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Tabula Rasa (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Quotes

Tabula Rasa (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Tabula Rasa stopped airing in 1970.

It features "Goodbye to You (Michelle Branch song)" by Michelle Branch in charge of musical score.

Tabula Rasa (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Quotes

  • (Dawn) "So, you don't have a name?"
  • (Buffy) "Of course I do. I-I just don't happen to know it."
  • (Dawn) "You want me to name you?"
  • (Buffy) "Oh, that's sweet, but I think I can name myself. I'll name me -- Joan."
  • (Dawn) "Ugh."
  • (Buffy) "What? Did you just 'ugh' my name?"
  • (Dawn) "No. I just; I mean it's so 'blah.' Joan?"
  • (Buffy) "I like it. I feel like a Joan."
  • (Spike) "I must be a noble vampire. A good guy. On a mission of redemption. I help the helpless. I'm a vampire with a soul."
  • (Buffy) "A vampire with a soul? Oh my god, how lame is that?"
  • (Spike) "Randy Giles? Why not just call me Horny Giles or Desperate-For-A-Shag Giles? I knew there was a reason I hated you."
  • (Buffy) "Slay someone? A female someone. Who do those jerks think they are?"
  • (Anya) "Bloodsuckers. They kill by sucking blood. Take it easy, Joan."
  • (Vamp #2) "Send out Spike."
  • (Giles) "They seem to want spikes."
  • (Spike) "Oh."
  • (Spike) "Let's give 'em these."
  • (Giles) "Well done."
  • (Xander Harris) "We need to spend more time with her. Just hang out. Maybe have weekly dinners over here. Or -- a book club. Short books. Videos."
  • (Vamp #3) "You owe us."
  • (Spike) "Fine. Take your damn spikes."
  • (Teeth) "Time, time, time. Is what turns kittens into cats."
  • (Spike) "Can we talk?"
  • (Buffy) "Vocal-cord-wise, yes. With each other? No."
  • (Buffy) "Did you guys see that?"
  • (Spike) "Vampires."
  • (Tara Maclay) "Maybe it's Halloween."
  • (Dawn) "It doesn't feel like Halloween."
  • (Xander Harris) "Even if it is, those guys are definitely not kids, and those are definitely not costumes. Randy's right. Looks like we have vampires."
  • (Willow Rosenberg) "How you doin', Dawn?"
  • (Dawn) "Uh, I'm okay. It's scary -- but, weirdly, kind of familiar."
  • (Willow Rosenberg) "I know what you mean."
  • (Dawn) "How are you?"
  • (Willow Rosenberg) "A little confused. I mean, I'm, uh, all sweaty and trapped, no memory, hiding in a pipe from a vampire -- and I think I'm kinda gay."
  • (Buffy) "Ready, Randy?"
  • (Spike) "Ready, Joan."
  • (Giles) "Well, maybe we all got -- terribly drunk and this is some sort of, uh, blackout."
  • (Dawn) "I don't think I drink."
  • (Anya) "I-I don't see any booze. I don't feel any head bumps."
  • (Anya) "I don't see Allen Funt."
  • (Giles) "As, uh, proprietor of a-a-a magic shop, I propose we fight them. We can use things here in the shop. You know, 'magic tricks' or whatever they're called."
  • (Willow Rosenberg) "We were so selfish. I was so selfish."
  • (Xander Harris) "Maybe we were. I just feel weird feeling bad that my friend's not dead. It's too mind-boggling. So I've decided to simplify the whole thing. Me like Buffy. Buffy's alive. So me glad."
  • (Buffy) "Hey. Stay away from Randy."
  • (Dawn) "Whoa."
  • (Willow Rosenberg) "What did you just do?"
  • (Buffy) "Uh -- I -- I don't know."
  • (Buffy) "But it was COOL."
  • (Buffy) "I think I know why Joan's the boss. I'm like a superhero or something."
  • (Giles) "God, no wonder I'm leaving you."
  • (Anya) "What?"
  • (Giles) "Look."
  • (Giles) "One-way ticket to London, and out of this engagement."
  • (Anya) "Of all the nerve."
  • (Giles) "Look what you've done, you lunatic woman."
  • (Anya) "Don't blame me, you snobby, snotty, thinks he's so great kind of jerk -- and I feel compelled to take some vengeance on you."
  • (Xander Harris) "Now I'm not sure what I am so bear with me here; Now I lay me down to sleep, uh, shabat Israel, uh, om, om."
  • (Spike) "I'm a hero really. I mean, to be cast such an ugly lot in life and then to rise above it. To seek out better, nobler things. It's inspirational, isn't it? And the two of us --"
  • (Spike) "natural enemies, thrown together to stand against the forces of darkness. Utter trust. No thought of me biting you, no thought of you staking me."
  • (Buffy) "Depends on how long you keep on yapping."
  • (Anya) "What? I-I'm, just saying what everyone's thinking. Right, baby?"
  • (Xander Harris) "You are attractive, and have many good qualities."
  • (Spike) "You never showed me affection like that."
  • (Spike) "-- I'd wager."
  • (Giles) "We'll get our memory back, and it'll all be right as rain."
  • (Spike) "Oh, listen to Mary Poppins. He's got his crust all stiff and upper with that nancy boy accent. You Englishmen are always so -- bloody hell."
  • (Spike) "Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers, bollocks. Oh, God. I'm English."
  • (Giles) "Welcome to the nancy tribe."
  • (Spike) "You don't suppose you and I -- we're not related, are we?"
  • (Anya) "There is a ruggedly handsome resemblance."
  • (Giles) "A-And you do inspire a, um, particular feeling of familiarity and -- disappointment. Older brother?"
  • (Spike) "Father. Oh, God, how I must hate you."
  • (Giles) "What did I do?"
  • (Buffy) "Here, look."
  • (Buffy) "You're Dawn."
  • (Dawn) "Or 'Umad'."
  • (Dawn) "What kind of oogly-boogleys? Lizardy types, or um, zombies, or, or vampires, or what?"
  • (Giles) "There are no oogly-boogleys, Dawn."
  • (Xander Harris) "Okay, why was I on the ground? And why are you all staring at me? Is this some kind of psych test? Am I getting paid for this?"

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