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Susannah of the Mounties (film) Quotes

Susannah of the Mounties (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Susannah of the Mounties stopped airing in 1970.

It features Kenneth Macgowan as producer, and Arthur C. Miller as head of cinematography.

Susannah of the Mounties (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Susannah of the Mounties (film) is 79 minutes long. Susannah of the Mounties (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Randolph Scott as Inspector Angus 'Monty' Montague, Shirley Temple as Susannah Sheldon, J. Farrell MacDonald as Pat O'Hannegan, Margaret Lockwood as Vicky Standing, Lester Matthews as Harlan Chambers, Moroni Olsen as Supt. Andrew Standing, Maurice Moscovitch as Chief Big Eagle, Martin Good Rider as Little Chief, and Leyland Hodgson as Randall.

Susannah of the Mounties (film) Quotes

Margaret Lockwood as Vicky Standing

  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Maybe someday you'll teach me an Indian dance."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Unh."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Isn't he rude? These Indians certainly are a problem."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "You don't seem to have much trouble handling Little Chief."
  • (Shirley Temple) "It took time for me to understand him, though, but it was worth it."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Really?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Yes, because I expect to be here for a long time. But it wouldn't be worthwhile for you to go to all that trouble, because you're going home soon."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Am I?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Aren't you? Mr. Pat said you were, and I expect you wouldn't like it out here anyway, because it's full of --"
  • (Randolph Scott) "Sue, that's enough. Goodnight, now."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Goodnight."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Dad didn't think I should come, even for a visit."
  • (Randolph Scott) "You must find it rather rugged."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "I've been wondering --"
  • (Randolph Scott) "What?"
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Well, whatever was it that made a man like you take a job like this?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "There are times when it's rather hum-drum, but right now you're here."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "And I'm going to change things. Inspector Montague, we're going to give a dance next Wednesday night. A real one. Dress uniform and frills."
  • (Randolph Scott) "A dance?"
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "You do dance, don't you?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "Well, I; yes, yes, of course."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Splendid. Being the only woman in the vicinity, I'm bound to be popular."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Anything serious, Dad?"
  • (Lester Matthews) "Just a little Indian trouble at my camp."
  • (Moroni Olsen) "Nothing for you to worry about."
  • (Lester Matthews) "This is hardly the best time for you to have come out here, Vicky, but I can't tell you how glad I am to see you."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Don't tell me I leave you speechless, Harlan."
  • (Lester Matthews) "You always did."

J. Farrell MacDonald as Pat O'Hannegan

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Shirley Temple as Susannah Sheldon

  • (Shirley Temple) "Are you all right, sir?"
  • (Sgt. McGregor) "Aye, lassie, it's just a wee nip of me hand."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Have you seen Mr. Monty?"
  • (Sgt. McGregor) "Well, I can't say that I have."
  • (Shirley Temple) "He isn't in the hospital with the wounded men, and he isn't around the garden or the stables. I've looked everywhere."
  • (Sgt. McGregor) "Oh, dinna worry your head, lassie. Mr. Monty can take care of himself under any circumstances."
  • (Shirley Temple) "He's in love with her."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Aye, me doll, 'tis one of the delightful misfortunes that overtakes the male of the species. 'Tis me that knows."
  • (Shirley Temple) "I wish she'd go back where she came from."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Oh, you're jealous, you are."
  • (Shirley Temple) "I am not. But she couldn't take care of him the way we do. I'll bet she couldn't even make his bed. And you're not doing it right, either."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Oh, I'm not, ain't I?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "You haven't the covers up close enough for around his neck. And you should unfold his nightshirt and have it all laid out for him."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "What are you trying to do, spoil him? Here, give me that."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, Mr. Pat, and I taught him how to dance with her."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Here some more ammunition, Mr. Pat."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Thank you, doll. Now get down, get down. No, get behind me."
  • (Shirley Temple) "You're a wonderful rider."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Squaw ride?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Well, I --"
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Unh."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, you think I'm afraid, do you? Come on, help me on. Well, aren't you going to help me?"
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Brave never help squaw."
  • (Shirley Temple) "You're not very polite, are you?"
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Unh."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Mr. Monty says I'm much more grown-up than you are and I should try to understand you. So, we'll smoke the pipe of peace."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "What? Squaw smoke?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Well, I never have, but we're going to make a peace treaty, and you have to smoke on that, don't you?"
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Unh."
  • (Shirley Temple) "I guess that means yes."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, Mr. Pat, I've looked everywhere, and no one seems to know what's become of Mr. Monty."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Never you mind, now. You've had no rest all night. Sit down, and as soon as I've finished this, I'll get you a bit of breakfast."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, I couldn't eat. I better keep looking."
  • (Shirley Temple) "You look very nice."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Thank you, Sue."
  • (Shirley Temple) "How do you think I look?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "You look very nice, too. Where did you get that dress?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Mr. Pat bought it for me."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Well, well, good for Pat."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Thank you, sir."
  • (Shirley Temple) "It'd be a nice dress to go to a party in."
  • (Randolph Scott) "You'd be the belle of the ball."
  • (Shirley Temple) "If I was invited to a party."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Are you the chief Indian?"
  • (Maurice Moscovitch) "Me Big Eagle."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Well, I certainly hope Mr. Standing makes you Indians behave this time. And if you got what you deserve, he'd send you all to jail. That's where you belong for what you've been doing. What gives you the right to --"
  • (Randolph Scott) "Here, here, Sue. You'll have to forgive her, Big Eagle. This little girl was the only survivor of the wagon train."
  • (Maurice Moscovitch) "Golden Hawk, little spirit of the sun, Big Eagle sorry you have trouble. Will not happen again."
  • (Shirley Temple) "I don't see why you want to fight the white people anyway. They haven't done anything to hurt you."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, Mr. Monty, I'm so glad you're back. I've been so worried."
  • (Randolph Scott) "You shouldn't be up this late, Sue."
  • (Shirley Temple) "But I had to tell you. Little Chief says the Indians are going to kill all the white men and redcoats, because of what happened at the railroad camp."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Railroad camp?"
  • (Moroni Olsen) "What happened, Sue?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "The Indians tried to sell Mr. Chambers his own horses back, and Mr. Chambers got so mad, because the Indians were trying to cheat him, he said he was going to bring soldiers out to make them behave. The Indians didn't like that, and when they tried to leave, the woodmen pulled them off their horses and started hitting them."
  • (Randolph Scott) "I've been trying to reach Big Eagle and tell him he has nothing to fear from Chambers's threats."
  • (Moroni Olsen) "I'm afraid it's too late for talk now."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "What is it, Father? Trouble?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "Yes, plenty, and our friend Chambers started it."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, Mr. Monty, if they try to do anything to you, they'll have to kill me, too."

