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Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth Quotes

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth ended its run in 1970.

It features Stephen Nemeth as producer, Tyler Bates in charge of musical score, and David Miller as head of cinematography.

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth is 86 minutes long. Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth is distributed by Lionsgate Films.

The cast includes: Chris Palermo as Killer, Aimee Graham as Screw, Coolio as PA, Majandra Delfino as Martina, Harley Cross as Dawson, Danny Strong as Boner, Julie Benz as Barbara, Simon Rex as Slab, Tom Arnold as Doughy, Tiffani Thiessen as Hagatha, Rose Marie as Mrs. Tingle, Shirley Jones as Nurse, David Herman as Mr. Lowelle, Tom Arnold as Guy, and Tiffani Thiessen as Hagitha.

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth Quotes

Danny Strong as Boner

  • (Danny Strong) "I hope that's Barbara Walters. What a rack."
  • (Danny Strong) "I'm never gonna get laid."
  • (Danny Strong) "Hey guys, I have an idea. Let's all make a pact to lose our virginity before graduation."
  • (Tom Arnold) "I'm in."
  • (Unnamed) "WE'RE NOT."

Coolio as PA

  • (Coolio) "Would the following students please report to the Principal's office: Jack Mehoff, Mike Hunt, Lou Zer, and Heywood Jablomee."
  • (Coolio) "Attention students, the band fundraiser will be held next Thursday in the auditorium. Liquor in the front, poker in the rear."
  • (Coolio) "Attention students, there will be a fire drill at 3:05 today. Please bring your own matches and lighter fluid."
  • (Coolio) "May I have your attention for the results of yesterday's pregnancy tests. Susan Savinski: negative. Melissa Blake: positive. Jonathan Whiner: negative."
  • (Coolio) "Attention students, the fight between the Bloods and the Crypts is postponed until next Friday. Refreshments and a lovely dance will follow."
  • (Coolio) "Attention students, Flight 916 for Tuscany will be boarding at Gate 14A. The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only, no parking. Also, today's happy hour will be held in the Biology lab. Remember, wings are free when you buy a pitcher."

Aimee Graham as Screw

  • (Aimee Graham) "Is that yours or mine?"
  • (Chris Palermo) "Ignore it. I have voice mail."
  • (Aimee Graham) "Math? How my supposed to know that? I'm a beautiful popular rich kid with a promising future in a light-weight sorority at a state college. I don't need to know that stuff, I'm gonna get married."
  • (Aimee Graham) "Who is this?"
  • (Chris Palermo) "The Killer."

Julie Benz as Barbara

  • (Julie Benz) "And so what if Boner's dad was cheating with my mom, causing her to go on a downward spiral resulting into alcoholism?"
  • (Danny Strong) "My dad has what?"

Tom Arnold as Doughy

  • (Tom Arnold) "Whereas Hardy enjoys a minuet, ballet ruse and crepes suzette."
  • (Hardy) "Doughy likes to rock n roll, a hot dog makes him lose control."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "What a wild duet."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "Still they're cousins."
  • (Harley Cross) "Identical cousins."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "They laugh alike."
  • (Harley Cross) "They walk alike."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "At times they even talk alike."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "And you can lose your mind."
  • (Tom Arnold) "Hagatha. Now that's a beautiful name."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Thanks. My friends call me Hag."
  • (Tom Arnold) "Hey gang. They just found The Administrator-Formerly-Known-As-Principal in his office dead, bound and gagged. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get down there before the coroner gets to play Weekend At Bernie's with him."

Harley Cross as Dawson

  • (Harley Cross) "After all, it is Halloween."
  • (Simon Rex) "And Friday the 13th."
  • (Harley Cross) "On the same day? Impossible."
  • (Danny Strong) "Slab's dyslexic."
  • (Harley Cross) "This is the kinda thing you read about"
  • (Simon Rex) "Books are pretty"
  • (Julie Benz) "O My God. He is right."
  • (Unnamed) "Do you have a reservation sir?"
  • (Harley Cross) "Dawson."
  • (Unnamed) "Party of five?"
  • (Harley Cross) "Wrong network."
  • (Harley Cross) "You know what we've gotta do? We've gotta get out of here."
  • (Danny Strong) "To someplace safe."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "Yeah, in the middle of nowhere."
  • (Simon Rex) "In the dark woods and pouring rain."
  • (Harley Cross) "Without any adult supervision or police protection anywhere in the vicinity."
  • (Julie Benz) "I know just the place. It's been totally deserted ever since those dorky kids were dismembered."
  • (Danny Strong) "Are you talking about band camp?"

Shirley Jones as Nurse

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Majandra Delfino as Martina

  • (Majandra Delfino) "Didn't your whole family get chopped up and fed to a fish farm?"
  • (Harley Cross) "Allegedly."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "Who cares about that crap?"
  • (Tom Arnold) "I do."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "I've got a weird feeling Dawson."
  • (Harley Cross) "Wait until you eat the tuna tacos."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "Lamegag, you scared the crap out of us."
  • (Harley Cross) "What is it, boy?"
  • (Harley Cross) "I'm sorry. What is it, girl?"
  • (Harley Cross) "Slab's in trouble?"
  • (Harley Cross) "Steroids? In the bathroom?"
  • (Harley Cross) "Burt Reynolds wears a rug? O.J. was framed?"
  • (Harley Cross) "Khakis aren't cool anymore? Well, I have to disagree with you there."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "All right, listen. There are certain rules that you have to follow in a parody situation if you want to survive. Rule number one: exaggerate everything. Number 88: accept the ridiculous as logical."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "Sexual sight gags, always funny."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "And along with wacky sound effects --"
  • (Majandra Delfino) "And unlimited absurdity."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "Remember: nothing is sacred."
  • (Harley Cross) "You're forgetting, point out the obvious."
  • (Majandra Delfino) "And finally, perpetually painful stereotypes."
  • (Black guy in pimp outfit) "Dat's ridikkulous."

Tiffani Thiessen as Hagitha

  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Actually, it's on cable. But it's just as important."
  • (Tom Arnold) "Well, that's more important. On cable you can say dyke, boobies, butts, bastards."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Who's that? Your grandmother?"
  • (Tom Arnold) "With the bong? Yeah."
  • (Tiffani Thiessen) "Glaucoma?"
  • (Tom Arnold) "No, spring break."

Rose Marie as Mrs. Tingle

  • (Rose Marie) "Who can tell me if Frankenstein was circumcised?"

Chris Palermo as Killer

  • (Chris Palermo) "Do you like scary movies?"
  • (Aimee Graham) "Oh. What, you mean like Spike Lee movies?"
  • (Chris Palermo) "Look, lay off the Spikester. He's keeping it real."

David Herman as Mr. Lowelle

  • (David Herman) "Hello gang, welcome to Sex Education. If you aren't registered for this course or are a Southern Baptist, you're in the wrong room."

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