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That Uncertain Feeling (film) Quotes

That Uncertain Feeling (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . That Uncertain Feeling ended in 1970.

It features Ernst Lubitsch as producer, Werner R. Heymann in charge of musical score, and George Barnes (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

That Uncertain Feeling (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of That Uncertain Feeling (film) is 84 minutes long. That Uncertain Feeling (film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Alan Mowbray as Dr. Vengard, Olive Blakeney as Margie Stallings, Eve Arden as Sally Aikens, Harry Davenport as Jones, Sig Ruman as Kafka, Melvyn Douglas as Larry Baker, Burgess Meredith as Alexander Sebastian, and Richard Carle as The Butler.

That Uncertain Feeling (film) Quotes

Melvyn Douglas as Larry Baker

  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Success in business is fifty per cent hard work and fifty per cent the right cigar."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "How dare you say that about my beloved mother."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Your beloved mother; pooh."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Who are you to pooh my mother?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Listen, how long is a sonata?"
  • (Harry Davenport) "The only one I ever heard lasted three cigars."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "It's okay. It's quick and painless."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Very white of you, Baker."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Thanks, Sebastian."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "If you ever should run into one of her bad moods and you want to snap her right out if it, there's only one way to do it."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "What's that?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Just; keeks her."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Keeks her? How do you do that?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Just"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "keeks."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You should know better, musicians and mattresses don't mix."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "How is everything going?"
  • (Richard Carle) "Oh, not so well sir. I came to ask if in your future plans you'd have any use for me?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Have you left Miss Baker?"
  • (Richard Carle) "Yes sir, I had to; on account of that; musical gentleman. In fact, we all left, except Emma. But, then she fortunately is quite deaf."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "A little bit softer, please."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Ho-ho-ho. Am I going to be difficult. I'm gonna be the mad dog of 685 Park Avenue. Heil Baker."

Eve Arden as Sally Aikens

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Burgess Meredith as Alexander Sebastian

  • (Burgess Meredith) "I'm not going to fight."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "This vase insults me. It's ugly. Let's put it away."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "What's wrong with you?"
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Nothing."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Why are you here? You don't go to a psycho-analyst to have tooth filled?"
  • (Burgess Meredith) "You smoke yourself?"
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Yes."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "You, eh, haven't got a cigarette, eh?"
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Yes."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Haven't any without tips?"
  • (Burgess Meredith) "That's almost great."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Who painted it?"
  • (Burgess Meredith) "A woman. No man could be so malicious."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "I hate to bother you again; but, eh; what does one have to do to be happy?"
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "You are a puzzle, Mr. Alexander Sebastian."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "And don't you try to solve me, Mrs. Happy Baker."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Phooey."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "Let me warn you that I say what I think. I'm a complete individualist."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Really?"
  • (Burgess Meredith) "I'm against Communism, Capitalism, Fascism, Nazism. I'm against everything and everybody. I hate my fellow man and he hates me."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "It sounds rather amusing."
  • (Burgess Meredith) "So, I amuse you? I'm a clown, eh? Pagliacci."

Alan Mowbray as Dr. Vengard

  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "It's difficult to show you the symptoms at the moment, because; it comes and it goes."
  • (Alan Mowbray) "Oh, it comes and; it goes."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Yes. It's so unfortunate. It's always the same whenever I see a doctor. When; when I come, it goes. And when I go, it comes."
  • (Alan Mowbray) "Mrs. Baker, whatever comes and whatever goes, there's no denying it worries you a lot. So, please drop all your inhibitions, release your inner-self, and speak freely. What comes and what goes?"
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Hiccups."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Doctor, please believe me, there's nothing wrong with my marriage. You could go through all Park Avenue and you wouldn't find a happier couple."
  • (Alan Mowbray) "Well, I'm sorry, but it's my duty to explore every avenue, especially Park Avenue."
  • (Alan Mowbray) "Most people know nothing about themselves. Nothing. Their own real personality is a complete stranger to them. Now, what I'm trying to do is to introduce you to your inner-self. I want you to get acquainted with yourself. Wouldn't you like to meet you? Don't you want to get to know yourself?"
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "No. You see, I'm a little shy."

