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Starship Troopers (film) Quotes

Starship Troopers (film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Starship Troopers ended its run in 1970.

It features Jon Davison; Alan Marshall as producer, Basil Poledouris in charge of musical score, and Jost Vacano as head of cinematography.

Starship Troopers (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Starship Troopers (film) is 129 minutes long. Starship Troopers (film) is distributed by TriStar Pictures, and Buena Vista International.

The cast includes: Michael Ironside as Jean Rasczak, Jake Busey as Ace Levy, Dina Meyer as Dizzy, Denise Richards as Carmen, Neil Patrick Harris as Carl, Patrick Muldoon as Zander, Marshall Bell as General Owen, Amy Smart as Lt. Lumbreiser, Bruce Gray as Sky Marshal Dienes, Casper Van Dien as Johnny, Denise Richards as Young kid dressed up as a soldier, Brenda Strong as Captain Deladier, and Denise Dowse as Sky Marshal Tehat Meru.

Starship Troopers (film) Quotes

Michael Ironside as Jean Rasczak

  • (Michael Ironside) "This is for all you new people. I have only one rule. Everybody fights, no one quits. If you don't do your job, I'll kill you myself. Welcome to the Roughnecks."
  • (Michael Ironside) "All right, let's sum up. This year we explored the failure of democracy. How our social scientists brought our world to the brink of chaos. We talked about the veterans, how they took control and established the stability that has lasted for generations since. You know these facts, but have I taught you anything of value this year?"
  • (Michael Ironside) "You. Why are only citizens allowed to vote?"
  • (Student) "It's a reward. Something the federation gives you for doing federal service."
  • (Michael Ironside) "No. Something given has no value. When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you're using force. And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived."
  • (Michael Ironside) "I expect the best and I give the best. Here's the beer. Here's the entertainment. Now have fun. That's an order."
  • (Michael Ironside) "I need a corporal. You're it, until you're dead or I find someone better."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Rico; you once asked me for advice, want some now?"
  • (Johnny Rico) "Yes, sir."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Never pass up a good thing."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Warm it up, everything you've got. C'mon you apes, you wanna live forever?"
  • (Michael Ironside) "They sucked his brains out."
  • (Michael Ironside) "You got 10 minutes to get ready and go."
  • (Johnny Rico) "Yes sir."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Whos's in there with you?"
  • (Dina Meyer) "Flores, sir."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Make it 20."
  • (Johnny Rico) "We can do it."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Come on you apes. You want to live forever?"
  • (Michael Ironside) "Rico. What is the moral difference, if any, between a civilian and a citizen?"
  • (Johnny Rico) "A citizen accepts personal responsibility for the safety and the body politic defending it with his life. A civilian does not."
  • (Michael Ironside) "The exact words of the textbook. But do you understand it? Do you believe it?"
  • (Johnny Rico) "I don't know."
  • (Michael Ironside) "No, of course you don't. I doubt anyone here would recognize civic virtue even if it reached up and bit you in the ass."

Denise Richards as Carmen

  • (Denise Richards) "Johnny, wait --"
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "Forget it, Ensign. He's mobile infantry. When you're paid to kill it doesn't pay to be polite."
  • (Johnny Rico) "You got something to say about mobile infantry?"
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "You heard me. You want to make something of it -- private?"
  • (Johnny Rico) "No, sir, not with an officer. The M.I. doesn't mint stupid troopers."
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "Then let's disregard rank."
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "Everybody hear that? Rank is not an issue here."
  • (Denise Richards) "Zander, please, don't do this."
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "Come on, what's he gonna do?"
  • (Denise Richards) "Johnny, uh, you remember Zander, don't you?"
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "From the game today."
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "No hard feelings?"
  • (Johnny Rico) "None at all. We won."
  • (Newsreel announcer) "Young people from all over the globe are joining up to fight for the future."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm doing my part."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm doing my part."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm doing my part."
  • (Denise Richards) "I'm doing my part too."
  • (Newsreel announcer) "They're doing their part. Are you? Join the Mobile Infantry and save the world. Service guarantees citizenship."
  • (Denise Richards) "Incoming plasma energy bolts from the planet's surface, ma'am."
  • (Brenda Strong) "Bug batteries. According to Military Intelligence, it will be random and light. Drop status?"
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "Troop drop status is 35% complete, ma'am."
  • (Brenda Strong) "Steady as she goes, Number Two."

Denise Dowse as Sky Marshal Tehat Meru

  • (Newsreel announcer) "Crisis for humankind. Fleet officials admit they underestimated the Arachnids' defensive capability."
  • (Newsreel announcer) "Accepting responsibility for Klendathu, Sky Marshal Dienes resigns. His successor, Sky Marshal Tehat Maru, outlines her new strategy."
  • (Denise Dowse) "To fight the bug, we must understand the bug. We can ill afford another Klendathu."
  • (Newsreel announcer) "Would you like to know more?"

