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Talk Radio (film) Quotes

Talk Radio (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Talk Radio ended in 1970.

It features Edward R. Pressman; A. Kitman Ho as producer, Stewart Copeland in charge of musical score, and Robert Richardson (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Talk Radio (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Talk Radio (film) is 110 minutes long. Talk Radio (film) is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Eric Bogosian as Barry, Alec Baldwin as Dan, John C. McGinley as Stu, Earl Hindman as Chet, Michael Wincott as Kent, Ellen Greene as Ellen, Leslie Hope as Laura, and Michael Wincott as Michael.

Talk Radio (film) Quotes

Eric Bogosian as Barry

  • (Eric Bogosian) "I hope you're not calling the cops, because if you are, I'm going to get really pissed off. Get off the phone, or I walk. Don't waste my time man. Hang it or I walk. Hang it up."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "It's just one big rock video, eh Kent?"
  • (Michael Wincott) "Yeah."
  • (Michael Wincott) "Well, go on, Bear -- it's your show."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Yeah, that it is, that it is, it's my show."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Stop eating with the p*****, go find some."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Who's the schlub?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Barry Champlain is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "I don't care what you think. No one does."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "And so, beginning Monday night, this show, Night Talk, begins national broadcasting. That means the nation is listening. You better have something to say. I know I do."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "The $200 billion drug problem in this country could disappear overnight. Legalize the damn stuff. Do it today, right after this message. I'm Barry Champlaign. This is Night Talk. We're gonna go to a message. I'll be right back after I shoot up."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "We have a very special guest with us tonight -- Kent. Say hello to everybody, Kent."
  • (Michael Wincott) "Alright."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "My sentiments exactly. We've brought Kent on board to get an inside look on the future of America. Kent is the classic American youth: energetic and resourceful, spoiled, perverse, and disturbed. Would you say that's an accurate description, Kent?"
  • (Michael Wincott) "Yup, sure."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Now what do you call that haircut?"
  • (Michael Wincott) "I don't know -- Rock and roll."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "-- Are you high right now Kent?"
  • (Michael Wincott) "Am I high?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Are you on drugs, or is this your naturally moronic self?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Watch the drool, you're getting all over the console."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "The worst news of the night is that three out of four people in this country say they rather watch TV than have sex with their spouse. The second worst news is that some kids needed money for crack last night so you know what they did? They stuck a knife in the throat of an eighty year old grandmother down on Euclid Avenue. Right here in Dallas. One night, in one American city. Multiply that by hundreds of cities and what've you got: a country where culture means pornography and slasher films, where ethics mans payoffs, graft insider trading, where integrity means lying, whoring, intoxication. This country is in deep trouble, people. This country is rotten to the core and somebody better do something about it. I want you to take your hand out of the bowl of Fritos, throw away your National Inquirer, and pick up that phone; go ahead PICK IT UP. Hold it up to your face and dial 555-T-A-L-K. Open your mouth and tell 'em what we're gonna do about the mess this country's in. TALK RADIO, it's the last neighborhood in town. People just don't talk to each other anymore."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "There's nothing more boring than people who love you."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Tell me something I-I'm curious. How do you dial a phone with a straitjacket on?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Sticks and stones can break your bones but words cause permanent damage."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Talk Radio. It's the last neighborhood in town, people just don't talk to each other anymore."

Earl Hindman as Chet

  • (Earl Hindman) "So now everyone in the country can hear your big mouth flap."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Oh, Chet. So nice to hear from you again. Shouldn't you be out burning crosses or molesting children or something?"
  • (Earl Hindman) "I'd rather be talking to you."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Or training pit bulls?"
  • (Earl Hindman) "You think you're so smart -- You get the package I sent down to the station?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Package?"
  • (Earl Hindman) "You got it, I know you did."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "You sent me a present, Chet?"

Ellen Greene as Ellen

  • (Ellen Greene) "What do want me to do, Barry? You want me to fall in love with you again?"

John C. McGinley as Stu

  • (John C. McGinley) "If you don't like the heights, don't climb mountains."
  • (John C. McGinley) "Sixty seconds left in the show, Barry."
  • (John C. McGinley) "This is dead air, Barry. Dead air."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "I guess -- we're stuck with each other. This is Barry Champlain."
  • (John C. McGinley) "You slip some testosterone into Barry's coffee?"
  • (Leslie Hope) "The guy's possessed tonight. He's a little tense."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Get outta here."

Michael Wincott as Kent


Alec Baldwin as Dan

  • (Alec Baldwin) "See you tomorrow."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Dan -- What if I don't come in tomorrow?"
  • (Alec Baldwin) "You'll come in, Barry. You always do."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "What you are, Barry, is a f***in' suit salesman with a big mouth. Let's call a spade a spade."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Barry you should ask me before you put another guest on the show."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Why?"
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Because I'm your boss, that's why."

Leslie Hope as Laura

  • (Leslie Hope) "Here's your mail."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "You read it."

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