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Sybil (1976 film) Quotes

Sybil is a Mystery film drama that was first aired in 2019 on NBC. Sybil stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jacqueline Babbin as producer, Leonard Rosenman as theme composer, and Mario Tosi as head of cinematography. Sybil is executive produced by Philip Capice.

Sybil is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Sybil is 198 min (original television) long. Sybil is produced by Lorimar Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Sally Field as Sybil Dorsett, Joanne Woodward as Dr. Cornelia Wilbur, Natasha Ryan as Child Sybil, Martine Bartlett as Hattie, and Jessamine Milner as Grandma Dorsett.

Sybil Quotes

Sally Field as Sybil Dorsett

  • (Sally Field) "In your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it. I'll be the grandest fellow in the easter parade. Fifth avenue -- uh-ah, uh-ah. Fifth avenue -- uh-ah, uh-ah --"
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Vanessa, what's the matter?"
  • (Sally Field) "I'm NOT Vanessa."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "I'm sorry Peggy but you popped out so fast --"
  • (Sally Field) "Who dat?"
  • (Unnamed) "Who dat who say who dat?"
  • (Sally Field) "Who dat who say who dat who say who dat?"
  • (Sally Field) "Don't you dare tell, or I'll fix it so you ain't got nothin' to tell with."

Joanne Woodward as Dr. Cornelia Wilbur

  • (Joanne Woodward) "Yeah. Who? Vicky WHO? Well, it better be an emergency for Just Vicky at 3:00 in the morning."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Curiosity didn't tear the cat's head off, Sweetie."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Sybil has disassociated into a baby -- I can't get her back."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Vanessa, what's the matter?"
  • (Sally Field) "I'm NOT Vanessa."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "I'm sorry Peggy but you popped out so fast --"
  • (Joanne Woodward) "In accepting Peggy into her arms, Sybil began the deepest healing of her selves. In embracing Peggy, she embraced herself. In calming her, she was calming her own heart. As I watched her becoming mother to herself, I felt my own long motherhood ending. I released what I had held so long. I celebrated the beginning of her emancipation. I let go. Our work together lasted eleven years. Today, Sybil lives peacefully in a small college town where she's a professor of art. There's not enough time in the day for her to do everything she wants, but that time in every sense, is her own. She tells me she's happy. I know she's free."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Once a long time ago when I was a little girl in Montana, I was laying in the grass looking at the ants. And the sun was warm on my back and the grass was deep and soft and the insects were buzzing -- everything was drowsy. Then all of a sudden, I saw this one ant who was struggling to pick up this grain of sand that was far too heavy to carry alone. And he struggled. And pretty soon, ANOTHER ant came along and helped the first ant and together they carried it away. Well, I got so excited that I hollared to my mother and she came out and plopped down in the grass beside me and she said, now isn't that miraculous how much two creatures can accomplish together -- when they care about each other."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "What the hell did that monster do to you?"
  • (Joanne Woodward) "What happened in the green kitchen?"

Natasha Ryan as Child Sybil

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Martine Bartlett as Hattie

  • (Martine Bartlett) "You better say 'God is love' real quick."
  • (Natasha Ryan) "God is love."
  • (Martine Bartlett) "Do you think life is all sunshine, singing and colors when you grow up? I should say not. You are bad. You are spoiled rotten. You better learn quick."
  • (Martine Bartlett) "His hair is crisp -- crisp? I never noticed that. All these years I've never noticed that. Lettuce is crisp."
  • (Martine Bartlett) "Lettuce head, go to bed, your nose is red, your name is Fred, I'll kill you dead."

Jessamine Milner as Grandma Dorsett

  • (Jessamine Milner) "Hattie, is Sybil alright?"
  • (Martine Bartlett) "Just one of her falls, Grandma."
  • (Martine Bartlett) "Oh, Grandma -- what big ears you have."
  • (Martine Bartlett) "Well whoever heard of a purple chicken with green feet? Can you imagine what kind of eggs that might lay? Imagine setting a plate of those in front of your grandfather some fine Sabbath morning. ARMAGEDDON."

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