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Son of Kong Quotes

Son of Kong is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Son of Kong ended in 1970.

It features Ernest B. Schoedsack as producer, Max Steiner in charge of musical score, and Edward Linden as head of cinematography.

Son of Kong is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Son of Kong is 69 minutes long. Son of Kong is distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

The cast includes: Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham, Frank Reicher as Englehorn, Helen Mack as Hilda, John Marston as Helstrom, and Ed Brady as Red.

Son of Kong Quotes

John Marston as Helstrom

  • (John Marston) "Oh, ah, miss -- I heard about your father. If I could do anything --"
  • (Helen Mack) "You've done enough. You killed my father."
  • (John Marston) "Killed? Why -- what? The tent caught fire --"
  • (Helen Mack) "My father was beaten over the head. He wasn't burned. What do you think the magistrate will say to that when he gets here?"
  • (John Marston) "You can't accuse me. You mustn't dare --"
  • (Helen Mack) "How do you know I wasn't? Unless you were? How do you know what my father said me before he -- before he died?"
  • (John Marston) "He -- What did he say?"
  • (Helen Mack) "The magistrate will be here in a few days. I'll tell him."
  • (John Marston) "You'd better be careful. What are you going to tell the magistrate?"
  • (Helen Mack) "You can just wonder about that 'till he gets here."
  • (John Marston) "Oh, and I'm going to make you First Mate."
  • (Ed Brady) "Is that so? Do you think we got rid of a good captain for a bad one?"
  • (John Marston) "Yeah, you're broke too."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Broke?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "I'm shattered."

Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham

  • (Robert Armstrong) "Do you think he knew he was saving me?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Stick with me and you'll be wearing diamonds."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Skipper, believe it or not, there's a little Kong."
  • (Frank Reicher) "What? A little K - -- How little?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "If you want me to, I'll give Helstrom a tip that he's too thick with the crew."
  • (Frank Reicher) "Go ahead. It's bad for discipline."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Ha. We must be in Russia. Here comes the Committee of the Workers."
  • (Charlie, the Chinese Cook) "Captain Englehorn."
  • (Frank Reicher) "Well?"
  • (Charlie, the Chinese Cook) "Captain, I went down in the forward hold."
  • (Frank Reicher) "What of it?"
  • (Charlie, the Chinese Cook) "Captain, I found something."
  • (Frank Reicher) "What's the matter? Found what?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Holy mackerel."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "You ought to be beaten to a pulp."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Say, that's no way to talk. "I wasn't very good. The show wasn't very good." Cut it out. You wanna tell everybody how good you are. Throw out your chest. Brag about yourself."
  • (Mrs. Hudson, Landlady) "There's a newsboy, and a peddler, and a taxi driver out there."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "I betcha a nickel they're all process servers."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Skipper, believe it or not, there's a little Kong."
  • (Frank Reicher) "What? A little K - -- How little?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Well, just a little one -- about twelve feet high."
  • (Reporter) "If I don't get a story I'll lose my job."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Alright, tell 'em this: Carl Denham, the boy who was gonna make a million dollars off King Kong, is flat broke."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Hey, she's got something there."
  • (Frank Reicher) "It certainly isn't a voice."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Come on, Baby. Some baby."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Boy, look at him scrap. Just like his Old Man."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Stick to me, kid, and you'll wear diamonds."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Now look what you've done, you big dummy."
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Aw, Skipper, do we hafta bring him aboard?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "If I don't get out of this house I'll bite someone."

Ed Brady as Red

  • (Ed Brady) "Row, you blasted bourgeois. It's a nice day for it."
  • (Ed Brady) "He expect us to go ashore?"
  • (John Marston) "Sure. He's got to have a bodyguard, hasn't he? Say, you know there were a dozen sailors killed on the last voyage he made here?"
  • (Ed Brady) "Killed? By them animals?"
  • (John Marston) "Yeah. But, you see Denham and the Skipper came out all right. Ah, but you don't have to worry. There are plenty of rifles aboard."
  • (John Marston) "If I were captain, I certainly wouldn't take my crew into danger."
  • (Ed Brady) "Throw him overboard with the rest of the captains."

Helen Mack as Hilda

  • (Helen Mack) "Tony, won't you please come down? Tony? Tony?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "You'll never catch a monkey that way."
  • (Helen Mack) "Did you ever catch a monkey?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Did I ever catch?"
  • (Robert Armstrong) "Lady, you'd be surprised."
  • (Helen Mack) "You said, 'Stick to you'."

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