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Stand By Me (Grey's Anatomy) Quotes

Stand By Me (Grey's Anatomy) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Stand By Me ended in 1970.

Stand By Me (Grey's Anatomy) Quotes

  • (Dr. Owen Hunt) "I was a second year resident, MBC rolls in. Parents were in the front seat. Three kids in the back. Kids were okay, Mom and Dad were a little banged up, but nothing terrible. They were talking, laughing in the ER. Turns out both parents had massive internal injuries. I operated on them both that night, hours. I lost them both. Now if I'd moved faster, if I'd rushed them to CT. If I'd known how bad off they were sooner -- but I didn't. The eldest kid was 9. When I came out to tell them about their dad, he was trying to console the 3-year-old and the 5-year-old about their mother. I'll never get that image out of my head. This -- this 9 year old boy trying to hold these two little ones. His arms just not big enough. I don't know how I came back the next day."
  • (Dr. Owen Hunt) "I think part of me never did."
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "Mer, there is something wrong with Izzie."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Ah, what do you mean?"
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "I don't know. All I know that there is something wrong."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Well, you know, George, we're already drowning in intern drama. We don't need resident drama, too. If it's a problem, she'll tell us. Until, just ignore it."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "I repeat, ignore it."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "What in God's name is going on?"
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "It's a personal issue and we are just trying to give them their privacy."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "Do you think for a second I wanted to get involved with your little intern dramas?"
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "We were not this bad."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "Oh, getting married in Vegas, shacking up with attendings, cutting LVAD wires. You don't have to like it, but you have to manage it."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Oh, we've got it under control."
  • (Intern Steve) "Wait, I love you, Megan."
  • (Dr. Izzie Stevens) "I don't even know if I want treatment, Cristina. I know too much. I know how violent surgery can be. They're gonna cut into my brain. They're gonna slice open my abdomen and pull my organs out, and for what? Surgery fails all the time. Derek Shepherd is in the fricking woods right now because we fail all the time. And even if they do everything right, I have a five percent chance of survival. Five percent. Why would I put myself through hell, run poison through my veins and radiate my brain if it's not gonna work anyway?"
  • (Dr. Cristina Yang) "Why did you tell me, then? If you don't want my help and you're not gonna do anything about it, why did you tell me?"
  • (Dr. Izzie Stevens) "Just keep your mouth shut. Forget I ever told you anything."
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "This is year one of your residency. You turn on each other now, you're not gonna make it."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Okay, here's what's gonna happen. All of you are going to go and find the sense that the Good Lord gave you and never behave like this within the four walls of this hospital ever again. You are doctors. Pierce, get an ice pack and put it on that oozing, disgusting, mess of an eye. And Steve, go to the pit and get that unsanitary, bloody hand x-rayed and stitched. And Megan, you should go to OB because yes, you are pregnant."
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "That was very Bailey."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Practicing medicine doesn't lend itself well to the making of friends. Maybe because life and mortality are in our faces all the time. Maybe because, in staring down death every day, we're forced to know that life, every minute, is borrowed time. And each person we let ourselves care about is just one more loss somewhere down the line. For this reason, I know some doctors who just don't bother making friends at all, but the rest of us, we make it our job to move that line to push each loss as far away as we can."
  • (Dr. Cristina Yang) "Izzie has stage 4 metastatic melanoma that has spread to her brain, liver and skin. She may only have months to live and she's resisting treatment. She needs help."
  • (Dr. Cristina Yang) "Scalpel."
  • (Dr. Derek Shepherd) "Get out."
  • (Dr. Richard Webber) "No."
  • (Dr. Derek Shepherd) "Get out, Richard. Get out."
  • (Dr. Richard Webber) "Look, I've destroyed lives before. Several in fact and yours is not one of them. Now, I sent the woman you love out here to help you. I sent the woman who loves you, out here, to bring you back to your life. If you ruin it with her, that's on you. I don't accept it. You're scared, you're drunk. You don't know which way is up. You threw a punch at your best friend, and you threw a ring at Meredith and now you wanna throw me out. I'm not accepting it. Because, I'm older than you, and I've been where you are. You've been drunk for a few days, I was drunk for years and I know you're gonna need at least one friend when you decide to come out of that hole you're digging. I hope you come out of it soon and I'll be here when you do."
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "Hey, buddy. You need to start talking and you need to start talking now."
  • (Dr. Ryan Spalding) "I really can't. Talk to Steve."
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "Right, guy. You need to start talking, dude, because any second they're gonna start that face transplant surgery and then her good friend --"
