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Stay Away, Joe Quotes

Stay Away, Joe is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Stay Away, Joe stopped airing in 1970.

It features Douglas Laurence as producer, Jack Marshall (composer) in charge of musical score, and Fred J. Koenekamp as head of cinematography.

Stay Away, Joe is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Stay Away, Joe is 102 minutes long. Stay Away, Joe is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Elvis Presley as Joe Lightcloud, Burgess Meredith as Charlie Lightcloud, Thomas Gomez as Grandpa, Katy Jurado as Annie Lightcloud, Elvis Presley as Mary Lightcloud, Joan Blondell as Glenda Callahan, Quentin Dean as Mamie Callahan, Henry Jones as Hy Slager, and L.Q. Jones as Bronc Hoverty.

Stay Away, Joe Quotes

Elvis Presley as Joe Lightcloud

  • (Elvis Presley) "Annie, what's eatin' you?"
  • (Katy Jurado) "You remember the cow you ate last night? It was da bull."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You mean, Bronc was so stoned he couldn't tell the difference?"
  • (Katy Jurado) "That's right."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You know what you are? You're a phony. That's what you are. You're like to feel sorry for yourself."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Joe, don't lecture me."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Well, not me. If I goof I'm not gonna sit around and lick my wounds like some old hound dog, I'm gonna get out and do something about it; and fast."
  • (Frank Hawk) "What's he doin' to her?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "If a guy did that without music, they'd throw him in jail."
  • (Frank Hawk) "That no good son of an Apache."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Look, honey, you just don't up and get married like that. You got to plan these things. You know what I mean? You got to get to know each other better."
  • (Quentin Dean) "Oh. You mean like this."
  • (Elvis Presley) "When two lips are ripe for the pickin', Who crops up, Stay away, Joe; Love 'em, Leave 'em, Screamin' and kickin', Hey; ho; giddy-up; Hey, look at him go. Stay away, Joe, they call me, Stay away, Joe, oh yeah, But if you need me, call me, a-hoop and a-holler and I'll be there; Hey."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Look, I been thinkin' about you and me."
  • (Joan Blondell) "Yeah, I know how you was thinkin'."
  • (Elvis Presley) "No, Mamie's nice, but, she's just a baby. I like a woman with; maturity."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Let me buy you a beer."
  • (Deputy Sheriff Hank Matson) "I'm on duty for another ten minutes."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Well, look, I'll tell you what, when you get off duty, come out to Glenda Callahan's and I'll buy you all the brew in the house."
  • (Deputy Sheriff Hank Matson) "I'll see you there, Redskin."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Man, that's what I call one helluva fight."
  • (Elvis Presley) "What would you say if I were to get you a big, strong blue ribbon stud that weighs about 780 pounds?"
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Why I'd say that's a lot of bull."
  • (Katy Jurado) "So would I."
  • (Elvis Presley) "What's happened now?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Why don't you find out, while I rescue a certain white man from being scalped by wild Indians; female Indians."
  • (Elvis Presley) "She can chew on my mocassin anytime."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I wouldn't want to ruin your reputation."
  • (Joan Blondell) "Don't worry about that."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Come on, Lorne, let's go meet the rest of the tribe."

Joan Blondell as Glenda Callahan

  • (Joan Blondell) "Up jumped the devil."
  • (Joan Blondell) "Baby, dear, don't you wanna be good?"
  • (Quentin Dean) "How am I gonna be good if I never get any practice?"

Thomas Gomez as Grandpa

  • (Thomas Gomez) "We invite friends to celebrate our great good fortune, and this half-bread, scorpion squaw will not feed them."
  • (Thomas Gomez) "Demon squaw. Shame tribe of Lightcloud."
  • (Thomas Gomez) "Tongue of viper, should strip you naked, paint you red, horse drag you 'cross river."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Not now, Grandpa."
  • (Thomas Gomez) "And don't call me Grandpa. Scorpion squaw should work more, talk less."
  • (Katy Jurado) "Watch out, old man."
  • (Thomas Gomez) "In old days when we have whoop-up, we have whoop-up. When friends come to my father's tepee, they get buffalo. Big, fat buffalo."

Katy Jurado as Annie Lightcloud

  • (Katy Jurado) "Oh, Carlos, Carlos, did you fill the water tank on the toilet?"
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Three buckets full. She can flush all day."

Burgess Meredith as Charlie Lightcloud

  • (Burgess Meredith) "An Indian can be fine, hardworking American citizen and not a lazy bum; like some white men think."

Henry Jones as Hy Slager

  • (Henry Jones) "I have a terrible feeling before this things over I'm going to be feeling terrible."

L.Q. Jones as Bronc Hoverty

  • (L.Q. Jones) "I got the bull."
  • (Thomas Gomez) "You stole him, huh?"
  • (Thomas Gomez) "Just like old days."

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