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Thank You (The Walking Dead) Quotes

Thank You (The Walking Dead) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Thank You stopped airing in 1970.

Thank You (The Walking Dead) Quotes

  • (Glenn Rhee) "Hey, look at me. Look at me."
  • (Glenn Rhee) "Hey. Hey. Nicholas. Look at me."
  • (Nicholas) "Thank you."
  • (Heath) "They heard that. They know we're here now. We can't wait them out. The herd, it's gonna be here any minute. What?"
  • (Michonne) "They're coming."
  • (Michonne) "How long you been married?"
  • (David) "Three months. She wasn't my wife from before."
  • (Michonne) "How'd you meet?"
  • (David) "It was early on. Aaron found me. I was alone, lost everything. Everyone. Myself, I; I wasn't crazy. I just gave up on being someone, an actual person. Know what I mean?"
  • (Michonne) "I do."
  • (David) "We found Betsy on the way back to the community. She still saw me. After I thought I was dead and gone, she was my first friend. Then she was more. She made me more. Even better than how I used to be. But if I could make it back, I'd want to say good-bye. Tell her -- finding her in all of this, that was everything."
  • (Nicholas) "Wait. It should be me. He was on my crew. His name was Will. He was 19. We left him behind."
  • (Glenn Rhee) "You're not that guy anymore. Hey, you are here now. You are not that guy anymore. Okay."
  • (Heath) "That'll keep you going until we get you back to the infirmary. Annie, I'm gonna figure out a crutch for you."
  • (Annie) "Just leave me."
  • (Heath) "What?"
  • (Annie) "I'm slowing you down. We're gonna hit more roamers. It's that simple. Leave me."
  • (Scott) "Leave us."
  • (Heath) "No."
  • (Scott) "It's stupid for you guys to wait on me. We'll all go down. Come on, man, wake up. You don't want to do it now, you do it out there. We get into trouble again, you run. And you don't look back."
  • (Heath) "No, if we go, we go together. Okay, we don't leave people behind."
  • (Heath) "Not us."
  • (Michonne) "No one is leaving anyone behind."
  • (Rick Grimes) "There's gunfire coming from back home. We gotta sit with it and hope they can handle it. I think they can. They have to. We keep going forward for them. Can't turn back 'cause we're afraid."
  • (Sgt. Abraham Ford) "We ain't afraid."
  • (Rick Grimes) "This is for them. Going back now before it's done, that'd be for us. The herd has to almost be here."
  • (Daryl Dixon) "Rick? Rick?"
  • (Daryl Dixon) "Rick? Rick?"
  • (Glenn Rhee) "Try again."
  • (Rick Grimes) "Tobin, it's not stopping. Light it up, you hear me? Tobin."
  • (Michonne) "Michonne."
  • (Michonne) "Got it."
  • (Sturgess) "s***. s***. It was half. Jesus, it was more than half."
  • (Annie) "We gotta stay ahead of them. They walk, we run."
  • (Michonne) "We're gonna catch up to a lot of things. And we're gonna end them."
  • (Rick Grimes) "Glenn, Michonne. If something's in front of you, you kill it. No hiding, no waiting. You keep going."
  • (Glenn Rhee) "I'm going with you, you can't do this on your own."
  • (Rick Grimes) "Glenn, I can do this."
  • (Michonne) "You need to help me. We've got to get these people back."
  • (Rick Grimes) "Yeah. Thing is, they aren't all gonna make it."
  • (Michonne) "Rick."
  • (Rick Grimes) "You try to save them, you try, but if they can't keep up, you keep going. You have to. You make sure you get back."

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