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The Battle of Rogue River Quotes

The Battle of Rogue River is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Battle of Rogue River stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sam Katzman as producer, Mischa Bakaleinikoff in charge of musical score, and Henry Freulich as head of cinematography.

The Battle of Rogue River is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Battle of Rogue River is 71 min. long. The Battle of Rogue River is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: George Montgomery as Maj. Frank Archer, John Crawford as Capt. Richard Hillman, Richard Denning as Stacey Wyatt, Martha Hyer as Brett McClain, Michael Granger as Chief Mike, and Steven Ritch as Indian.

The Battle of Rogue River Quotes

George Montgomery as Maj. Frank Archer

  • (George Montgomery) "Sometimes a big bark is more effective than a little bite, Lieutenant."

Michael Granger as Chief Mike

  • (Michael Granger) "The river runs red with the blood of your people and mine. Why should our voices speak when theirs is silent?"
  • (Michael Granger) "We will test this peace of yours for thirty days. But if war shall come, let me say this to you now. You are a true chief and a worthy enemy. I will kill you with regret."
  • (Michael Granger) "Let the talk begin -- not from your tongue but your heart. Many times we have talked with the white chiefs and no two of them talk alike. With my people there is but one chief. And so we wish to speak with the true chief. Are you, then, the true chief?"
  • (George Montgomery) "Among my people, the people themselves are chief. I speak for them."
  • (Michael Granger) "Among my people, when the word of a chief is challenged, he must kill the challenger in combat or admit that he is no chief."

Martha Hyer as Brett McClain

  • (Martha Hyer) "Then you should know that a fighting man has to live between battles."
  • (George Montgomery) "He also needs to learn how to stay alive during battles. It's better for a man to come back to a woman than kiss her goodbye and never come back."
  • (Martha Hyer) "You surprise me, Major. I had thought women had no place in your plans at all."
  • (George Montgomery) "It may surprise you to know, Miss McClain, that my own mother was a woman."
  • (Martha Hyer) "Tell me, Major, is this peace with the Indians going to last?"
  • (George Montgomery) "Well, it's lasted this long."
  • (Martha Hyer) "But you don't believe it, do you?"
  • (George Montgomery) "As a soldier, I believe peace is something you have to fight for, Miss McClain."

John Crawford as Capt. Richard Hillman

  • (John Crawford) "I thought the worst of it was over. Now I think this is the worst -- coming back."
  • (Richard Denning) "You did what you could, Captain."
  • (John Crawford) "Did I?"
  • (Richard Denning) "It's no crime to lose a battle."
  • (John Crawford) "Isn't it?"

Steven Ritch as Indian

  • (Steven Ritch) "Your voice rings louder than those who came before you. But in death, your voice will be as silent as theirs. I take your words to my chief. He will answer them with guns."
  • (George Montgomery) "And if I should meet him with two guns for each of his, what will he do?"
  • (Steven Ritch) "Why, then each one of his guns will fire twice."

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