Jake Busey as Ace Levy

  • (Jake Busey) "Don't worry, you still got me to kick around."
  • (Jake Busey) "Shoot a nuke down a bug hole, you got a lot of dead bugs."
  • (Jake Busey) "Funny how they always want to be friends after they rip your guts out."
  • (Jake Busey) "Everybody needs a friend like me."
  • (Jake Busey) "Sir, I don't understand. Who needs a knife in a nuke fight anyway? All you gotta do is push a button, sir."
  • (Career Sergeant Zim) "Cease fire. Put your hand on that wall trooper. PUT YOUR HAND ON THAT WALL."
  • (Career Sergeant Zim) "The enemy can not push a button -- if you disable his hand. Medic."

Marshall Bell as General Owen

  • (Marshall Bell) "I had to evade capture. The lives of the Federation were at stake."
  • (Jake Busey) "Fire in the Hole."
  • (Marshall Bell) "I have operational knowledge of what were up to out here."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Dizzi, give me a status report."
  • (Johnny Rico) "She's working on it."
  • (Marshall Bell) "Here, they did it to Farley, they got into his mind. They made Farley call Headquarters."
  • (Johnny Rico) "The distress call was a trap."
  • (Marshall Bell) "They're just like us. They wanna know what makes us tick. They wanna know us, so they can KILL us."
  • (Michael Ironside) "This is Rasczak, prepare for attack. I repeat, prepare for attack."

Bruce Gray as Sky Marshal Dienes

  • (Bruce Gray) "We must meet this threat with our courage, our valor, indeed with our very lives to ensure that human civilization, not insect, dominates this galaxy now and always."

Patrick Muldoon as Zander

  • (Patrick Muldoon) "One day someone like me is gonna kill you and your whole f***ing race."
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "My God. How could this happen?"
  • (Denise Richards) "We thought we were smarter than the Bugs."

Dina Meyer as Dizzy

  • (Dina Meyer) "My mother always told me that violence doesn't solve anything."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Really? I wonder what the city founders of Hiroshima would have to say about that."
  • (Michael Ironside) "You."
  • (Denise Richards) "They wouldn't say anything. Hiroshima was destroyed."
  • (Michael Ironside) "Correct. Naked force has resolved more conflicts throughout history than any other factor. The contrary opinion, that violence doesn't solve anything, is wishful thinking at its worst. People who forget that always die."

Neil Patrick Harris as Carl

  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "So you haven't done it yet, have you? Don't lie."
  • (Johnny Rico) "I'm not in any hurry."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Others are waiting."
  • (Johnny Rico) "Did you read her mind?"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Don't have to. It's pretty clear what she wants."
  • (Johnny Rico) "Yeah, but I want Carmen."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Oh, you got it bad."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "We thought there might be a Brain Bug on 'P'."
  • (Denise Richards) "You knew and still you sent them?"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "We couldn't afford to launch an operation if there wasn't one."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "You disapprove? Well, too bad. We're in this war for the species, boys and girls. It's simple numbers. They have more. And every day I have to make decisions that send hundreds of people like you to their deaths."
  • (Johnny Rico) "Didn't they tell you, Colonel? That's what the Mobile Infantry is good for."
  • (Newsreel announcer) "Every day, Federal scientists are looking for new ways to kill bugs."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Your basic Arachnid warrior isn't too smart, but you can blow off a limb,"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "and it's still 86 percent combat effective. Here's a tip: Aim for the nerve stem, and put it down for good."

Amy Smart as Lt. Lumbreiser

  • (Newsreel announcer) "We have the ships. We have the weapons. We need soldiers. Soldiers like Lieutenant Stack Lumbreiser --"
  • (Amy Smart) "Over the target area now, Captain."
  • (Newsreel announcer) "-- and Captain Carmen Ibanez."
  • (Denise Richards) "This is the captain speaking. All personnel prepare for drop."
  • (Newsreel announcer) "Soldiers like Private Ace Levy and Lieutenant John Rico."
  • (Johnny Rico) "Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?"
  • (Newsreel announcer) "We need you all. Service guarantees citizenship."

Brenda Strong as Captain Deladier

  • (Brenda Strong) "This isn't random or light. Someone made a mistake."
  • (Patrick Muldoon) "That's it. Drop status is 100%. We're empty, ma'am."
  • (Brenda Strong) "Someone made a BIG god**** mistake. Break for high orbit. Evasive action, now."

Casper Van Dien as Johnny

  • (Casper Van Dien) "M.I. does the dying. Fleet just does the flying."

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