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Terror in the Family Quotes

Terror in the Family is a Drama that first aired in 1996 on Fox Broadcasting Company. Terror in the Family completed its run in 1970.

It features Ira Marvin as producer, Ron Ramin as theme composer, and Steve Yaconelli as head of cinematography. Terror in the Family is executive produced by Robert M. Sertner.

Terror in the Family is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Terror in the Family is 86 minutes long. Terror in the Family is produced by Hallmark Entertainment and distributed by Fox Broadcasting Company.

The cast includes: Dan Lauria as Todd Marten, Joanna Kerns as Cynthia Marten, Hilary Swank as Deena Marten, Beau Billingslea as Judge Roubal, Adam Hendershott as Adam Marten, Ryan Christopher Mouritsen as Man, and Kathleen Wilhoite as Judith.

Terror in the Family Quotes

Beau Billingslea as Judge Roubal

  • (Beau Billingslea) "I could send you to jail for 6 months, Deena. But since this is your first offense and since I've had some very good reports from your therapist, I'm going to allow you to go home. But I'm also placing you on probation for 1 year, provided that you perform 300 hours of community service, that you attend anger management classes, and that you abide by whatever addition guidelines your probation officer deems appropriate. I have high hopes for you, Deena. I've seen too many kids fall by the wayside because they did not have the support of their families. You've got that. So don't let me see you back here again."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Thank you."

Hilary Swank as Deena Marten

  • (Attorney) "Okay, you'll plead not guilty. That's automatic. That's gonna give us time to prepare the case."
  • (Hilary Swank) "How long will that take?"
  • (Attorney) "About 4-6 weeks."
  • (Hilary Swank) "I have to stay here for 4-6 weeks?"
  • (Attorney) "Well, that's what the judge is gonna rule on this afternoon."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm no busboy. You pick it up."
  • (Ryan Christopher Mouritsen) "No, no. You pick up the tray now. And get out."
  • (Hilary Swank) "I can't stay here. I'm not like those other kids. I just want to go home."
  • (Attorney) "Well, I don't think the judge is gonna let you do that, Deena."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Why? I didn't do anything."
  • (Attorney) "Deena, look. I want you to be very clear about something. You attacked your parents with a weapon. Okay? This system is set up to protect the victim. Not the aggressor."

Joanna Kerns as Cynthia Marten

  • (D.A. Pearlman) "You're not in a position to withdraw the charges."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "But we're her parents."
  • (D.A. Pearlman) "She assaulted you with a weapon."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "She had a knife, but she wasn't going to use it."
  • (D.A. Pearlman) "I'm talking about the telephone. The knife enters into it, but --"
  • (Dan Lauria) "Look, we know she has problems. And we're going to get her whatever help she needs."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "We think she's on drugs, maybe cocaine."
  • (D.A. Pearlman) "There were no drugs found in her system. But whether there were or not, what I see here is a pattern of physical abuse. That's a crime."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Physical abuse? That's ridiculous. We; We're her parents."
  • (D.A. Pearlman) "We're seeing more of this everyday."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Can't believe this."
  • (D.A. Pearlman) "We used to see it primarily in immigrant families, where the parents don't know the language and the children have all the power."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "That's not us."
  • (D.A. Pearlman) "I'm just saying that this seems to happen when those roles get reversed. When the children become the survival figures for their parents."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "We're good parents. We have a good family. And we want Deena to come home."
  • (D.A. Pearlman) "And I'm asking you to help me hold her accountable for what she did. I know that's hard. This is the only place in our entire justice system where the victim is asked to help prosecute someone they want to defend."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "He's asleep."
  • (Dan Lauria) "It was like this once last summer and again at Christmas."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "You didn't tell me?"
  • (Dan Lauria) "No."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "How could you not tell me?"
  • (Dan Lauria) "I knew it would upset you, and when you're upset, you drink. Things were better enough last Christmas."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Maybe that's because you were off selling your bowls and i was left to do all the work."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Yeah, well maybe you drank cause I wasn't around and maybe I wasn't around because you drank. It all started so long ago, I don't remember."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "It started when we had Deena. That's when you bought all this equipment."
  • (Dan Lauria) "It's when I stopped having a wife."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Oh, you've got such a distorted view of things."
  • (Dan Lauria) "I remember when she was a little girl, she was the center of everything. She ran this house, and every time she got angry with you -- she could a vicious little girl. You just rolled over and took it. So it was your fault, nothing she ever did was wrong. It was like you needed her to be your friend more then you needed to be her mother."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Maybe I needed her because she was all I had. Maybe you came down here in this basement and worked on these bowels and you weren't there for me."
  • (Dan Lauria) "I came down to this basement because all you cared about was the kids."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Oh, no, no, you got it all backwards, that is not how it happened."
  • (Dan Lauria) "It doesn't matter how it happened, and what matters is that I get out of this basement to start being a father, what matters is that you stop drinking, and be a mother."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Don't you talk to be about being a mother, not when you've spent our entire marriage in this basement working on these, these stupid bowls."