Olive Blakeney as Margie Stallings

  • (Olive Blakeney) "Dr. Vengard. I repeat it, Dr. Vengard is the man for you."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Don't let's go into that again. I will not be psycho-analyzed."
  • (Extra in Ladies Room) "Oh, now, Jill. That's a very middle-class attitude."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "I'm a perfectly normal woman."
  • (Olive Blakeney) "Well, that's sounds awfully dull."
  • (Extra in Ladies Room) "My dear you musn't say that about yourself; not even in fun."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "I only hope poor Larry has as good a time as I."
  • (Olive Blakeney) "Well, when I saw him at the Monte Carlo --"
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Oh, yes, I suppose that was another one of those dull, business evenings. Was it a large party?"
  • (Olive Blakeney) "No, I'd say she was about your size."
  • (Olive Blakeney) "Now, I don't want to cause any trouble. But cold facts are cold facts. If Mr. and Mrs. Cooper come, that big, awful looking Mrs. Cooper, he shaves."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "And if he has dinner alone with his wife, he doesn't shave."
  • (Olive Blakeney) "And if anybody should shave, it's Mrs. Cooper."
  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "And I spent three-and-a-half hours today at Elizabeth Arden's, but I don't rate a shave."

Harry Davenport as Jones

  • (Harry Davenport) "There's nothing wrong with your marriage. You just have to resell it once in awhile."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Miss Aikens, we want a woman's point of view on a certain situation. Now, Mr. Baker has a friend and he's in trouble --"
  • (Eve Arden) "Oh, Mr. Baker."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Now, Mr. Baker has nothing whatever to do with it. Let's call the friend Mr. Brown. Now, Mr. Brown has a wife -- Mr. & Mrs. Brown have been married for, uh, how long?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Well, say six years. They live in Toledo."
  • (Eve Arden) "Six years in Toledo. That's bad."
  • (Harry Davenport) "All right then, let's say New York. Now Mr. Brown is worried about his marriage. Things are not going along as well as they used to."
  • (Eve Arden) "What kind of a man IS this Mr. Brown?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Very nice --"
  • (Eve Arden) "Is he attractive?"
  • (Harry Davenport) "Very attractive."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Don't you think so?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Yes."
  • (Eve Arden) "And yet she's complaining."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Well, she's drifting away from him."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Yes, and he wants to get things back on the old basis."
  • (Eve Arden) "Who doesn't?"
  • (Harry Davenport) "Yes."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Now, Miss Aikens, as a woman, I'm asking you, what is the right approach?"
  • (Eve Arden) "Well, I should say a mink coat would do the trick."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "She has a mink coat."
  • (Eve Arden) "Then what's she complaining about?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Just a moment. Now look here. Mrs. Brown is interested in another man."
  • (Eve Arden) "Oh -- If there aren't any witnesses she's going to deny it -- But I'm afraid I'm not the right person to give you any advice. I probably have too much sympathy for Mr. Brown, and not enough patience with Mrs. Brown. We get cases like that every day. The wife is bored; marriage is just a habit. But on the other hand, she accepts everything her husband gives her. I think she ought to be kicked out. Do I sound old-fashioned?"
  • (Harry Davenport) "No, we'll let you know, Miss Aikens."
  • (Eve Arden) "Well anyway, I think Mr. Brown's a pretty swell guy. I've always thought so."
  • (Harry Davenport) "-- She certainly had a couple of interesting angles."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "I didn't notice them."

Sig Ruman as Kafka

  • (Mrs. Jill Baker) "Egészségedre."
  • (Sig Ruman) "Egészségedre?"
  • (Sig Ruman) "Egészségedre."

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