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Solomon Kane (film) Quotes

Solomon Kane (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Solomon Kane ended its run in 1970.

It features unbulleted list, Paul Berrow, Samuel Hadida, Kevan Van Thompson as producer, Klaus Badelt in charge of musical score, and Dan Laustsen as head of cinematography.

Solomon Kane (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in unbulleted list Each episode of Solomon Kane (film) is 104 minutes long. Solomon Kane (film) is distributed by unbulleted list Metropolitan Filmexport (France) StudioCanal UK and (United Kingdom).

The cast includes: James Purefoy as Solomon Kane, Jason Flemyng as Malachi, and Rachel Hurd-Wood as Meredith Crowthorn.

Solomon Kane (film) Quotes

James Purefoy as Solomon Kane

  • (James Purefoy) "There was a time when the world was plunging into darkness. A time of witchcraft and sorcery. A time when no one stood against evil."
  • (James Purefoy) "Father, I have kept my promise and Meredith is returned to her mother. The demon is gone, banished to the shadows along with the sorcerer who had cursed us all. But evil is not so easily defeated, and I know I will have to fight again. I am a very different man now. Through all of my travels, all the things I've seen and all the things I've done, I have found my purpose. There was a time when the world was plunging into darkness. A time of witchcraft and sorcery, when no one stood against evil. That time -- is over."
  • (James Purefoy) "I'm a man of peace now."
  • (James Purefoy) "I am not yet ready for Hell"
  • (James Purefoy) "There is evil walking this earth, and I will hunt it down, and send it burning back to Hell."
  • (James Purefoy) "I am the only devil here."
  • (James Purefoy) "There are many paths to redemption, not all of them peaceful."
  • (James Purefoy) "I was never more at home than I was at battle."
  • (James Purefoy) "If I kill you, I am bound for hell. It is a price I shall gladly pay."

Jason Flemyng as Malachi

  • (Jason Flemyng) "Why do you care for her? You came here to save your soul."
  • (James Purefoy) "She IS my soul."

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Meredith Crowthorn

  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "Captain Kane."
  • (James Purefoy) "Miss Meredith; how can I be of service?"
  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "I made some clothes for you as your others were so torn."
  • (James Purefoy) "I shall wear them with pride."
  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "How -- What are they?"
  • (James Purefoy) "These? They are the story of my life. See? Some of my own making; these marks and symbols here."
  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "What do they mean?"
  • (James Purefoy) "They are for -- protection. Others, here, are wounds."
  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "How were you hurt?"
  • (James Purefoy) "I've been shot, stabbed and beaten more times than I can recall. These here, was a spear thrust by a tribesman of Africa."
  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "Africa? You were at sea?"
  • (James Purefoy) "I was a captain."

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