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Sleuth (1972 film) Quotes

Sleuth (1972 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Sleuth ended its run in 1970.

It features Morton Gottlieb as producer, John Addison in charge of musical score, and Oswald Morris as head of cinematography.

Sleuth (1972 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Sleuth (1972 film) is 138 minutes long. Sleuth (1972 film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Michael Caine as Milo Tindle, Laurence Olivier as Andrew Wyke, and Alec Cawthorne as Inspector Doppler.

Sleuth (1972 film) Quotes

Laurence Olivier as Andrew Wyke

  • (Laurence Olivier) "For Christ sake Milo, they couldn't have made more noise on D-Day."
  • (Michael Caine) "The bloody glass came out, my bloody boot got stuck and I fell down the bloody ladder."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Well the bloody police must have heard it all the way to bloody Salisbury."
  • (Michael Caine) "I'm sorry."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "The mistresses' bedroom. Or, would you know your way about?"
  • (Michael Caine) "The mistress, or her bedroom?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "There are certain skills best acquired in public bars, I suppose."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "You're not giving me any kind of a chance, you sadistic bloody Wop."
  • (Michael Caine) "I hope I didn't hear that correctly --"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Put that back, please. It's an old Egyptian blocking game. It's taken me rather a long time to get it there."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Whether I love her or not, I found her. I've kept her. She represents me. Once, she was in love with me."
  • (Michael Caine) "And now she's in love with me. And you can't forgive that."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "It's a good thing, I am pretty much of an Olympic sexual athlete."
  • (Michael Caine) "Yes, I suppose these days you are concentrating more on the sprints than on the long distance stuff."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Not so dear boy. I am in the peak of condition. I could copulate for England at any distance."
  • (Michael Caine) "Well, as they say in the Olympics, it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "My wife showers. I bathe."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "It's sex. Sex is the game. Marriage is the penalty. Round and round we jog towards each futile anniversary. Pass "Go". Collect 200 rows, 200 silences, 200 scars in the deep places."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Finally, at your moment of dying, you are yourself; a sniveling, dago clown. Farewell, Punchinello."
  • (Michael Caine) "Please."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "One black facemask, one black flat cap, a striped jersey and a bag marked "Swag"."
  • (Michael Caine) "Why not a neon sign with "Burglar" on it?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "You s***."
  • (Michael Caine) "Grazie mille."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "You all-time, knockdown, champion BASTARD, Milo."
  • (Michael Caine) "You're too kind."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "I have nothing against lapsed Catholics. In fact, some of my best friends are lapsed Catholics."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "There's nothing like a little bit of mayhem to cheer one up."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Property's always been more highly regarded in this country than people."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Milo, baby, lemme handle this one, eh? Crime's my baaag. I got this caper worked out ta the last detail."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "You said everything was in plain view."
  • (Michael Caine) "Well aren't I the shifty old sly boots, then."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "You're a jumped up pantry boy who doesn't know his place."

Michael Caine as Milo Tindle

  • (Michael Caine) "Why don't you ask yourself how your man Merridick would go about the search?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Merridew. St. John Lord Merridew."
  • (Michael Caine) "Alright, I'll do it. Where do you want me to break in?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Not so fast. You've got to get disguised first."
  • (Michael Caine) "What for?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Suppose somebody saw you coming."
  • (Michael Caine) "Here? In the middle of nowhere? I could hardly find this place with a bloody map."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "You never know. A dallying couple, a passing sheep-rapist."
  • (Michael Caine) "There it is. The original blunt instrument; the poker. Right."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Now steady --"
  • (Michael Caine) "Where do you want it?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Don't get carried away. It's not a murder weapon you're talking about you know."
  • (Michael Caine) "No?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "No. We're discussing an object from which I receive in the classic formula a glancing blow which will raise a lump without actually cracking the cranium."
  • (Michael Caine) "Why don't I just keep tapping you lightly on the head with the poker until a lump comes up?"
  • (Michael Caine) "It looks like you've had it. They're coming up the drive."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Keep them out."
  • (Michael Caine) "Keep the police out? It's just not done, old boy. But still, I'll try."
  • (Michael Caine) "We are from different worlds, you and me, Andrew. In mine, there was no time for bright fancies and happy inventions, no stopping for tea. The only game we played was to survive, or go to the wall. If you didn't win, you just didn't finish. Loser, lose all. You probably don't understand that."
  • (Michael Caine) "You're mad. You're a bloody madman."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "You are a young man dressed as a clown about to be murdered."
  • (Michael Caine) "Andrew -- remember -- be sure and tell them -- it was only a bloody game."
  • (Michael Caine) "A turnstile to the bedrooms?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "One way or another, one always pays to get in."

Alec Cawthorne as Inspector Doppler

  • (Alec Cawthorne) "Over the years my eyes have been adequately trained to see things for themselves, sir."
  • (Alec Cawthorne) "Not to appear facetious, sir, but you had better tell that to a judge."
  • (Alec Cawthorne) "Caviar, eh? Can't say I like it. Tastes of fish eggs."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Fancy."

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