 'n to talk to strangers. You're talkin' loud enough for the both of us, though, ain't ya? I've met a dozen like you. Skipped off-home early. Minor graft jobs here and there. Spent some time in the lockdown, but less than you claim. And you're, what, a petty thief with delusions standing? Sad little king of a sad little hill."
  • (Mark Sheppard) "Nice to see someone from the old homestead."
  • (River Tam) "Not really. Call me if anyone interesting shows up."
  • (Mark Sheppard) "I like her."
  • (Jayne) "That there; exactly the kind of diversion we could have used."
  • (Mal) "How would you even set up a meet, man won't deal with you?"
  • (Mark Sheppard) "Know a place he'll be. Safe place. Using some new tech gun scans. High class, too. Won't let me in there. You might slip in. Of course, you couldn't buy an invite with a diamond the size of a testicle. I got my hands on a couple."
  • (Mark Sheppard) "Of invites."
  • (Mark Sheppard) "Captain Reynolds. Heard you was in town. Thought we might have a bit of a sit-down."
  • (Mal) "Prefer a bit of a "piss off"."
  • (Mark Sheppard) "I'm very sorry. Did I give you the impression I was askin'?"
  • (Mal) "You backed out of a deal last time. Left us hangin'?"
  • (Jayne) "Hurt our feelings."
  • (Mal) "You recall why that took place?"
  • (Mark Sheppard) "Had a problem with your attitude, is why. Felt you was; what's the word?"
  • (Jayne) "Pretentious?"

Edward Atterton as Atherton Wing

  • (Edward Atterton) "You belong here, Inara, not on that flying piece of go-se. You see that, don't you?"
  • (Inara) "Atherton, language."
  • (Edward Atterton) "What? "Piece of go-se"? But it is a piece of go-se."
  • (Unnamed) "Miss Kaywinnet Lee Frye and escort."
  • (Inara) "Kaylee?"
  • (Inara) "Oh, go-se."
  • (Edward Atterton) "Well, get ready to starve. I'll see to it you never work again."
  • (Inara) "Actually, that's not how it works. You see, you've earned yourself a black mark in the client registry. No companion is going to contract with you ever again."
  • (Larry Drake) "You'll have to rely on your winning personality to get women. God help you."
  • (Edward Atterton) "I accept."
  • (Mal) "Good."

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