Martin Good Rider as Little Chief

  • (Martin Good Rider) "Now squaw put out finger."
  • (Shirley Temple) "And let you cut it? I will not."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Squaw afraid?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "No. Oh, you did cut it. It's bleeding."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Now put together. Make Golden Hawk and Little Chief blood brothers."
  • (Shirley Temple) "You mean this will make me an Indian?"
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Unh. Indian now."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, is my face turning red?"
  • (Martin Good Rider) "No, stay paleface."
  • (Shirley Temple) "I'm glad of that."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Why squaw not asleep?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "I guess if everyone else can stay up dancing, I can stay up and watch them."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Redcoat make her his squaw?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "He will not."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Funny he dance like that and not make her his squaw."
  • (Shirley Temple) "He's only doing that to be nice to her."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Indian dance better. Use feathers."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Ooh, let me try it on."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "No. Only brave wear feathers."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Well, I've got one, anyway. Where did you get all these things?"
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Warrior bring. Bring teepee, too. Little Chief no sleep white man's house."
  • (Shirley Temple) "You could sleep anywhere, if you were tired enough."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Unh."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Iron horse not go away, you die."
  • (Randolph Scott) "The iron horse won't go away, Little Chief, not for me or anyone else."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Chief Redcoat big fool. All white men die."
  • (Randolph Scott) "If they do, many more will come, and that will be bad medicine for the Indians."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Big talk. Indians kill them, too. I get cold water for sick head."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Thanks. That would be a help."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Do it for Golden Hawk. She friend. Too bad you die. Make her feel sorry."
  • (Martin Good Rider) "Unh."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Why don't you say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no?"

Lester Matthews as Harlan Chambers

  • (Lester Matthews) "Looks to me as if Big Eagle is showing his defiance. He knows the dispensing of justice belongs to the mounted police."
  • (Moroni Olsen) "I'll bring it up when he comes to sign the peace treaty."
  • (Lester Matthews) "If it's ever signed."
  • (Moroni Olsen) "Chambers, if I should decide to send Vicky home, could you do anything for me in way of transportation?"
  • (Lester Matthews) "Why, I certainly could, sir."
  • (Lester Matthews) "I'd like you to be there when I went home for the holidays."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Well, Harlan, I may have other plans. I might decide to become a pioneer woman at that. Don't you think I could, Inspector Montague?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "Do what?"
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Don't you think I could become a pioneer woman?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "I'm sure you could, if you put your mind to it."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "Well, Harlan, that's one vote for me."

Randolph Scott as Inspector Angus 'Monty' Montague

  • (Randolph Scott) "Pat, you old pirate. Why didn't you tell me to change uniforms? Why, she's a beauty."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Tell you? I did tell you."
  • (Randolph Scott) "You didn't tell me anything of the kind. That's just the kind of thing you should tell me. When did she get here? You didn't even tell me she was young."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Two days ago."
  • (Randolph Scott) "And I had to be out on patrol. Why, she's beautiful. She's pretty as a picture. You didn't even tell me she had blue eyes. And deep blues eyes at that."
  • (Randolph Scott) "This is Miss Susannah Sheldon."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Just call me Sue."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Now, young lady, we'll have to arrange sleeping quarters for you."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Where would that be, sir?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "Your room."
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "What?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Am I to sleep with him?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "Oh, no. Pat can sleep out here on the couch."
  • (Shirley Temple) "But I wouldn't want to take Mr. Pat's room."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Oh, that's all right. Pat'll be very comfortable, won't you, Pat?"
  • (J. Farrell MacDonald) "Oh, yes, sir."
  • (Randolph Scott) "This is the music I learned to waltz to. I can remember it just as if it had been tonight."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Sue."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, Mr. Monty, have they hurt you?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "I'm all right. How did you get here?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "I came to see Mr. Big Eagle. Mr. Standing sent to another post for help, but they can't get here in time, so after dark tonight, he's coming with some men to try to rescue you."
  • (Randolph Scott) "You'll have to forgive her, Vicky. She's a somewhat strange child."

Leyland Hodgson as Randall

  • (Leyland Hodgson) "I was taken prisoner while on patrol, sir, and held up in Big Eagle's camp. Just before dawn this morning, Inspector Montague was brought in. I was released to give you a message."
  • (Moroni Olsen) "Go on."
  • (Leyland Hodgson) "Big Eagle demands that the railroad leave his territory within the next two days, or Inspector Montague will not be released and the hostilities will be reopened."
  • (Margaret Lockwood) "What are you going to do, Father? You must send some word."
  • (Moroni Olsen) "There's only one answer to such a demand. Refusal."

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