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Space Cowboys Quotes

Space Cowboys is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Space Cowboys ended in 1970.

It features Clint Eastwood, and Andrew Lazar as producer, Lennie Niehaus in charge of musical score, and Jack N. Green as head of cinematography.

Space Cowboys is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Space Cowboys is 130 minutes long. Space Cowboys is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Clint Eastwood as Frank Corvin, Marcia Gay Harden as Sara Holland, Donald Sutherland as Jerry O'Neill, Courtney B. Vance as Roger Hines, Loren Dean as Ethan Glance, Barbara Babcock as Barbara Corvin, James Cromwell as Bob Gerson, and Chris Wylde as Jason.

Space Cowboys Quotes

James Cromwell as Bob Gerson

  • (James Cromwell) "Francis D. Corvin."
  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "Is he dead?"
  • (James Cromwell) "Only if I'm lucky."
  • (James Cromwell) "I can't fill up a space shuttle with geriatrics."

Loren Dean as Ethan Glance

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Donald Sutherland as Jerry O'Neill

  • (Donald Sutherland) "It's got nothing to do with me."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "It all depends on the woman and how willing she is to discover her infinite supply of orgasms."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Makes them look younger, doesn't it --"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "I'm an engineer. I stopped running when Nixon was president."
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "Okay, bad guy, we're taking this outside. I want to whip your asymmetrical sagging ass. Get out there in that parking lot."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Here we go again --"
  • (Tank Sullivan) "I've got ten on Frank."

Clint Eastwood as Frank Corvin

  • (Clint Eastwood) "Hawk, this isn't a stripped-down showplane. You've got to do it their way."
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "I don't need a damn computer to tell me how to land an aircraft."
  • (Courtney B. Vance) "It's not an aircraft, Colonel. It's a flying brick, and you've GOT to use the computer's protocols."
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "What if the on-board computer fails?"
  • (Loren Dean) "It never has."
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "Houston, Horizon"
  • (Mission Control Tech) "Go ahead"
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "Request second landing please."
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "Houston; Horizon, request on board computer FAILURE on second landing."
  • (Eugene 'Gene' Davis) "Run it again. Sock it to 'em."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "My only hope is that whatever doesn't burn up lands on Gerson's house."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "You sent us up to this bastard, have us put it back into orbit, fully armed, just to save your own ass?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "You know what the worst day of my life was? The day Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. I was probably the only person in America who wanted to commit suicide that day."
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "Well, thanks a lot Frank. We haven't spoken in twelve years and that's basically been the big question on my mind, what could make you commit suicide."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "I thought i told you to bail out."
  • (Tank Sullivan) "We're staying. If you don't mind."
  • (Tiny, Bar Bouncer) "I'll put you in the hospital, old man."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Yeah? Well, I've got MediCare. Go ahead and shoot your best shot."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "This is Jerry O'Neill."
  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "No nickname for you?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You can call me"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "anytime."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Clock's ticking, Bob. And I'm only getting older."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Well, what do you say, Reverend? You think a prayer's in order?"
  • (Tank Sullivan) "I was just reciting the Shepard's Prayer. Alan Shepard's prayer. Oh Lord, please don't let us screw up. Amen."

Marcia Gay Harden as Sara Holland

  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "I have never met a kid who didn't dream of being an astronaut when he grew up."
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "Did you ever meet a kid who didn't grow up?"

Barbara Babcock as Barbara Corvin

  • (Barbara Babcock) "Do you think he"
  • (Barbara Babcock) "made it?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Yeah, I think he made it."
  • (Barbara Babcock) "Would you like me to read the instructions to you again?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Let me tell you something, my dear. Those instructions were written by a fellow in Japan when they made this damn thing. They were probably translated by some gringo who was an expatriate American that couldn't get a job in this country. And then the Japanese guy probably translated him just to double check on him. You don't need these instructions. Not at all. Tear them up."

Chris Wylde as Jason

  • (Young Pilot #1) "Hey, Hawk. This guys wants a scary ride."
  • (Chris Wylde) "It's my birthday."
  • (Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins) "Happy birthday."
  • (Chris Wylde) "I love you, and I love being on the ground."

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