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Showdown in Little Tokyo Quotes

Showdown in Little Tokyo is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Showdown in Little Tokyo ended its run in 1970.

It features Martin E. Caan as producer, David Michael Frank in charge of musical score, and Mark Irwin as head of cinematography.

Showdown in Little Tokyo is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Showdown in Little Tokyo is 79 minutes long. Showdown in Little Tokyo is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Brandon Lee as Johnny Murata, Dolph Lundgren as Chris Kenner, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Yoshida, and Tia Carrere as Minako.

Showdown in Little Tokyo Quotes

Brandon Lee as Johnny Murata

  • (Brandon Lee) "Listen, will you do this right? Clean? Like a cop in the 20th century, not some samurai warrior? We're gonna nail this guy. And when we get done -- we're gonna go eat fish off those naked chicks."
  • (Det. Kenner) "How long did you study?"
  • (Brandon Lee) "Since I was four."
  • (Det. Kenner) "Should've started earlier. That would've helped your form."
  • (Brandon Lee) "I was four. There's nothing wrong with my form."
  • (Brandon Lee) "This may sound strange for a cop: Let's get the f*** out of here."
  • (Brandon Lee) "That's perfect -- I'm partnered with a homicidal maniac on a personal vendetta of family vengeance."
  • (Brandon Lee) "You know that thing I said about the fish? I can change my mind --"
  • (Brandon Lee) "Kenner, just in case we get killed, I wanted to tell you, you have the biggest dick I've ever seen on a man."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Thanks. I don't know what to say."
  • (Brandon Lee) "How about "Don't get killed"?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Don't get killed."
  • (Brandon Lee) "You too."
  • (Brandon Lee) "What are we going to call this in the police report?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "How about "community relations"?"
  • (Brandon Lee) "We blew up the crime scene, killed the suspects --"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "-- and joined the local parade."
  • (Brandon Lee) "I like it."
  • (Brandon Lee) "I'm warning you, I don't eat raw fish. But that's just me."
  • (Brandon Lee) "Cop. Policeman, Understand? It's bad to shoot me. He's a cop too. It's bad to shoot him."
  • (Brandon Lee) "So shall we get down and kick some ass?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "No. I'm gonna enjoy being dead for a while."
  • (Brandon Lee) "You know all of that upper body strength really slows you down."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "I'm not slow."
  • (Brandon Lee) "You didn't hit me."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "If I did, you wouldn't be here."
  • (Brandon Lee) "Not arguing. But you didn't --"
  • (Brandon Lee) "There's nothing wrong with my form."
  • (Brandon Lee) "Well? Are you gonna kill him?"
  • (Det. Kenner) "Not right now -- Maybe later."
  • (Brandon Lee) "What did that mean?"
  • (Det. Kenner) "Roughly translated, out of the frying pan and boned up the ass with a red-hot poker."
  • (Brandon Lee) "There you have it."
  • (Brandon Lee) "You have the right to be dead."
  • (Brandon Lee) "We do this right. Like a cop in the 20th century and not some warrior, we're gonna get this guy. And when we're done we're gonna go eat fish off those naked chicks."
  • (Brandon Lee) "Ya know, it's kinda like one of those video games -- you just defeated the first wave."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Do you know you have moments when you're truly an asshole?"
  • (Brandon Lee) "I wanted to work in Malibu."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "That'll never happen."
  • (Brandon Lee) "Thanks, that's supportive. I've joined you on this quest for personal vengeance and you've got to take a shot at my dreams?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Malibu's Sheriff's Department, not LAPD."
  • (Brandon Lee) "Really? Damn."

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Yoshida

  • (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) "Now you only have one hand with which to wipe your ass with,do you want to keep the other one?."
  • (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) "Now, America can enjoy our beer and our drugs while watching football."
  • (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) "How American. The backseat, the movies, the beautiful girl -- You know what's missing? Popcorn."
  • (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) "You are dead."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Hell sucked. We are back."

Dolph Lundgren as Chris Kenner

  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Hey, she was frightened."
  • (Brandon Lee) "Yeah, I saw you strip down for that hot tub. I'd be frightened, too --"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "I liked that car. And I liked that girl. And I'd like to cut off certain parts of Yoshida's anatomy."
  • (Brandon Lee) "Ya know, you've got a fixation, pal --"

Tia Carrere as Minako

  • (Tia Carrere) "This is a nice place."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "I built it."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "What?"
  • (Tia Carrere) "That time I heard you coming."

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