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Suddenly, Last Summer (film) Quotes

Suddenly, Last Summer (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Suddenly, Last Summer stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sam Spiegel as producer, unbulleted list, Buxton Orr, Malcolm Arnold (Themes) in charge of musical score, and Jack Hildyard as head of cinematography.

Suddenly, Last Summer (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Elizabeth Taylor as Catherine Holly, Katharine Hepburn as Mrs. Venable, Montgomery Clift as Dr. Cukrowicz, Albert Dekker as Dr. Lawrence J. Hockstader, Mercedes McCambridge as Mrs. Grace Holly, and Mavis Villiers as Miss Foxhill.

Suddenly, Last Summer (film) Quotes

Mavis Villiers as Miss Foxhill

  • (Mavis Villiers) "You're twenty three seconds early."

Katharine Hepburn as Mrs. Venable

  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Doctor, you must cut that lie out of her brain."
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "How MUCH are you willing to pay for that, Aunt Vi?"
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Sebastian said, 'Truth is the bottom of a bottomless well.'"
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "My son, Sebastian and I constructed our days. Each day we would carve each day like a piece of sculpture, leaving behind us a trail of days like a gallery of sculpture until suddenly, last summer."
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Sebastian saw the face of God."
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "She suffers from something called dementia praecox."
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Dementia praecox?"
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Which is say, she's mad as a hatter, poor child."
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Sebastian always said, 'Mother when you descend it's like the Goddess from the Machine. You look just like angel coming to earth' as I float, float into view. Sebastian, my son Sebastian was very interested in the Byzantine. Are you interested in the Byzantine Doctor?"
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Cukrowicz. I don't know very much about the Byzantine."
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "It seems that the Emperor of Byzantium; when he received people in audience; had a throne which, during the conversation, would rise mysteriously into the air to the consternation of his visitors. But as we are living in a democracy, I reverse the procedure. I don't rise, I come down."
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Oh, Sebastian, what a lovely summer it's been. Just the two of us. Sebastian and Violet. Violet and Sebastian. Just the way it's always going to be. Oh, we are lucky, my darling, to have one another and need no one else ever."

Montgomery Clift as Dr. Cukrowicz

  • (Montgomery Clift) "Insane is such a meaningless term."
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "But lobotomy has a precising meaning to it, doesn't it?"
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Bait? For what? What were the better fish?"
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "We procured for him."
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Mrs. Venable, loving your neice as you do, you must know there's great risk in this operation. Whenever you enter the brain with a foreign object --"
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Yes."
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Even a needle thin knife."
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Yes."
  • (Montgomery Clift) "In the hands of the most skilled surgeon --"
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "Yes, yes."
  • (Montgomery Clift) "There is a great deal of risk."
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "But it does pacify them, I've read that, it quiets them down. It suddenly makes them peaceful."
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Yes that that it does do, but --"
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "But what?"
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Well it will be years before we know if the immediate benefits of the operation are lasting or maybe just passing or perhaps -- there's a strong possibility that the patient will always be limited. Relieved of acute anxiety yes, but limited."
  • (Katharine Hepburn) "But what a blessing Dr. to be just peaceful. To be just suddenly peaceful. After all that horror. After those nightmares. Just to be able to lift up their eyes to a sky not black with savage devouring birds."
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Nature is not made in the image of man's compassion."

Albert Dekker as Dr. Lawrence J. Hockstader

  • (Albert Dekker) "There's every possibility that the girl's story is true."
  • (Albert Dekker) "She burnt a nun with a cigarette."
  • (Montgomery Clift) "Yes she did, I was there, I saw it, she was provoked."
  • (Albert Dekker) "Provoked? Whover would provoke a mentally disturbed person?"
  • (Montgomery Clift) "You'd be surprised."

Elizabeth Taylor as Catherine Holly

  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "She's here, Doctor. Miss Catherine's here."
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "I'd come up from the water looking naked."
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "Sebastian's garden, I can still cry."
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "Truth is the one thing I've never resisted."
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "Is that what love is? Using people? And maybe that's what hate is; not being able to use people."
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "Who was it that said we were all a bunch of kindergarteners trying to spell God's name with the wrong alphabet blocks?"
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "Yes, we all use each other and that's what we think of as love, and not being able to use each other is what's; hate --"

Mercedes McCambridge as Mrs. Grace Holly

  • (Mercedes McCambridge) "You'll be fine -- after your little operation --"
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "There's only ONE little operation performed here, Mama, it's on the brain. It's called a lobotomy. You may have heard of it, or read about it, I know I have. They bore HOLES into your skull."

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