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State and Main Quotes

State and Main is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . State and Main stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sarah Green (film producer) as producer, Theodore Shapiro (composer) in charge of musical score, and Oliver Stapleton as head of cinematography.

State and Main is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of State and Main is 105 min. long. State and Main is distributed by Fine Line Features.

The cast includes: Philip Seymour Hoffman as Joseph Turner White, Lionel Mark Smith as Bill Smith, William H. Macy as Walt Price, Alec Baldwin as Bob Barrenger, Michael Higgins as Doc Wilson, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Joe White, David Paymer as Marty Rossen, Charles Durning as Mayor George Bailey, Sarah Jessica Parker as Claire Wellesley, Clark Gregg as Doug Mackenzie, Ricky Jay as Jack, and Patti LuPone as Sherry Bailey.

State and Main Quotes

Michael Higgins as Doc Wilson

  • (Unnamed) "Doc, those pills you gave me; I'm not sure that they work."
  • (Michael Higgins) "Well I'm not sure either, but you don't hear me complain."
  • (Michael Higgins) "It's the truth that you should never trust anybody who wears a bow tie. Cravat's supposed to point down to accentuate the genitals. Why'd you wanna trust somebody whose tie points out to accentuate his ears?"

William H. Macy as Walt Price

  • (William H. Macy) "What's in the bag?"
  • (David Paymer) "My undies, cause, you can't get this film off on time I'm gonna wet myself."
  • (William H. Macy) "Hey, did you see the grosses for Gandhi 2?"
  • (Tommy Max) "My wife is going to have a baby."
  • (William H. Macy) "Oh, good, let's bring more people into this overcrowded world."
  • (William H. Macy) "Who designed these costumes? It looks like Edith Head puked, and that puke designed these costumes."
  • (William H. Macy) "Would you like a cigar?"
  • (Charles Durning) "Aren't these illegal?"
  • (William H. Macy) "Why would they be illegal?"
  • (Charles Durning) "Well, the trade embargo with Cuba."
  • (William H. Macy) "Nobody tells me anything."
  • (Tommy Max) "I'm very sorry, I --"
  • (William H. Macy) "You're very sorry, you passive-aggressive, son-of-a-bitch -- Can we replace him?"
  • (Lionel Mark Smith) "We start shooting in three days."
  • (William H. Macy) "And we're going to sue you for a billion dollars."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "What cause?"
  • (William H. Macy) "I don't need a cause, I just need a lawyer."
  • (Unnamed) "Your wife's on the phone."
  • (William H. Macy) "I have no wife."
  • (William H. Macy) "Marty, we got a new town. It's uh -- Where are we?"
  • (Lionel Mark Smith) "Waterford, Vermont."
  • (William H. Macy) "Waterford, Vermont. Where is it? THAT'S where it is."
  • (William H. Macy) "What does he like?"
  • (Lionel Mark Smith) "14-year-old girls."
  • (William H. Macy) "Well, get him something else. We want to get out of this town alive. Get him half a 28-year-old girl. How's my math?"
  • (William H. Macy) "And I was just paying off my spread in Montana."
  • (William H. Macy) "What does that woman WANT from life?"
  • (David Paymer) "She wants $800,000 to show her tits."
  • (William H. Macy) "This is what my people died for -- the right to make a movie in this town."
  • (William H. Macy) "It's not a lie. It's a gift for fiction."

Clark Gregg as Doug Mackenzie

  • (Clark Gregg) "You travel with the statutes on rape?"
  • (Clark Gregg) "You have a date, they call, you're doing business nine at o'clock at night."
  • (Ann Black) "I wasn't doing business."
  • (Clark Gregg) "Oh, well what were you doing then that was so important that you shouldn't call your fianc --"
  • (Ann Black) "I -- have to tell you that it is all over between us, Doug. I met somebody else, and it's very serious, and it's over."
  • (Clark Gregg) "Wait, so serious you couldn't call me and tell you'd be -- what?"

Patti LuPone as Sherry Bailey

  • (Patti LuPone) "The life was a sweet, old-fashioned dream and the memory lingers yet. / And I think of our hour by the old mill stream and I find that I'm still wet --"

David Paymer as Marty Rossen

  • (David Paymer) "If your memory was as long as your dick, you'd be in good shape."
  • (David Paymer) "Mm, this is good. Have you tried it?"
  • (William H. Macy) "Oh, like I'm really going to eat carbohydrates."
  • (David Paymer) "And how are you getting along with these fine people?"
  • (William H. Macy) "Like dykes and dogs."
  • (David Paymer) "Well, I'm gonna solve it here or this bimbo you sent me is gonna be doing a donkey act on public access television. Her tits her tits her tits her tits. That she signed in her contract. We hired her because of 10 years at the Actors Studio, the way she played Medea? Her last 2 pictures lay there on the screen like my first wife."
  • (David Paymer) "Get him some -- Maple syrup."
  • (William H. Macy) "Maple syrup. Grows on trees."
  • (David Paymer) "Actually, it's an extract of the tree."
  • (William H. Macy) "Oh, bulls***."
  • (David Paymer) "I'm going to rip your heart out, then I'm going to piss on your lungs through the hole in your chest. And the best to Marian --"

Ricky Jay as Jack

  • (Ricky Jay) "She said she was studying phonics."

Alec Baldwin as Bob Barrenger

  • (Alec Baldwin) "So, that happened."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Only second chance I know, is the chance to make the same mistake twice."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Beats workin'."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Everybody needs a hobby."

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Joe White

  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "What's an associate producer credit?"
  • (Lionel Mark Smith) "It's what you give to your secretary instead of a raise."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "How do I do a film called "The Old Mill" when I don't have an old mill?"
  • (Ann Black) "Well, first you've got to change the title."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "The girl was in the car."
  • (William H. Macy) "I treated you like a son or a nephew."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "It's not about you."
  • (William H. Macy) "No? What's it about, then?"
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "I have to tell the truth."
  • (William H. Macy) "That, that is just so narrow."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "You believe that?"
  • (Ann Black) "I do if you do."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "But it's absurd."
  • (Ann Black) "So is our electoral process. But we still vote."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "You like kids?"
  • (Ann Black) "Never saw the point of 'em."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "Me neither."
  • (Ann Black) ""If you were never down, how would you know when you were up?""
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "You have a gift for words."
  • (Ann Black) "It's in your play."
  • (Ann Black) "And here's some hydrogen peroxide."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "I don't drink."
  • (Ann Black) "It's for your finger."

Sarah Jessica Parker as Claire Wellesley

  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "I'm not a child. I have feelings."

Lionel Mark Smith as Bill Smith

  • (Lionel Mark Smith) "It's Marty, he's on the coast."
  • (William H. Macy) "On the coast? Of course he's on the coast, where would he be, The Hague?"

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