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "My best friend."
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "Is gonna have her very first solo surgery, and so we have very little patience right now."
  • (Dr. Ryan Spalding) "Look, it's not my place."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Okay, you are gonna tell me everything that's going on or else, every time I have a rectal exam or an infected abscess is gonna have your name on it. Every time."
  • (Dr. Ryan Spalding) "Megan was with Pierce, but they broke up for a little bit and while they were broken up, she slept with Steve. Then she got back together with Pierce, but Steve sent her an email about how they slept together and instead of just emailing her, he hit reply all. It went to a whole bunch of people, one of them was Pierce and, now Steve says he loves her, Pierce wants to kill him, Megan's like really freaking out right -- because -- oh -- ok wait, so -- A while back, someone sent this text message right, and like I didn't get it. I didn't get to see it. It just came, to certain people's phone, you know."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "I need you to drive into the woods and talk Derek into coming back here and I believe you also might run into Callie Torres with a flat tire or a broken heel or an -- ax-wielding serial killer."
  • (Dr. Owen Hunt) "You're serious?"
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "See, I sent Torres after Shepherd, and she's fallen off the grid. Her phone goes straight to voicemail. Okay, I'm not normally a panicky person, but I'm a fan of daytime television, and you know, the mind creates these scenarios -- uh. never mind. I -- I need you to go get Torres and Shepherd and bring them back here before the Chief notices that any of you are gone."
  • (Dr. Owen Hunt) "Shepherd's been gone all week. I'm sure the Chief would notice --"
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "Hunt. You survived a war. You can do this."
  • (Dr. Owen Hunt) "I know I can do this. I'm saying I don't want to."
  • (Dr. Owen Hunt) "People don't really say no to you, do they?"
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "Not when I say "please"."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "I'm saying please."
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "Have you tried calling him?"
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "About a hundred times."
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "Mmm."
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "No. N; Oh, you -- You want me to go to the woods? No. I don't do woods. The woods are dirty and there are many, many bugs. What am I going to say to the guy? I barely know him."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "You don't have to know him. You're both surgeons. You've been through the same war. Look, just remind him that we've all been there, we all came back."
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "You're kind of a bully, you know that?"
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "I wouldn't do it if it didn't work so well."
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "Look, I'm sorry about your patient. I know how hard it can be. I-I had a patient a couple of years ago. Young guy, 50 maybe. Simple knee replacement. He was post-op, he was fine. I even told his wife she could go and get him lunch. It was a simple knee replacement, it as nothing, but he'd been getting short of breath, so I put him on blood thinners for a post-surgical P.E. and -- it wasn't until he was vomiting up dark red blood, looking me in the eye, telling me he was dying that I figured it out. That I was wrong. That it wasn't a P.E., he was bleeding internally and it wouldn't have been fatal, but -- the blood thinners -- I will never forget the look on his wife's face when she came back with that sandwich in her hand, asking me why her husband wasn't in his room any more."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Whatever it is the two of you have going on, it stops now."
  • (Intern Steve) "I didn't --"
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "I don't think you should talk when she's talking."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "You are scaring the patients and you're making this hospital look ridiculous, and you're making us look incompetent."
  • (Intern Steve) "No, but we have --"
  • (Dr. George O'Malley) "That's not a good idea."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Just stay away from each other. So much as a tear or a glance at each other's direction and it's over."
  • (Intern Megan) "I don't understand --"
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "No, no, no. Don't talk while I'm talking. Now just get out. Go."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Not together."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Oh, that felt good."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "Bailey: I've lost Hunt and Torres."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "See, I sent them to get Shepherd and I never heard from them again. I was trying to solve the Shepherd situation for you, sir but it appears I've somehow made it three times worse. So, I'm telling you and my next move I believe is that I'm gonna call the police because I'm half convinced there all dead -- on a spit with a one arm man turning them into shish kebab's."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "Sir, it's my mind it just goes there."
  • (Intern Pierce) "Lab results for the splenectomy."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Do we ask?"
  • (Dr. Cristina Yang) "No, 'cause he might tell us."

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