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Street Girl Quotes

Street Girl is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Street Girl stopped airing in 1970.

It features A Wesley Ruggles Production as producer, Musical numbers by Oscar Levant and Sidney Clare in charge of musical score, and Leo Tover as head of cinematography.

Street Girl is distributed by RKO Distributing Corp'n..

The cast includes: Betty Compson as Frederika Joyzelle, John Harron as Mike Fall, Ned Sparks as Happy Winter, Jack Oakie as Joe Spring, and Guy Buccola as Pete Summer.

Street Girl Quotes

Ned Sparks as Happy Winter

  • (Ned Sparks) "Only 3 million dames in New York and he picked one without a home."
  • (Ned Sparks) "Just the same, I wish old beetle-puss was here."

Guy Buccola as Pete Summer

  • (Guy Buccola) "Let's a go. We got to rehearse a that girl today."
  • (Jack Oakie) "She'll need more than a rehearsal from what I saw yesterday."
  • (John Harron) "What's the matter? She's pretty enough. Can she deliver?"
  • (Jack Oakie) "She's pretty enough. She's got everything that will draw 'em in. But --"
  • (Betty Compson) "Who this girl you put in act?"
  • (John Harron) "We're trying a girl down at the Beef-n-Bean, Freddie. She's got a figure that can take 'em off and how."
  • (Betty Compson) "Who this girl with figure that can take them off and how? You put her in act?"
  • (John Harron) "Yeah, beginning next week."
  • (Betty Compson) "To why you put her in act?"
  • (Ned Sparks) "Cause the Manager wants a skirt in the band."

Jack Oakie as Joe Spring

  • (Jack Oakie) "Guinea, you're beginning to get hurt. Here I got to tie your tie and run your bath water and button up your little panties. Hmm, it's about time you call me mother. And look at that hat. What are you made up for, a cab driver? Give it to me. Now, watch me. Class."
  • (Guy Buccola) "You look like a monkey."
  • (Jack Oakie) "Well, seeing as you met my two boyfriends here, Summer and Winter, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Joe Spring. The star of this band. And that slug on your left, there, being too ignorant to introduce himself, I'd just like to tell you that that's Mike Fall, the original fall guy."
  • (Betty Compson) "Oh, I know you boys. You are the Four Seasons."

John Harron as Mike Fall

  • (John Harron) "Freddie, you're a marvel. And we certainly appreciate what you've done."
  • (Betty Compson) "Well, but, Mike look what you boys do for me. Where I would be if you not let me stay here last night."
  • (John Harron) "Oh, you'd have been alright. Anybody would grab the chance to help you over a tough spot."
  • (Betty Compson) "But, you do help me. And I'm very grateful, Mike."
  • (John Harron) "Oh, but I don't want you to be grateful, Freddie. I want you to like me."
  • (Betty Compson) "Oh, but I do like you."
  • (John Harron) "That isn't enough. I want you to get all hot and bothered over me. Don't you think you could?"
  • (Betty Compson) "I don't know. Maybe, I might."
  • (John Harron) "Oh, come on honey, will you?"
  • (Betty Compson) "Well, maybe. I try. And when I succeed, I let you know."
  • (John Harron) "Well, Freddie, it's all fixed. You're to stay for two weeks, anyway, if you want to."
  • (Betty Compson) "Oh, you dear boys. You never be sorry. I work so hard for you."
  • (Jack Oakie) "Yessir, I'm going to give you a half a dollar if you darn my socks."
  • (Betty Compson) "I darn. I darn all of you. I darn everybodies socks."

Betty Compson as Frederika Joyzelle

  • (Betty Compson) "Well, to tell the truth, I have nothing to eat for two days."
  • (John Harron) "Now, you wouldn't kid me about that, would you?"
  • (Betty Compson) "I telling you, if I ever see some food again I don't know what I'd do."
  • (John Harron) "Now, now, wait. Alright, if you're on the level about this, I've got enough food here to feed the starving Chinese."
  • (Keppel - Cafe Owner) "Ha-ha, you're in the act. Well, what can you do?"
  • (Betty Compson) "What I can do? I show you what I can do. I play the violin for the people, in-and-out of the tables. Real Viennese music. Like we have in Aregon. Hey, Mr. Keppel?"
  • (Keppel - Cafe Owner) "Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya."
  • (Betty Compson) "I telling you. We make the place up-to-date, with jazz and art music too."
  • (Betty Compson) "Ha-ha-ha. Oh, boys, I'm so sorry to keep you wait. But, it take me two hours to get dressed. And in nothing at all."
  • (John Harron) "Oh, please. Gee, Freddie, you look gorgeous."
  • (Betty Compson) "Yes, I think so too. You boys like?"

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