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The Banger Sisters Quotes

The Banger Sisters is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Banger Sisters ended its run in 1970.

It features Elizabeth Cantillon, and Mark Johnson as producer, Trevor Rabin in charge of musical score, and Karl Walter Lindenlaub as head of cinematography.

The Banger Sisters is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Banger Sisters is 98 minutes long. The Banger Sisters is distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The cast includes: Goldie Hawn as Suzette, Matthew Carey as Jules, Tinsley Grimes as Prom Girl, Geoffrey Rush as Harry, Susan Sarandon as Lavinia, Erika Christensen as Hannah, Eva Amurri as Ginger, Andre Ware as Jake, and Adam Tomei as Club Owner.

The Banger Sisters Quotes

Geoffrey Rush as Harry

  • (Geoffrey Rush) "If everything isn't in order -- I get -- constipated"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Like I needed to know that."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "I disappointed him. He hated me."
  • (Susan Sarandon) "Oh for goodness sakes."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "When I was four --"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "f*** four."

Susan Sarandon as Lavinia

  • (Susan Sarandon) "You don't think they were maybe just skinny dipping?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "No they were going at it."
  • (Susan Sarandon) "You don't think maybe they were just rubbing up against each other?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "No they were f***ing."
  • (Susan Sarandon) "I want to go out but everything that I own is beige."
  • (Susan Sarandon) "I said we went to college together."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "I went to college? I'm a really bad liar Vinny."
  • (Susan Sarandon) "Suzette, is that you?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Yep. Well, the nose, the lips and the tits aren't but I'm in here somewhere."

Goldie Hawn as Suzette

  • (Goldie Hawn) "I saw this guy, he was on a stretcher. His face was all purple and I thought he was dead. Even he looked at my tits."
  • (Susan Sarandon) "Maybe you revived him."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Do the dishes you wash you dry."
  • (Eva Amurri) "Rosa does them."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Rosa who?"
  • (Eva Amurri) "I dunno --"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "You have people wiping your ass and you don't even know their name."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Ever heard of Frank Zappa?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Sure. The Mothers of Invention."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Wow. Very good Harry. Well, he named us. The Banger Sisters."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "But you weren't really sisters."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "No"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Good 'cause I wouldn't have been comfortable if you were sisters."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "You're not comfortable now, Harry."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Vinnie, stop it. Okay? 'Cause you're going right up your own asshole, and i don't feel like following."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Oh god, whats she on?"
  • (Matthew Carey) "Nothing, we just had champange."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Don't bulls*** me."
  • (Tinsley Grimes) "Shes on acid."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "How long ago did she drop it?"
  • (Tinsley Grimes) "Two hours maybe?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Two hours she's gonna be really messed up, you guys should go."
  • (Matthew Carey) "Leave her here with you? We don't even know you."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "I'm a friend of her mother's."
  • (Matthew Carey) "Yeah, right Hannah's mother."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Lavinia Kingsley, Handsome. Now go. Go on, get out here."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Her mother is Vinny?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Yeah. Just breathe honey"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Ooo wow -- Just let it go. Let it go. Ooo there's another one, Harry you may never s*** again."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Yup there's hope for Harry -- hope for Harry."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "You're spoiled brats. Okay, what's this?"
  • (Eva Amurri) "A banana hammock."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "A banana hammock. Not everybody has one of those."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "See that bathroom? Jim Morrison passed out in there one night, with me underneath him."
  • (Adam Tomei) "Jim Morrison is a ghost and so are you."

Erika Christensen as Hannah

  • (Erika Christensen) "I hate feeling fake more than anything in the world. You wouldn't believe what people tell you; "you've gotta get into college, you've gotta figure out what you wanna do, you've gotta make money" and we're going -- my God, I feel like I'm still a kid practically, but your teachers and your parents and everybody's got everything planned out for you with high expectations. But what if it has nothing to do with you? You lose track of yourself, and that's fake. We're going into the future and I only have little clues as to what might be out there -- sometimes I'm scared to death, and sometimes I'm really excited, and I just wish that for everybody in my class -- no for everybody, that whatever you do, you do it true, even if you mess up -- even if you fail. I'd rather fail doing my own thing, doing what I wanna do than doing that doing what someone else wants me to do and succeeding. I'd rather be fighting with my family than pretending it's all okay. To the graduating class of 2002, GO. Go into the world and do it true. Do it true."

Andre Ware as Jake

  • (Andre Ware) "Ah don't let him see you drinking."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "I've been drinking rum and coke since before he was born, he can go f*** himself."

Eva Amurri as Ginger

  • (Eva Amurri) "He failed me for NO REASON."
  • (Susan Sarandon) "It says here you ran a red light."
  • (Eva Amurri) "Mom, as if I'd do that in a test."

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