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The 13th Warrior Quotes

The 13th Warrior is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . The 13th Warrior stopped airing in 1970.

It features John McTiernan, and Michael Crichton; Ned Dowd as producer, Jerry Goldsmith in charge of musical score, and Peter Menzies Jr. as head of cinematography.

The 13th Warrior is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The 13th Warrior is 103 minutes long. The 13th Warrior is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Dennis Storhøi as Herger the Joyous, Daniel Southern as Edgtho the Silent, Tony Curran as Weath the Musician, Richard Bremmer as Skeld the Superstitious, Sven Wollter as King Hrothgar, Omar Sharif as Melchisidek, Maria Bonnevie as Olga, Mischa Hausserman as Herald, Mischa Hausserman as Rethel the Archer, Clive Russell as Helfdane the Fat, Albie Woodington as Hyglak the Quarrelsome, and Diane Venora as Queen Weilew.

The 13th Warrior Quotes

Dennis Storhøi as Herger the Joyous

  • (Dennis Storhøi) "When they come, we form a circle in the center of the room, backs to one another."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "I am not a warrior."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "Very soon, you will be."
  • (Angus) "Watch where you throw that -- you dig like a dog."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "Did you call me a dog?"
  • (Angus) "I said you dig like one. Flinging earth carelessly like an animal."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "So, now I'm an animal?"
  • (Angus) "You're not listening."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "I'm deaf?"
  • (Angus) "You're a fool, little man."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "That is because, boy, your words are feeble and twisted as an old woman."
  • (Angus) "This old woman'll send you to the next world, old man."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "I can taste neither the fermentation of grape, nor of wheat."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "What? Why do you laugh?"
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "HONEY. It's made from honey."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "They have been -- gnawed upon."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "It is said, they eat the dead."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "I cannot lift this."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "Grow stronger."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "We shall pray for your safe return."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Pray to whom?"
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "In your land one God may be enough, but here we have need of many. I will pray to all of them for you. Do not be offended."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "I'll be in your debt."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "Goodbye, Arab."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Goodbye, Northman."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "How can you sleep at a time like this?"
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "The All-Father wove the skein of your life a long time ago. Go and hide in a hole if you wish, but you won't live one instant longer. Your fate is fixed. Fear profits a man nothing."
  • (Buliwyf) "Lo, there do I see my father. 'Lo, there do I see --"
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "My mother, and my sisters, and my brothers."
  • (Buliwyf) "Lo, there do I see --"
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "The line of my people --"
  • (Daniel Southern) "Back to the beginning."
  • (Tony Curran) "Lo, they do call to me."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "They bid me take my place among them."
  • (Buliwyf) "In the halls of Valhalla --"
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Where the brave --"
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "May live --"
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "-- Forever."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "Well, he didn't run."

Tony Curran as Weath the Musician

  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "They think they are bears -- they want us to think they are bears -- Hey, how do you hunt a bear?"
  • (Tony Curran) "Chase it down with dogs. What?"
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "How do you hunt a bear in winter?"
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "Go in its cave with spears."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Where is a cave?"
  • (Tony Curran) "It's in the earth."
  • (Daniel Southern) "The next glen, many fires."
  • (Buliwyf) "IS THERE A CAVE?"
  • (Tony Curran) "Go on, make it worse. Now it's gonna rain."

Richard Bremmer as Skeld the Superstitious

  • (Richard Bremmer) "Blow-hards the both of you. She probably was some smoke-colored camp girl. Looked like that one's mother."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "My mother was a pure woman from a noble family. And I, at least, know who my father is, you pig-eating son of a whore."
  • (Richard Bremmer) "He insisted."
  • (Tony Curran) "Give an Arab a sword, he makes a knife."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "It works."
  • (Tony Curran) "When you die, can I give that to my daughter?"

Daniel Southern as Edgtho the Silent

  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "EDGTHO? EDGTHO?"
  • (Daniel Southern) "Stifle your racket, I hear you."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Thought to find you in the tower."
  • (Daniel Southern) "Yeah. Why I'm not in it."

Mischa Hausserman as Rethel the Archer

  • (Mischa Hausserman) "No wall. No moat. Not even a presentable fence."
  • (Clive Russell) "You couldn't keep a cow out of this place."
  • (Albie Woodington) "Women and children. Barely a man between fifteen and fifty."
  • (Mischa Hausserman) "My lord, this is Buliwyf, son to Hygelak, come from across the sea --"
  • (Sven Wollter) "I know the man. I sent for him. Knew him as a boy and I know him now. Grown to a man. Grown to a fine, strong man."

Omar Sharif as Melchisidek

  • (Omar Sharif) "He wants to know your name."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "My name is Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan Ibn Al Abbas Ibn Rashid Ibn Hamad."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "Eben?"
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "No, listen, My name is Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan. "Ibn" means "son of"."
  • (Dennis Storhøi) "Eben."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "What did he say?"
  • (Omar Sharif) "Hurry to meet Death before your place is taken."
  • (Omar Sharif) "We will remember you. Go with God."
  • (Omar Sharif) "You listening?"

Maria Bonnevie as Olga

  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Ow."
  • (Maria Bonnevie) "You complain much."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Ow."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "What is that?"
  • (Maria Bonnevie) "Cow urine."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Cow urine?"
  • (Maria Bonnevie) "Boiled down."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "No, no. Don't put that filth on me. Water, clean water."
  • (Maria Bonnevie) "As you wish. Tomorrow the pus will run, and you'll have a fever."

Sven Wollter as King Hrothgar

  • (Buliwyf) "I have only these hands. I will die a pauper."
  • (Sven Wollter) "You will be buried as a king."
  • (Buliwyf) "A man might be thought wealthy if someone were to draw the story of his deeds, that they may be remembered."
  • (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan) "Such a man might be thought wealthy indeed."

Diane Venora as Queen Weilew

  • (Diane Venora) "When the time comes --"
  • (Diane Venora) "Don't let them be taken."

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