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Suddenly, It's Spring Quotes

Suddenly, It's Spring is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Suddenly, It's Spring stopped airing in 1970.

It features Claude Binyon as producer, Victor Young in charge of musical score, and Daniel L. Fapp as head of cinematography.

Suddenly, It's Spring is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Suddenly, It's Spring is 87 minutes long. Suddenly, It's Spring is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Macdonald Carey as Jack Lindsay, Paulette Goddard as Mary Morely, Fred MacMurray as Peter Morley, Arleen Whelan as Gloria Fay, Willie Best as Reporter, and Georgia Backus as WAC Maj. Cheever.

Suddenly, It's Spring Quotes

Fred MacMurray as Peter Morley

  • (Fred MacMurray) "Victory? I'm up to my ears I victory. And what does it get me? Heartburn."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Oh, no. Mary's too smart. She'd see through that."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "You can also see through water, but people swallow it."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Violating the rules again. You're going to get caught one of these days."
  • (Porter on Train) "Yes. Thank you."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Well, she wouldn't walk out without saying a word. She wouldn't do that to me."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "She's doing it to me."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Yeah, but, her coat and purse."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "You'll take them to her. She knew that. And you know how weak a man can be?"
  • (Fred MacMurray) "We thought you were three other people."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "Naturally."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Any friend of my wife must have a friend of her own."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Why don't you go watch Rome burn?"
  • (Paulette Goddard) "I asked him to come over."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Oh, it was very pretty. Thanks very much."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Why didn't you get off?"
  • (Macdonald Carey) "I came to New York on business. If I'm willing to let your pleasure interfere, please don't kick a gift horse in the mouth."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "I wish you weren't such a good client."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Be calm everybody, it's just the house detective. If you're with your own wife, just relax."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Uh, counsellor, what does the Army do for a woman?"
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Tell me again."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "She's fallen in love with that goon you turned me into."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "That's impossible. You'd know it immediately if you'd take a good look at yourself."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Thanks for the compliment."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "It's wonderful, Jack -- to help me like this. So -- unselfish. Like a bat borrowing its blood."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "You can get off at the next stop. It's Harlem, and I hope I can too."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Something's bothering her."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "You don't know what it is?"
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Have you any idea?"
  • (Arleen Whelan) "Not the slightest -- Stay as sweet as you are."

Macdonald Carey as Jack Lindsay

  • (Macdonald Carey) "And what are you going to say to Gloria?"
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Well, I'll just tell her -- well, I won't have to tell her anything. I'll just listen."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "You'll thank me some day."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "That is a moment I hope I don't have to see."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "The career of a martyr is a thankless one."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Mr. Lindsay, just what is it you expect from me?"
  • (Macdonald Carey) "You"
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Young man, you are trying to interfere with destiny. Out. Out. Out."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Your pajamas."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Thanks. You were yelling, "Stop. Thief.""
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Why did you run out on me?"
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Do I have to explain my private life?"
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Yes. And give the ear to a client who's come all the way from Washington on important business."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Well, now, Jack. I'm in a mess and you know it. You've gotta make allowances."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "I created a monster and it bit me."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Isn't it terrible how completely women know each other?"
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Well, how we doing?"
  • (Man Retrieving Dress from Peter) "He got away, but I got your pajamas."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Thanks."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Believe me, if you're so repulsive, as I'm sure you can be --"
  • (Macdonald Carey) "She's on the verge of breaking. One more smart move'll do it."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Like what?"
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Go back into the bridal suite and ignore her."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Ignore her?"
  • (Macdonald Carey) "That's the final blow to her pride. That's the one move that will give you your freedom."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "You always sound so convincing, and you never make sense. "You can see through water, but you swallow it," you said."

Arleen Whelan as Gloria Fay

  • (Arleen Whelan) "I want nothing but the best for Peter, and now he's going to have it."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "We're getting out of here while you still have a head on your body."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "Well, when does the fur start flying?"
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Fur?"
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Fur. Miss Fay means when is somebody going to trip over his own tongue and reveal that Mr. Morely is sitting between Mrs. Morely and his girlfriend."
  • (Macdonald Carey) "Touche."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "Girlfriend is quite the phrase Mrs. Morely."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Oh, I was just being sweet."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "You are a darling. I feel honored to have won your husband."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "You know, it's too bad you can't celebrate a moral victory."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Well, now that we all know each other --"
  • (Arleen Whelan) "Is she going to sign or must we sit here all evening and pick our teeth between insults?"
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Insults? I thought you two were getting along beautifully."

Willie Best as Reporter

  • (Willie Best) "Mr. Morely. What's the man's slant on hanging on to a husband?"
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Oh, that's a cinch. The way for a lady to hang onto her husband is to refuse to let him go."

Paulette Goddard as Mary Morely

  • (Paulette Goddard) "I hadn't realized how easy it was to advise people and how difficult it is to make the advice work."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Tell me, my dear, how did you ever manage to meet him?"
  • (Arleen Whelan) "Oh, a man without love isn't that difficult."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "It depends. In your case, obviously no."
  • (Arleen Whelan) "Oh, it's wonderful to meet such an understanding woman."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "A woman who won't fight to hold a good man doesn't deserve him."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Young man, you are trying to interfere with destiny. Out. Out. Out."

Georgia Backus as WAC Maj. Cheever

  • (Georgia Backus) "Captain, I don't think you should stay here."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Oh, it's all right. He was in the Pacific, you know, on a little hot rock."
  • (Georgia Backus) "Mr. Morely, I must remind you there are ladies present."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Uh, uh, major. Correction. You're soldiers, ha, ha, ha. You know, the trouble with women in uniform; they can't figure out what they are. Reminds me of the story of the gopher and the kangaroo."
  • (Georgia Backus) "Mr. Morley."
  • (Fred MacMurray) "Is there such a story?"

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