Adam Hendershott as Adam Marten

  • (Adam Hendershott) "You're always saying "Don't upset Mom." I thought if I told her the truth, she'd be upset."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Did I tell you to lie?"
  • (Adam Hendershott) "No."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Garret's on suspension for hitting a teacher. Your mom should have known that."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Are you lying to me now?"
  • (Adam Hendershott) "No."
  • (Dan Lauria) "And you're absolutely sure you don't know where Deena is? I want the truth, Adam."

Dan Lauria as Todd Marten

  • (Dan Lauria) "Do I have to lock you in your room?"
  • (Hilary Swank) "I just went out for a walk."
  • (Dan Lauria) "At 2:00 in the morning you went out for a walk?"
  • (Joanna Kerns) "When you're grounded?"
  • (Hilary Swank) "I've been locked up all day."
  • (Dan Lauria) "You haven't been locked up all day, but you will be. I'll nail the damn door shut if I have to."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "You're not leaving this house until we get you to a doctor."
  • (Hilary Swank) "A doctor?"
  • (Dan Lauria) "It's for your own good Deena. Whatever's going on, it has to stop. And it's gonna stop now."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "What are you doing? We're trying to help you."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Get away from me."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Put that down. Deena, put that down right now."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Get away."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Please. Deena."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Put the damn phone down."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Get away from me."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Deena, stop it."
  • (Dan Lauria) "What the hell are you doing?"
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Put that down right;"
  • (Dan Lauria) "Deena. Deena, come back here. Deena."
  • (Dan Lauria) "I don't know what we're gonna do. We've tried everything. She's out of control. She breaks things. She hits her mother."
  • (Police Officer) "What happened to your hand?"
  • (Dan Lauria) "Uh, that was an accident. Look, if you could just get that knife away from her, calm her down, I'm sure we could --"
  • (Dan Lauria) "We're taking you to the hospital."
  • (Police Officer) "No, you're not. She's under arrest."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Arrest for what?"
  • (Police Officer) "Assault."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Now, wait a minute, wait a minute, we don't want this."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "You can't arrest her."
  • (Police Officer) "Take her out."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "You can't do that."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Now, wait a minute, wait a minute, we didn't ask for this. We didn't call the police."
  • (Adam Hendershott) "I did. It was your idea. At the hospital, you said that --"
  • (Dan Lauria) "I didn't say you should call the police."
  • (Police Officer) "Here, you can see her in the morning. This'll tell you what to do."
  • (Dan Lauria) "No homework, just a bunch of F's and incompletes."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Look at this. Fifteen years old."
  • (Dan Lauria) "I didn't try this stuff till I was in coll --"
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Shh."
  • (Dan Lauria) "No."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "What are you doing? She'll go ballistic if she find us in here."
  • (Dan Lauria) "I told you, I'm gonna call the police."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Todd, you can't do that. We'll have half the neighborhood standing on our front;"
  • (Dan Lauria) "How am I supposed to work?"
  • (Dan Lauria) "And how long has this been going on?"
  • (Hilary Swank) "It's not mine."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Not anymore. Where's your homework?"
  • (Hilary Swank) "I didn't do it."
  • (Dan Lauria) "You lied, then."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Yeah."
  • (Dan Lauria) "As of right now, you are grounded indefinitely. No stereo, no television, no telephone, no nothing."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "And you aren't going to see Garret anymore."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Tomorrow you'll stay home, and you'll complete every one of your missing assignments."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Tomorrow's Saturday."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Good. Then you'll have the weekend to finish it. And if you ever, ever raise your hand to anyone in this family again, I'll call the police."
  • (Hilary Swank) "The police?"
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Yes."
  • (Hilary Swank) "What are they gonna do?"
  • (Dan Lauria) "I hope you'll never have to find out."
  • (Hilary Swank) "I could just tell them it was self-defense."
  • (Dan Lauria) "Self-defense against what?"
  • (Hilary Swank) "I could say you tried to attack me. Maybe even tried to rape me."
  • (Joanna Kerns) "Todd."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Who do you think they'd believe?"

Kathleen Wilhoite as Judith

  • (Kathleen Wilhoite) "I got terrible fights with my mom, too."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Yeah, but I bet you never hit her."
  • (Kathleen Wilhoite) "No. She did all the hitting."
  • (Hilary Swank) "My mom never hit me. She never even spanked me."
  • (Kathleen Wilhoite) "I think that she just swing way over in the other direction try not to do what our mom did."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Yeah, but why'd I hit her? I mean, why'd I grab that knife? Where does that come from?"
  • (Kathleen Wilhoite) "I don't know. Sounds like everything got turned upside-down."
  • (Hilary Swank) "What was it like growing up with her?"
  • (Kathleen Wilhoite) "We were really different. I remember her favorite book was Lives of the Saints."
  • (Kathleen Wilhoite) "Hello. Yeah, hold on."
  • (Kathleen Wilhoite) "It's your mom. I'm gonna go get your bedding ready."
  • (Hilary Swank) "Okay."

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