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The 24th Day Quotes

The 24th Day is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The 24th Day ended its run in 1970.

It features Nick Stagliano as producer, Kevin Manthei in charge of musical score, and J. Alan Hostetter as head of cinematography.

The 24th Day is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The 24th Day is 96 minutes long. The 24th Day is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: James Marsden as Dan, and Scott Speedman as Tom.

The 24th Day Quotes

Scott Speedman as Tom

  • (Scott Speedman) "I walk home. I'm all scratched up, I got blood all over my face. I'm crying my eyes out. Anyway, my mother see's me. She runs in screaming, "What happened, who did thisa to you?" So I tell her Stevie Bellow jumped me from behind in the schoolyard while his pals stood there and made sure no one broke it up. So, take a guess what my mom does? She takes me back to the school yard. She finds Stevie, she tells him we're gonna fight again this time it's gonna be a fair fight."
  • (Scott Speedman) "You know you are a perfect example of what is wrong with this world. No one will take a stand and say that it's me. I'm guilty, I did it. You f***ed up. You lived by your own rules and not you have to pay for that."
  • (James Marsden) "Because I met you at a bar and came back with you, I deserve this?"
  • (Scott Speedman) "You came home with me twice."
  • (James Marsden) "And that makes me some kind of monster? And by the way if you remember correctly you invited me back here. God damn it, you set me up."
  • (Scott Speedman) "You always have to play like you're the innocent one."
  • (Scott Speedman) "Today is day 26 and it seems different. Isabella would have had every reason to do what I did to you. I promised things to her. I loved her. I was supposed to protect her. And in the end I'm the only one responsible for what happened to her. But with you, I put my life in your hands. Someone I didn't even know. And I got what I deserved, and you're probably getting what you deserve. Now you don't deserve this, no one deserves this."
  • (James Marsden) "Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? Why are you f***ing with me? I'm healthy. Look at me. You look at me. Look at me."
  • (Scott Speedman) "You see this lie? You had sex last Tuesday but you wanted to appear pure but you're not are you? You're not pure. I watched you for a short time and I caught you in a lie. I didn't come looking to do this but after watching you seeing the way you are it only made sense what I had to do. I can only imagine the other 5 years, how many blondies have there been."
  • (James Marsden) "I never forced anyone to be with me."
  • (Scott Speedman) "This isn't only about us how many others have you got sick? They don't count?"
  • (James Marsden) "I'm not sick."
  • (Scott Speedman) "You played god with that kid, why would you want to do that? You do whatever you want and when people get hurt, to bad for them."
  • (James Marsden) "What and now I'm responsible for everyone?"
  • (Scott Speedman) "Why not?"
  • (James Marsden) "f*** you man. People make choices, you made a choice. I owe you nothing."
  • (Scott Speedman) "Then why so many tests? If you felt no responsibility to protect other people then why so many tests?"
  • (James Marsden) "For me, for me. If I was sick I would want to know so I could take care of myself."
  • (Scott Speedman) "But how is it possible for someone who is always safe to get sick?"
  • (James Marsden) "A lot of safe people get tested."
  • (Scott Speedman) "And a lot unsafe people don't. Why is that?"
  • (James Marsden) "I didn't trick anyone, you cheated on your wife, no one but you."
  • (Scott Speedman) "You are sitting there because you are the only possible reason why I am here doing this.."

James Marsden as Dan

  • (James Marsden) "Do you have a girlfriend?"
  • (Scott Speedman) "No. I have beer."
  • (James Marsden) "Dan before you go I need to know something. Where you ever really tested before?"
  • (Scott Speedman) "What does it matter now?"
  • (James Marsden) "It doesn't."
  • (Scott Speedman) "No, I wasn't."
  • (James Marsden) "Why?"
  • (Scott Speedman) "I guess I was, I guess I was afraid."
  • (James Marsden) "You guess?"
  • (Scott Speedman) "I was afraid."
  • (James Marsden) "You didn't want to know?"
  • (Scott Speedman) "No I didn't. I just knew. I just knew I didn't have it. I really am sorry about your wife."
  • (James Marsden) "Putting people in f***ing boxes; you're straight or you're gay; it's nonsense. Human beings are too complex. Being with a man or wanting to be with a man doesn't make you gay. It's totally messed up. If a girl goes to her boyfriend and says she wants to f*** around with another girl, you think he's going to be weirded out by that? f*** no. He's gonna want to watch, maybe even join in. But if a guy asks his girlfriend the same question, she's f***ing flip her lid. It's totally messed up for guys who prefer women and have a slight curiosity about men. They're forced into repressing it. And even if they do act on those urges, they're made to feel like there's something wrong with them; when it isn't the act that's wrong. In fact, that's what's natural. What's wrong is how society makes you feel about it because nobody can admit that people aren't completely gay or completely straight. It's nonsense."
  • (James Marsden) "Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this. Why are you f***ing with me? I'm healthy. Look at me -- You look at me."
  • (James Marsden) "Look at me."

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