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Sophie Scholl – The Final Days Quotes

Sophie Scholl – The Final Days is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Sophie Scholl – The Final Days stopped airing in 1970.

It features Fred Breinersdorfer, Interlanguage link multi, Sven Burgemeister, and de as producer, Reinhold Heil, and Johnny Klimek in charge of musical score, Interlanguage link multi, Martin Langer, de, and 3=Martin Langer (Kameramann) as head of cinematography.

Sophie Scholl – The Final Days is recorded in German and originally aired in Germany. Each episode of Sophie Scholl – The Final Days is 117 minutes long. Sophie Scholl – The Final Days is distributed by Interlanguage link multi, X Verleih AG, de, and 3=Filmverleih.

Sophie Scholl – The Final Days Quotes

  • (Hans Scholl) "If you and Hitler weren't afraid of our opinion, we wouldn't be here."
  • (Sophie Magdalena Scholl) "Freedom."
  • (Pfarrer Dr. Alt) "May God the Father bless you, who created you in His image. May God the Son bless you, whose suffering and death redeems you. May God the Holy Spirit bless you, who leads you to his temple and hallows you. May the Trinity judge you with mercy, and grant you eternal life. Amen."
  • (Pfarrer Dr. Alt) "No one loves more than one who dies for friends."
  • (Hans Scholl) "Tomorrow, you will be sitting in our places."
  • (Hans Scholl) "Long live freedom."
  • (Magdalena Scholl) "Don't forget, Sophie. Jesus"
  • (Sophie Magdalena Scholl) "Yes, mother, but you neither."
  • (Wärterin) "If you want to write a farewell letter, do it quickly."
  • (Sophie Magdalena Scholl) "Today? I thought everbody has 99 days."
  • (Wärterin) "Better start writing."
  • (Christoph Probst) "It wasn't in vain."
  • (Sophie Magdalena Scholl) "Trucks came to pick up the children at the mental hospital. The other children asked where they were going. "They're going to heaven," said the nurses. So the children got on the truck singing. You think I wasn't raised right, because I felt pity for them?"
  • (Sophie Magdalena Scholl) "Please, don't worry. I'd do the same again."
  • (Robert Scholl) "You did the right thing. I'm proud of you both."
  • (Richter Dr. Roland Freisler) "In the name of the German people, in the criminal case against Hans Fritz Scholl from Munich, Sophia Magdalena Scholl from Munich, and Christoph Hermann Probst from Aldrans, the people's court has reached a verdict following court proceedings on 22 February, 1943: The defendants published leaflets at a time of war, calling for people to sabotage armaments, and to overthrow our people's National Socialist way of life. They propagated defeatist ideas and visciously insulted the Fuhrer. By so doing, they aided the enemy and demoralized our troops. They are therefore sentenced to death. They lose their rights as citizens for all time. They bear the cost of the trial."
  • (Sophie Magdalena Scholl) "Your terror will soon be over."
  • (Hans Scholl) "You may hang us today, but you'll be hanged tomorrow."
  • (Robert Scholl) "There is a higher justice."

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