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Step Up (film) Quotes

Step Up (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Step Up stopped airing in 1970.

It features Erik Feig, Jennifer Gibgot, Adam Shankman, and Patrick Wachsberger as producer, Aaron Zigman in charge of musical score, and Michael Seresin as head of cinematography.

Step Up (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Step Up (film) is 103 minutes long. Step Up (film) is distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

The cast includes: Channing Tatum as Tyler Gage, Jenna Dewan as Nora, Alyson Stoner as Camille, Mario as Miles Darby, Drew Sidora as Lucy Avila, Damaine Radcliff as Mac Carter, De'Shawn Washington as Skinny Carter, Rachel Griffiths as Director Gordon, and Josh Henderson as Brett Dolan.

Step Up (film) Quotes

Alyson Stoner as Camille

  • (Alyson Stoner) "Guess what she bought for us. Cap'n Crunch. Peanut Butter Cap'n Cunch. I told you she liked us."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Let me get a bite of that?"
  • (Alyson Stoner) "Okay. One bite, just one bite."
  • (Alyson Stoner) "That's the biggest bite I've ever seen. Come on. Give it back."
  • (Alyson Stoner) "Get your own. I spit on that spoon."
  • (Alyson Stoner) "Oh yeah, now you give it back."
  • (Alyson Stoner) "Are you going to jail?"
  • (Channing Tatum) "No, I'm not going to jail, but they will have to take me to jail if you don't start knocking. Get outta here."

Channing Tatum as Tyler Gage

  • (Channing Tatum) "Figaro. Figaro. Figaaaro."
  • (Channing Tatum) "What? I'm not late"
  • (Jenna Dewan) "You're not dress either. You can change at the back"
  • (Channing Tatum) "I can change here."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "I told you to bring tights"
  • (Channing Tatum) "Do I look like I own tights?"
  • (Jenna Dewan) "Shoes?"
  • (Channing Tatum) "I move better with them"
  • (Channing Tatum) "Is is this where you kill me?"

Damaine Radcliff as Mac Carter

  • (Damaine Radcliff) "Man, what is this?"
  • (Channing Tatum) "It's part of my community service"
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "You feel like because you're a white boy you gotta overcompensate or something?"
  • (Channing Tatum) "Wow, like wow, you got me figured out, Montel"
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "Yeah, well you're the one going Jerry Springer all the time"
  • (De'Shawn Washington) "Hey, if you're Montel and you're Jerry, then I'm like --"
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "Jenny Jones"
  • (Channing Tatum) "No, like Ellen"
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "Except Ellen gets more chicks than he does."
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "I swear to God- you must have all the recessive genes in the family."

Drew Sidora as Lucy Avila

  • (Drew Sidora) "He's sophisticated,a real man."
  • (Mario) "Sophisticated? A real man? Yeah, his butt is gonna be surrounded by sophisticated in jail. How long you had your license? 6months? 7?"
  • (Drew Sidora) "I am very mature for my age. Thank You."
  • (Mario) "Oh yeah, that's great. That's so perfect for the witness stand."

De'Shawn Washington as Skinny Carter

  • (De'Shawn Washington) "Man, I was droppin' dimes today."
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "Man, you tripped over your own shoes."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Twice actually, but you rolled outta the second one pretty nice, you played it off pretty cool."
  • (De'Shawn Washington) "So, can I still come to the party?"
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "Skinny. Hey come on."
  • (De'Shawn Washington) "Man, he ain't sayin' nothin' bout me. He said y'all couldn't go to the party. He didn't say nothin' bout Skinny. Nothing."
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "Will you shut up?"
  • (De'Shawn Washington) "Yo lemme do it this time."
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "Skin, you the look out."
  • (De'Shawn Washington) "But why can't I do it this time?"
  • (Channing Tatum) "Can you do it?"
  • (De'Shawn Washington) "Yeah."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Let him do it then."
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "You know what? Here you go tough guy."
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "See that one right there. Go get it."
  • (Channing Tatum) "That car's got an alarm on it."
  • (Damaine Radcliff) "I know."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Dude, I told you that alarm was gonna go off."
  • (De'Shawn Washington) "Wait a minute. Y'all set me up?"
  • (Channing Tatum) "You shoulda saw your face."

Jenna Dewan as Nora

  • (Jenna Dewan) "You know what this means, right?"
  • (Channing Tatum) "No, what's it mean?"
  • (Jenna Dewan) "You're gonna have to get some tights."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Done."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "OK, um, I get it. You're not gonna use me to get out of cleaning the windows, even if you were capable of dancing."
  • (Channing Tatum) "I'm not trying to get out of anything. And I know you saw me the other day."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "Thank you, but, umm, I can find someone else."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Aight. I was just trying to help."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "Okay, wait."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "Catch me."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Now what?"
  • (Jenna Dewan) "Um put me down."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "I found a rehearsal partner. So now I won't miss a beat when Andrew gets back."
  • (Nora's Mom) "Your applications arrived from Cornell and Brown. I put them on your bed. Remember our deal, Nora. If you don't get a job from the showcase you go to school in the fall."

Mario as Miles Darby

  • (Mario) "Man I bet you've been moping around too."
  • (Channing Tatum) "She's been moping?"
  • (Mario) "I'm not saying anything"
  • (Channing Tatum) "Come on man. Tell me, have you seen a tear?"
  • (Mario) "Look, I can play it alright. I just prefer playin' wit myself."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Woa, what?"
  • (Drew Sidora) "He makes it too easy."
  • (Mario) "No, not playin' wit myself. Just listen."
  • (Mario) "If you wanna be with someone who doesn't appreciate what a good thing he's got that's 100% your business. I just thought you'd be smart enough to know you deserve better."

Josh Henderson as Brett Dolan

  • (Josh Henderson) "This isn't about me or Miles, Nora. It's about Tyler"
  • (Jenna Dewan) "No, Brett, It's about me"
  • (Josh Henderson) "When someone hands you your dreams, you take it, you don't ask questions."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "I would."
  • (Josh Henderson) "You think you would."

Rachel Griffiths as Director Gordon

  • (Rachel Griffiths) "And you say that he can dance?"
  • (Jenna Dewan) "He's adequate."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Adequate?"
  • (Rachel Griffiths) "See. That's my concern. He's not taking this seriously."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Look, I'm sorry. It's just y'all are talking about dancing like it's rocket science or something."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "It's just for a couple of weeks. Until Andrew gets better."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Yeah."
  • (Rachel Griffiths) "This would be your risk Nora. It's your Senior piece."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "I know."
  • (Rachel Griffiths) "Well, don't make me regret my decision."
  • (Jenna Dewan) "2:30 tomorrow. Bring your tights."
  • (Channing Tatum) "Tights? Wait. What?"

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