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Stop-Loss (Dollhouse) Quotes

Stop-Loss (Dollhouse) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Stop-Loss ended in 1970.

Stop-Loss (Dollhouse) Quotes

  • (Adelle DeWitt) "Just make sure this doesn't happent with any other actives. We can't have clients being rejected by dolls who are programmed to love them."
  • (Topher Brink) "Yeah, we're lucky this happened to you."
  • (Adelle DeWitt) "If anyone finds out about this, you won't be so lucky."
  • (Anthony Ceccoli) "There are two soldiers. A-Team formation. XM8 Assault rifles. MK23s and some flash grenades. They're about to make an offensive move. I'm Anthony by the way. You can call me "Tony.""
  • (Priya Tsetsang) "Priya."
  • (Anthony Ceccoli) "Nice to meet you."
  • (Adelle DeWitt) "Do you think anything goes on in my house wihout my knowledge?"
  • (Echo) "I don't know. It seems like a lot went down without you knowing."
  • (Adelle DeWitt) "Yes. While I'm not surprised that Paul -- and Boyd managed to keep your secret. But Topher ? He can barely keep his belch to himself."
  • (Victor) "I don't believe for a second you'd ever stoop to the level of those pathetic souls who have to hire your programmable love dolls to get what they need."
  • (Echo) "I needed him. I thought he could help me get everyone out."
  • (Sierra) "I'm sad too. But not for us. For him. He's not ready to be by himself."
  • (Ivy) "This wasn't on schedule."
  • (Echo) "Load me up. We're going to war."
  • (Boyd Langton) "We may not have agreed in the past. But at least we put this house and the actives first. What happened to that woman?"
  • (Adelle DeWitt) "She's standing in front of you."
  • (Boyd Langton) "No she's not. If you don't find her soon, you're going to lose control of this house. And I'll the one knocking down the door."
  • (Adelle DeWitt) "I hope it doesn't come down to that Mr. Langton."
  • (Ivy) "Why didn't you let me in on this earlier?"
  • (Topher Brink) "You were on a need-to-know basis."
  • (Ivy) "Need-to-know or need-to-fetch?"
  • (Echo) "Everything's slipping away from me. Before it was memories. But I figured out how to hold on to them. And now that I have something real; people I care about; they're slipping away from me too."
  • (Echo) "Don't piss off a blind girl."
  • (Topher Brink) "What did I just tell you?"
  • (Victor) "5 years would seem like -- 5 seconds."
  • (Topher Brink) "Welcome to the future. Where cars fly, robots server our every whim, and genetically engineered dinosaurs rule the Earth."
  • (Ivy) "It's pretty much the same as when you left."
  • (Victor) "The war; is it?"
  • (Topher Brink) "Still going."
  • (Echo) "Ready to process the room? You want FBI, private investigator or should I surprise you?"
  • (Boyd Langton) "So how exactly does this work? You accessing other personalities."
  • (Echo) "I used to have to make an effort to switch between imprints. But now I can slip back and forth without even thinking."
  • (Boyd Langton) "Who am I talking to now?"
  • (Echo) "Echo. You're always talking to Echo. Though Roma Klar, and Elenor Penn are duking it out over who gets to help me figure this one out."
  • (Boyd Langton) "I'll take all the help I can get."

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