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Son of the Gods Quotes

Son of the Gods is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Son of the Gods ended its run in 1970.

It features Frank Lloyd as producer, and Ernest Haller (Technicolor) as head of cinematography.

Son of the Gods is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Son of the Gods is 93 minutes long. Son of the Gods is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Richard Barthelmess as Sam Lee, Frank Albertson as Kicker, Barbara Leonard as Mabel, E. Alyn Warren as Lee Ying, Mildred Van Dorn as Eileen, Constance Bennett as Allana, Constance Bennett as Wagner, Claude King as Bathurst, and King Hou Chang as Moy.

Son of the Gods Quotes

Richard Barthelmess as Sam Lee

  • (Richard Barthelmess) "Detest you? Darling, I worship you."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Then, kiss me; and don't talk."
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "He's from Oklahoma. When he first saw her, he fell madly in love with her. He was trying to arrange an introduction when, one day, she surprised him by smiling at him."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Spanish hussy."
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "But, she's not Spanish. That's just it. She's an American Indian from his own state. And she knew him as a child. When Bathurst first told me about it, I thought it was an extraordinary love match."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Extraordinary? Why?"
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "Because most people have such strong racial prejudices."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Sam, you have the strangest ideas. There're no taboos among people of our class."
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "Oh, the Chinese gods appreciate humor. I wonder if they're smiling now?"
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "Well, if she's suffering, will you please say good night for me and express my regrets."
  • (Frank Albertson) "Gee, that's white of you Sam."
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "They are liars and hypocrites. Their religion teaches love and brotherhood and equality. But, they worship money and prejudice."

Constance Bennett as Allana

  • (Constance Bennett) "Where were you last night?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, don't ask. I was on a long journey. Exploring unknown lands. Sailing uncharted seas."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, Daddy. Don't nag."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Why don't you like me? You know, I can be very nice if given a little encouragement."
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "I'm sure you could."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Then, for heaven's sake, stop acting like a wooden Indian. Do something. Seize me. Take me in your arms; and dance with me."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Allana, I told you I'd investigate and I found out --"
  • (Constance Bennett) "I hope you didn't find anything that would keep you from the wedding."
  • (Constance Bennett) "I found out; that he's a Chinaman."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Is this the dawn of another of your famous infatuations?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "What I'm going to say to you is not nice; but, it's necessary; like a surgeon's knife. Sam Lee is not even a decent Chinaman. The night I went looking for him, I found him in the "Claudia". It's a; dance hall, an Oriental taxi dance hall, where white women dance with; oh, the reputation of the place is bad enough; but, its nothing compared to the place itself. It's vile. Disgraceful. Degrading. And Sam spends most of his time there."
  • (Constance Bennett) "I saw you talking to that fellow we met in Nice. Is he rushing you?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "No, darling. I'm rushing him."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, Dad. I think I'll go and try my luck."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Have you got enough?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "Enough to lose."
  • (Constance Bennett) "You liar. You cheat. You dirty, rotten, Chinaman."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Now listen, darling, a little later on I'll be able to tell you more about him; and about myself."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Later on?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "After he kisses me. Now, don't worry. I haven't disgraced your gray hairs yet."

Frank Albertson as Kicker

  • (Frank Albertson) "Hey, what are you talkin' about? Why, you dames look like three plush horses."
  • (Frank Albertson) "Why don't you come along with us? We've got a extra dame on our hands and the girls are just admiring your new petting wagon."
  • (Frank Albertson) "Children, make way. Gather around one and all. Hear ye. Hear ye. Hear ye. This is to give you notice, that Mr. Sam Lee, the gentleman that owns this chariot, will join us this afternoon in our festivities. So, you dames will not have to ride in my Lizzie."
  • (Frank Albertson) "They're nice girls. They won't stick gum under the seats."
  • (Frank Albertson) "You mean Sam? Oh, don't be a goofer."
  • (Barbara Leonard) "I'm going to tell my father. How dare you bring us out with a Chinaman."
  • (Frank Albertson) "We don't think of Sam as a Chinaman. Why, he's a high class gentleman. You've got to go through with this."
  • (Barbara Leonard) "And have him ask us to dance? I'd die."
  • (Connie) "So would I. Are you going to take us home?"
  • (Frank Albertson) "Say, who do you think you are? Besides, Sam doesn't look Chinese and nobody here knows him."
  • (Barbara Leonard) "Oh, is that so. Well, Connie knows one of the girls who saw us come in with that yellow friend of yours. She told us. Sam Lee; huh.; a chink. Oh, I wouldn't let him touch me."
  • (Spud) "Oh, is that so? Well, Alice let him touch her, all right. Everything would have been jake if that yap friend of yours hadn't started a broadcast."

E. Alyn Warren as Lee Ying

  • (E. Alyn Warren) "The virtuous man must learn to find all that he wants; within himself. Its the inferior man who must find in others what he lacks."
  • (E. Alyn Warren) "Remember, Sam Lee, that you are a son of the gods, for they sent you in answer to prayer. You will not let me give you money; but, I have tried to fill your mind with gems of wisdom. You are going far, my son, where I will no longer be able to guide you. But, you must go. And I shall await your homecoming."
  • (E. Alyn Warren) "We are different; but, not inferior."
  • (E. Alyn Warren) "Race prejudice has always existed, my son. Fighting it will not help. The only weapon one can use, to defeat it, is tolerance."

Mildred Van Dorn as Eileen

  • (Mildred Van Dorn) "I brought you something to take along. It'll do you no harm and it may do you some good. It's a Catholic scapular, Sam. I don't know if my religion is any better than yours and Lee Ying's; but, won't do any harm to mix them."
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "A Catholic scapular on a Chinese breast. No harm should come to me, Eileen."
  • (Mildred Van Dorn) "How are you?"
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "Fine, Eileen. And how have you been?"
  • (Mildred Van Dorn) "Puttin' on weight. Your father doesn't work his secretary hard enough."
  • (Mildred Van Dorn) "Goodbye, Sam. Come back as clean as you go."
  • (Mildred Van Dorn) "You're so fine and foolish and impractical."

King Hou Chang as Moy

  • (King Hou Chang) "Do you like to laugh, maybe? Sometimes?"
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "Why, of course, I do."
  • (King Hou Chang) "Then tonight you come along with me and have; good time. You hear funny song. Funny music. Do you like dance? Do you like white arms?"
  • (Richard Barthelmess) "White arms? Do you know any white women, Moy?"
  • (King Hou Chang) "Oh, plenty. Nice kids. They taught me American dancing."

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