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That Man from Rio Quotes

That Man from Rio is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . That Man from Rio ended its run in 1970.

It features Georges Dancigers as producer, and Georges Delerue in charge of musical score.

That Man from Rio is recorded in French and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of That Man from Rio is 110 minutes long. That Man from Rio is distributed by Les Productions Artistes Associés.

The cast includes: Françoise Dorléac as Agnès Villermosa, and Jean-Paul Belmondo as Pvt. Adrien Dufourquet.

That Man from Rio Quotes

Françoise Dorléac as Agnès Villermosa

  • (Françoise Dorléac) "You scare me."
  • (Mário de Castro) "I do hope so."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "What? In the museum? I'll come at once."
  • (Aunt) "You didn't eat your perch."
  • (Unnamed) "You didn't eat your perch."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "I think I love you."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Are the trials over? Isn't there a stray dragon?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "No, no dragons."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "No one to kill? No one to save? I can retire? Hand me my slippers, Mum."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "In good time. Kiss me."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "If it'll make you happy."
  • (Prof. Norbert Catalan) "It's nice of you to come. You always do if something's wrong and that's important. I'd love to have a little girl like you."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "I'm not a little girl anymore. You always say that."
  • (Prof. Norbert Catalan) "Once every six months."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Haven't I changed at all?"
  • (Prof. Norbert Catalan) "Lots. You're more and more --"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Feminine?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "What a man you are."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "You recognize me?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "No, but it doesn't matter."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Calm down."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "You look handsome."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "They've sabotaged her. She doesn't know me."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "What a nice surprise. A deserted beach, lovely music, everything I love. Thank you, sir."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Stop. You're tickling me."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "You're amazing. How can you be blasé amidst all these wonders?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "If you really loved me, you wouldn't make fun."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Haven't I proven it?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Words prove nothing."
  • (Mário de Castro) "Did you know you have mechanical eyes?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Mechanical?"
  • (Mário de Castro) "Full of malice and promise."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Oh, sir."
  • (Mário de Castro) "They attract whispers, murmurs."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "You always do what you want with me."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "What's happened is dreadful. It's wonderful."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Dreadful or wonderful?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "The ice cream's wonderful. What happened is dreadful. Keep up."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Pull it."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "I am."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Oh la la. Should be a button."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Which one?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Look. Why is it always up to me?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Careful."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Don't let it go. What are you doing there? Get up."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Yes, sergeant. At once, sergeant. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down."

Jean-Paul Belmondo as Pvt. Adrien Dufourquet

  • (Sir Winston, shoeshine Boy) "Where are you going?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "I'm looking for a girl."
  • (Sir Winston, shoeshine Boy) "Girls. This way --"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "No. My girl. Agnès."
  • (Sir Winston, shoeshine Boy) "Agnès? Is she pretty?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Lost in Rio. God knows where. They kidnapped her."
  • (Lebel, Dufourquet's Buddy) "If you only knew."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "What?"
  • (Lebel, Dufourquet's Buddy) "The traffic. It took three hours to get here from my place. Three hours."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "From where?"
  • (Lebel, Dufourquet's Buddy) "Viroflay. I had to cross the whole of Paris."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "What an adventure."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Where are you going?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Come on. Come on."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "But where?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Just come."
  • (Sir Winston, shoeshine Boy) "She's pretty."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Yes, but high-maintenance."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Will you buy me pink sheets?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "See? She always wants something we haven't got. She's dreamy, off the wall. You talk to her but she's listening to the Emperor of China. A woman, Sir Winston, is someone who's waiting at home, who's tender and understanding. You come home, she opens the door, she plays the piano or the harp. You're home. She can't boil an egg, but I follow her across the world. Is that normal?"
  • (Sir Winston, shoeshine Boy) "I know, Scotch? Cheers."
  • (Sir Winston, shoeshine Boy) "Americano? Liz Taylor, Cadillac, Hollywood, Cape Canaveral. I know all America."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Polish it well. Soles, laces, the lot."
  • (Sir Winston, shoeshine Boy) "You're French. Effel Tower, de Gaulle, Brigitte Bardot. I know her."

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