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Take Your Daughter to Work Day (The Office) Quotes

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (The Office) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Take Your Daughter to Work Day stopped airing in 1970.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (The Office) Quotes

  • (Edward R. Meow) "So, tell me, what do you wanna be when you grow up?"
  • (Young Michael Scott) "I wanna be married and have 100 kids so I can have 100 friends, and no one can say no to being my friend."
  • (Edward R. Meow) "Uh -- oh, okay. Well, nice talking with you, Michael. Back to you, Miss Trudy."
  • (Melissa Hudson) "Did you get married?"
  • (Michael Scott) "Uh, no."
  • (Abby) "Why not?"
  • (Michael Scott) "Uh, it just never happened."
  • (Sasha) "So, do you have any kids?"
  • (Michael Scott) "Uh, nope."
  • (Jake Palmer) "Do you have a girlfriend?"
  • (Michael Scott) "I do okay."
  • (Melissa Hudson) "Was Chet Montgomery cool back then?"
  • (Jake Palmer) "Even I have a girlfriend."
  • (Michael Scott) "Okay. All right. Okay."
  • (Sasha) "So, you didn't get to be what you wanted to be."
  • (Michael Scott) "I guess not."
  • (Stanley) "That little girl is a child. I don't want to see you sniffing around her anymore this afternoon. Do you understand?"
  • (Ryan Howard) "Yes, sir."
  • (Stanley) "Boy, have you lost your mind? 'Cause I'll help you find it. What you looking for? Ain't nobody gonna help you out there. Jesus could come through that door and he's not gonna help you if you don't stop sniffing after my child."
  • (Ryan Howard) "Stanley yelled at me today. That was one of the most frightening experiences of my life."
  • (Unnamed) "You're ugly."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Well, at least I'm not a horrible little latchkey kid who got suspended from school. So --"
  • (Unnamed) "Meredith."
  • (Michael Scott) "I'm Michael Scott and I am in charge of this place. How do I make you understand -- I am like Superman. And the people who work here are like citizens of Gotham City."
  • (Jim Halpert) "That's Batman."
  • (Michael Scott) "Okay, I'm Aquaman. Where does he live, guys?"
  • (Jim Halpert) "The ocean."
  • (Michael Scott) "I work with a bunch of nerds."
  • (Michael Scott) "Yes, it is true. I, Michael Scott, am signing up with an online dating service. Thousands of people have done it, and I am going to do it. I need a username. And I have a great one. Little Kid Lover. That way people will know exactly where my priorities are at."
  • (Toby) "Is everything okay?"
  • (Michael Scott) "You have to ask me that because you work for Human Resources."
  • (Michael Scott) "I don't get why parents are always complaining about how tough it is to raise kids. You joke around with them, you give them pizza, you give them candy, you let them live their lives. They're adults, for God's sake."

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