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Strike Force (Gotham) Quotes

Strike Force (Gotham) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Strike Force ended its run in 1970.

Strike Force (Gotham) Quotes

  • (Dr. Leslie Thompkins) "Thompkins."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "Good morning, Dr. Thompkins. Captain Barnes, GCPD."
  • (Dr. Leslie Thompkins) "Captain Barnes. Hi."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "I hear great things about you, Doc. Get ready to get real busy. We're gonna be sending you a whole lot of dead bad guys."
  • (Dr. Leslie Thompkins) "Oh, uh, okay-okay."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "Did you find her?"
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "A wise cop once said, if you catch a kid smashing a window, even a small one, bust him. You let it slide, and he'll smash another one. Then he'll tag a wall, steal a bike, rob a store, maybe hold someone up. Crime unpunished is a crime itself. This city is bleeding to death from the amount of free passes we hand out. Time to put a tourniquet over that wound. From now on -- no one gets a free pass. What is the Strike Force for? To send a message that this epidemic of lawlessness will no longer be treated but extinguished. With extreme prejudice. Gentleman, lady, your new uniforms."
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "Now, I clocked Wayne Manor at exactly six and a half miles. It should take 90 minutes to two hours, depending on how many times you stop, of course. Now, you said you wanted to train. To prepare. Well, this is it."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Wait, you -- you expect me to-to walk?"
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "No, Master Bruce. I expect you to run."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "My name is Nathaniel Barnes. Captain Nathaniel Barnes. That's right. I'm your new boss. Ten-hut."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "You. Clean that up."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "You know when this place was built? Over 100 years ago. Can you imagine how many Perps have been booked in here since that time? All the murderers, rapists, thieves have been locked up? They don't make 'em like this anymore; strong, sturdy. And yet -- just days ago, an escaped convict just strolls in here, into our house; our house, and murders your commissioner and nine of your fellow comrades. I wasn't even here and I'm ashamed. Are you all ashamed? I hope so. Anyone that's here that's not ashamed and angry, should resign. Right now. Huh. Some of you are lying to yourselves. I've got your files here. I've read them all. Step forward if you hear your name called."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "Pollard. Guthrie. Coulson. Dowler. Brooks. Perez. Hightower. You aren't ashamed. You have no shame. You're not police, you're low-life criminals. Bribery, drug abuse, extortion, racketeering -- sons of bitches. You're all fired. Drop off your badges and your guns with the desk sergeant on your way out."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Miss Kringle, ever since I first laid eyes on you I felt this deep connection. Perhaps you've felt it too? Ugh. How cheesey. Miss Kringle, you've perhaps felt my affections from afar. Afar? Really? Oh, god. Miss Kringle --"
  • (Edward Nygma) "Be quiet. I don't need your opinion."
  • (Edward Nygma) "What you need is to stop mumbling and fumbling and tell her what's up."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Well, she's been bullied and taken for granted for too long. And I want her to --"
  • (Edward Nygma) "You saved her life. For God's sake. She owes you. Take what you deserve."
  • (Edward Nygma) "I talk -- to myself. It's crazy, I know. I just, I have this, um -- I have this voice inside my head, a sort of stronger version of me, that keeps this me in line, because I'm such a klutz."
  • (Kristen Kringle) "I can understand that. I think that we all have a voice like that."
  • (Edward Nygma) "You think?"
  • (Kristen Kringle) "What was your inner voice saying?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "He was mad at me for spoiling the mood."
  • (Kristen Kringle) "Um-hmm. It was -- it was a really nice mood. But my inner voice is telling me that I think maybe we can get back there."
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "Are you waiting for someone?"
  • (Selina Kyle) "No. That's your job."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "Oldest in your class. Not the strongest or the fastest or even the most academically gifted either, and yet -- you finished at the top of your class. Now how did you do that? I'll tell you how. You were a soldier. You saw combat while your classmates were still playing with themselves in their parents' basement. You got blood in your face."
  • (James Gordon) "You could say that."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "You're a warrior, Jim. So am I. But you can't carry on the way you've been, going after everyone on your own. You need help that you can rely on."
  • (James Gordon) "With all due respect, sir --"
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "What if their were a team of young cops who haven't been bought yet? Not jaded, not corrupted. Still filled with hope and faith in the system."
  • (James Gordon) "Cadets?"
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "This is the greatest academy in the country. Graduation is next week. We could grab a group of their finest before some precinct kills their spirit. Wouldn't hurt to look into it, right?"
  • (Theo Galavan) "Here's the rub: in order to rebuild, I first need to destroy, but I can't do that. I mean, watch the news, I'm a hero. But you have a certain flare for such a task. You, Penguin -- you will be my destroyer."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "Truly, I'm flattered. Thank you so much for thinking of me, but -- my dear sir, you have me all wrong. I have no flair for destruction. I'm a builder, a problem solver. Besides, such a huge project would need the support of hundred of city officials."
  • (Theo Galavan) "Yes, only the highest authority could see it through correctly. Say, a Mayor with a landslide mandate."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "But you're not a candidate."
  • (Theo Galavan) "Or I will be. By popular demand. Alas, some of my fellow candidates actually stand a chance at winning. So they'll have to go."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "Go?"
  • (Theo Galavan) "And I'm gonna need you to take a crack at me also. And miss, of course. Don't want anyone to think -- I had anything to do with my fellow candidates' demise."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "That's smart thinking. However, will all due respect, Mr. Galavan, I'm not your man. You need an assassin. This is Gotham, you can find them in the phone book. Under 'A'."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "I've read all your files. Army, Academy, GCPD. You're a troublemaker. A fighter. Is that an accurate assessment."
  • (James Gordon) "Yes, sir."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "Good. You're my second in command. Starting now, Jim, we're gonna fix this department and bring respect for law and order back to this city."
  • (James Gordon) "Yes, sir. We're, uh -- kind of shorthanded."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "What, you think I cut too deep?"
  • (James Gordon) "You could have thrown out 20 more guys and not hit bottom. Fixing this department's gonna be tough. Maybe tougher than you think, sir."
  • (Captain Nathaniel Barnes) "Welcome to my unit, you sad-ass Army hump. Tough is what we eat for breakfast."
  • (James Gordon) "A jarhead, huh? Who would've guessed."
  • (James Gordon) "Sir."
  • (Tabitha Galavan) "You're not 'The King of Gotham'. You're 'The King of Garbage'."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "A year ago, I held Fish Mooney's umbrella. Now she's dead by my hand. Along with Maroni. Falcone is in hiding, and all of their businesses are mine. They all underestimated me. I suggest you not make the same mistake."
  • (Theo Galavan) "My sister is too blunt. But she is honest. The foundations of this great city were laid 200 years ago, by some very dedicated people. Now it's an old crumbling pigsty, fill of with human waste. It's time to move into the future. A clearner, brighter -- future."

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