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Shooters (2002 film) Quotes

Shooters (2002 film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Shooters ended its run in 1970.

It features Margery Bone as producer, Kemal Ultanur in charge of musical score, and Tom Erisman as head of cinematography.

Shooters (2002 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Shooters (2002 film) is 95 minutes long. Shooters (2002 film) is distributed by Media Cooperation One (MC-One).

The cast includes: Adrian Dunbar as Max Bell, Andrew Howard as J, Louis Dempsey as Gilly, Emma Fielding as Detective Inspector Sarah Pryce, Gerard Butler as Jackie Junior, and Jason Hughes as Charlie Franklin.

Shooters (2002 film) Quotes

Andrew Howard as J

  • (Andrew Howard) "Do I ever disappoint? f***in' no. Why? I deliver. Why? I'm your man."
  • (Andrew Howard) "You look older, man. f***ed."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "It's the only thing I haven't been."
  • (Andrew Howard) "Look, about tonight, can we make it later?"
  • (Gerard Butler) "We ever going to do this thing?"
  • (Andrew Howard) "Yeah, Jackie, please."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Where the f*** did you get the balls big enough to cancel on me?"

Louis Dempsey as Gilly

  • (Louis Dempsey) "Somebody once said that the living were a rare species of the dead."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "When you see this, you wonder is there's a difference."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Jackie Junior. Now he was the sort of guy who couldn't pass a shop window without having a quick look to check he was still gorgeous."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "When you're inside, it's not just the obvious things you miss. You can even end up being nostalgic for a set of f***ing traffic lights."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Hey, the thing we're talking about last night, there's no way I'm walking into a room full of gansters with machine-guns telling them I'm IRA."

Adrian Dunbar as Max Bell

  • (Adrian Dunbar) "Foreplay's over, Justin. Time to f***."
  • (Adrian Dunbar) "Our Calednoian cousins have arrived."
  • (Adrian Dunbar) "So, what's this thing you've got for me then?"
  • (Emma Fielding) "Jackie Jr.'s just flown in."
  • (Adrian Dunbar) "So?"
  • (Emma Fielding) "Your boy's a real entrepreneur."
  • (Adrian Dunbar) "So tell me something I don't know, yeah?"
  • (Emma Fielding) "He's been selling guns behind your back."
  • (Adrian Dunbar) "You've seen him, have you?"
  • (Emma Fielding) "Let's just say he sold me one by default."

Jason Hughes as Charlie Franklin

  • (Jason Hughes) "Take a hit. Chill."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "I don't want to chill."

Gerard Butler as Jackie Junior

  • (Gerard Butler) "Boys I believe you have something for me?"
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Yeah, I had somthing for him."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Thank you Tommy."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Max's money, and his dope. Put that together with an eyewitness statement, and I had my ticket out of the game. If ever there was a time for J to discover he had a heart of gold --"
  • (Andrew Howard) "Don't touch it. Don't you f***ing touch it."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "This wasn't it."
  • (Andrew Howard) "Take the money, Gil. Take the money and f*** off."
  • (Gerard Butler) "You want to take it easy there, J?"
  • (Andrew Howard) "Jackie? Shut -- up."
  • (Gerard Butler) "What the f*** are you doing?"
  • (Andrew Howard) "I don't know what I'm doing."
  • (Andrew Howard) "I'm making the choice. Taking care of business. Paying off a debt. Investing in the future."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Hey, Max, how come it's always so f***ing cold in this town?"
  • (Gerard Butler) "Let's get to business. Tell you what, that airhostess, I'm sure she fancies me."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Gentlemen."
  • (Gerard Butler) "You stutter again and I will shoot your f***ing legs off, all right?"
  • (Gerard Butler) "Brings a gun to a deal, eh? Cheeking f***er."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Now, I see you, J, and I see him, but I don't see my f***ing machine-guns. I've been in town two f***ing days, and you don't deem me worthy to make good on your promise."
  • (Gerard Butler) "You're a waste of good air, J."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Wait just --"
  • (Gerard Butler) "Shut the f*** up. Do you have any f***ing idea what is going down here? Anyway, what the f*** are you doing here? It was suppossed to be this man for the f***ing drop and that was it."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Talk to me. This is my thing, not his."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Oh, it's your f***ing thing is it?"
  • (Gerard Butler) "You've got one foot int he s*** already. You better think before you f***ing speak."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Take the bag off his head, will talk. Take the bag off his head, we'll talk. He's f***ing choking."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Convince me."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "I'm supplying the hardware. No offense, Mr. Moffet. We're not buying a loaf of bread here, we're selling machine-guns."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Bang."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Where the f*** you going with my money?"
  • (Gerard Butler) "f***ing get them."
  • (Gerard Butler) "See that's me all over, mate. That's me all over, you know what I mean? I get paranoid."
  • (Gerard Butler) "I overreact."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Right, you're all set up. J, I'm sorry, mate. Hey, are we friends?"
  • (Gerard Butler) "Uh -- you -- I don't think I know your name."
  • (Gerard Butler) "A man of mystery, I like that."
  • (Gerard Butler) "f***. I have to say, I really enjoyed all that stuff. That was great. So, uh, these guns -- when can I expect delivery?"
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Tonight."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Tonight? Are you sure about that? Because you know, I don't want to be f***ed around. Not again."
  • (Louis Dempsey) "Guaranteed."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Well, that's good. So you guarantee me that? Because in my world a guarantee is a guarantee. And I like you boys, and I want to do business, and I want those machine-guns in my possion by tonight."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Because if not, I will f***ing find you both. And I will leave you where I find you."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Do you understand me? Do you understand me? Good."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Do you? Then we'll all be friends."

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