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Sugar Rush (UK TV series) Quotes

Sugar Rush is a Romance film; dramedy that first aired in 2005 on Channel 4. Sugar Rush ended its run in 2006.

Sugar Rush was on for 20 episodes.

Each episode of Sugar Rush is 30 minutes (including adverts) long.

Sugar Rush Quotes

  • (Kim) "You came looking for me the other night. After I did what I did you still came and took me to the hospital."
  • (Saint) "I never said I was smart."
  • (Kim) "Fantasizing during my first time? I'm sure they don't tell you to do that in Cosmo-Girl."
  • (Sugar) "I bet he'll be with some stupid French bird with hairy armpits, garlic breath and giving him a crap blowjob."
  • (Kim) "There's always time for talk."
  • (Saint) "Kim, there's something else I need to tell you You hog the duvet and you snore. Your hands are cold when you --"
  • (Kim) "Then there's always time for something else."
  • (Sugar) "Don't worry, I mean it this time."
  • (Kim) "So that's how it is then? You call, I come running. You say jump, I say how high? Translating for French guys, spending my mum's credit card when you could be with someone else. Name something you've done for me. One thing. One SODDING thing."
  • (Kim) "It's amazing the things you do when you're a f***ed-up teenager. Adolescents are hormonally insane."
  • (Kim) "Dear God, please stop me perving over Sugar and help me find me a fit guy to perv over instead. Or if it turns out you're OK with the whole same-sex thing, then stop Sugar messing me about and help her find her way into my bed."
  • (Sugar) "Ugh. Now are you sure this is a proper champagne? 'Cause it is dry as f***."
  • (Kim) "It's supposed to be. It's prized for its dryness. It's an acquired taste."
  • (Sugar) "Nah, they probably got some sugar for this."
  • (Kim) "You can't put sugar in champagne."
  • (Sugar) "Excuse me, you can put a little sugar in anything."
  • (Kim) "Tonight was different. Tonight I was living the dream. I was buying my girlfriend a drink and nothing could stop me."
  • (Kim) "There's this girl, Sugar, who I like, I really like. I suppose you could say I'm obsessed, and basically if I don't shag her soon I'm going to explode, so I thought heavy narcotics might ease things on a bit."
  • (Sugar) "You have to do all the hard work yourself."
  • (Kim) "He also said that he wants to see two women kiss."
  • (Sugar) "Dirty bastard. I love him."
  • (Kim) "I was so busy telling everyone what everyone else thought I forgot to tell them both to sod off."
  • (Kim) "So I'm a 15-year-old queer virgin and my mum's a whore, and she's so scared I'll tell my dad she's trying to be my best friend."
  • (Tom) "I've had her."
  • (Tom) "And her girlfriend."
  • (Sugar) "You must have some tricks up your sleeve. How else are you going to make up for the fact that there's no cock?"
  • (Sugar) "I'm not wanting someone to sit and watch movies with. I'm looking for someone to f***."
  • (Sugar) "He gave me a multiple orgasm, I think I know him well enough."
  • (Kim) "She's not gay and I don't want to be."
  • (Kim) "You ever think about what would have happened if you haven't been taken away?"
  • (Sugar) "Sometimes."
  • (Kim) "And?"
  • (Sugar) "Kim, we have our moments together but most of the time we annoy the f*** out of each other. Saint's great for you. It simply makes sense and you know it. Besides -- It'll never top the night we did have. I'll still be thinking about that one when I'm shuffling around in my incontentenant pants, thats if I don't have alzheimer's."
  • (Kim) "We walk around pretending we're in a Disney movie when really it's a gangster porn flick."
  • (Kim) "It's the 21st Century; a 15-year-old using a toothbrush to masturbate over her best friend shouldn't be that big a deal."
  • (Sugar) "He is the first person to ever make me come."
  • (Kim) "What's the male version of a prick-tease?"
  • (Tom) "A twat-tease?"
  • (Sugar) "Dyke."
  • (Kim) "Slapper."
  • (Sugar) "Rug-muncher."
  • (Kim) "Slut."
  • (Stella) "Teenage girls are so clued up these days."
  • (Sugar) "That's because you adults are so full of s***."

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