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Teeth (film) Quotes

Teeth (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Teeth ended its run in 1970.

It features plainlist, * Mitchell Lichtenstein * Joyce Pierpoline as producer, Robert Miller (composer) in charge of musical score, and Wolfgang Held as head of cinematography.

Teeth (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Teeth (film) is 88 minutes long. Teeth (film) is distributed by plainlist and * Roadside Attractions; The Weinstein Company (DVD) .

The cast includes: Lenny Von Dohlen as Bill, Jess Weixler as Dawn, John Hensley as Brad, Josh Pais as Dr. Godfrey, Ashley Springer as Ryan, and Hale Appleman as Tobey.

Teeth (film) Quotes

Jess Weixler as Dawn

  • (Jess Weixler) "Can I have a serious talk with you? About you and Melanie."
  • (John Hensley) "There's no me and any bitch."
  • (Jess Weixler) "Okay. From what I heard last night --"
  • (John Hensley) "That turn you on?"
  • (Jess Weixler) "I know we've never been close. We've never been like sister and brother, and I really don't know why that is."
  • (John Hensley) "Sure you do. You know."
  • (Jess Weixler) "I really don't, but whatever it is, I'd like for it to change."
  • (John Hensley) "You know all that abstinence bulls***. We all know who you've been saving yourself for. And I've been real patient. You think I like living here with these assholes?"
  • (Jess Weixler) "Mom and dad?"
  • (John Hensley) "So why don't you just sit that pretty ass down."
  • (Jess Weixler) "The toothed vagina appears in the mythology of many and diverse cultures all over the world. In these myths, the story is always the same. The hero must do battle with the woman. The toothed creature can break her power."
  • (Jess Weixler) "That's what the ring is all about. The way it wraps around your finger; that's to remind you to keep your gift wrapped. Wrapped -- until the day -- you trade it in for that other ring. That gold ring. Get it?"
  • (Jess Weixler) "I think we can't go out together again. I mean, even in a group. Even in a big group."
  • (Jess Weixler) "You can't."
  • (Ashley Springer) "Do you want me to stop?"
  • (Jess Weixler) "No."
  • (Ashley Springer) "Good."
  • (Jess Weixler) "But they'll get you."
  • (Ashley Springer) "Who?"
  • (Jess Weixler) "The teeth."
  • (Ashley Springer) "Come on."
  • (Jess Weixler) "Seriously."
  • (Ashley Springer) "No, no, look. I'm conquering them. See? Yeah, I'm the hero."
  • (Jess Weixler) "I can't believe you're still alive."
  • (Jess Weixler) "Oh s***."
  • (Jess Weixler) "Dentata."
  • (Ashley Springer) "What?"
  • (Jess Weixler) "It's Latin for teeth."
  • (Jess Weixler) "Vagina dentata. It's what inside's me. The doctor said so. A hero has to come and conquer them."

Ashley Springer as Ryan

  • (Ashley Springer) "Hey, Brad. Uh, I'm here for Dawn."
  • (John Hensley) "You're out of your league, p***** boy."
  • (Ashley Springer) "Excuse me?"
  • (John Hensley) "Get the f*** off my property."
  • (Ashley Springer) "Hey, uh, listen, man --"
  • (John Hensley) "If you want any more of that, you can come by and see us again, yeah?"
  • (Ashley Springer) "Your mouth is saying one thing babe, but your sweet p***** is saying something very different."

Josh Pais as Dr. Godfrey

  • (Josh Pais) "It's true. Vagina dentata. Vagina dentata. Vagina dentata."
  • (Josh Pais) "I imagine you have no idea what to expect."
  • (Jess Weixler) "Not really."
  • (Josh Pais) "Well, don't worry. I'm not going to bit ya."

Hale Appleman as Tobey

  • (Hale Appleman) "I haven't even jerked off since Easter."

John Hensley as Brad

  • (John Hensley) "I think she bit it."
  • (Unnamed) "She who?"
  • (John Hensley) "Dawn."
  • (Unnamed) "A baby bit into your finger?"
  • (John Hensley) "Wait. Dawn, don't leave me."

Lenny Von Dohlen as Bill

  • (Lenny Von Dohlen) "Hey Brad, don't splash your sister."

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