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The Beast (1988 film) Quotes

The Beast (1988 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Beast stopped airing in 1970.

It features Gil Friesen as producer, Mark Isham in charge of musical score, and Douglas Milsome as head of cinematography.

The Beast (1988 film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Beast (1988 film) is 111 min. long. The Beast (1988 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: George Dzundza as Daskal, Donald Patrick Harvey as Kaminski, Jason Patric as Koverchenko, Stephen Baldwin as Golikov, Steven Bauer as Taj, and Erick Avari as Samad.

The Beast (1988 film) Quotes

Steven Bauer as Taj

  • (Steven Bauer) "Allah, why have you forsaken us?"
  • (Steven Bauer) "Eat."
  • (Sherina) "Choke."
  • (Steven Bauer) "I will not fight alongside scavengers who pick gold from the teeth of dead Russians."

Jason Patric as Koverchenko

  • (Jason Patric) "Sorry, sir. Not much of a war. No Stalingrad. How is it that we're the Nazis this time? How is it? I tried to be a good soldier. But you can't be a good soldier in a rotten war, sir. Now I want you to live to see them win. Go."
  • (Jason Patric) "I said go."
  • (Jason Patric) "Yeah, I'll kaboom tank."
  • (Jason Patric) "Why did that rebel we ran over laugh at me?"
  • (Erick Avari) "He wasn't laughing at you, he was happy. Such men believe if they die in a holy war they will go to paradise."
  • (Jason Patric) "Is that what you believe?"
  • (Erick Avari) "After university, I don't know what I believe."
  • (Jason Patric) "Well, sir, the roadwheel's cracked. Kaminski drank our brakes. We're low on petrol. The battery's low. We're losing oil. If the engine heats up it's gonna seize. The terrain, obviously against us. We have no rations. The Mujas behind us don't seem to run on rations, petrol, or anything we know of. And they have an RPG. Their aim is getting better. Sir."

George Dzundza as Daskal

  • (George Dzundza) "This time your insubordination is going get you a court martial."
  • (Jason Patric) "So will killing your own men, sir."
  • (George Dzundza) "Get back in the tank."
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "What for?"
  • (George Dzundza) "Because I said so."
  • (Stephen Baldwin) "We're going home, sir."
  • (George Dzundza) "Yeah. In the tank."
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "Why can't we go home in the f***ing helicopter?"
  • (George Dzundza) "Because you're tankers."
  • (George Dzundza) "Just tell me one thing; why do you stick up for the Afghan?"
  • (Jason Patric) "Because he's doing the best he can, sir."
  • (George Dzundza) "That's what worries me."
  • (George Dzundza) "We're safe in here. My tanks have been hit by everything. In Mongolia once, RPG, direct hit. Commander, gunner and turret went flying. I drove the rest of the tank back to our lines. These tanks today are better. Much better."
  • (George Dzundza) "Your insubordination has gotten you demoted from intelligence to rescue operations to this tank. Your next stop is prison."
  • (Unnamed) "Today's your lucky day. If we hadn't been out here looking for water we wouldn't have found you guys. Go ahead and climb aboard, I'll call in an airstrike on the tank."
  • (George Dzundza) "Nobody wastes my tank --"
  • (George Dzundza) "You know our standing orders."
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "What?"
  • (George Dzundza) "Out of commission, become a pillbox. Out of ammo, become a bunker. Out of time, become heroes."
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "You must be out of your f***ing mind."
  • (George Dzundza) "Now. Together."
  • (George Dzundza) "Brake fluid?"
  • (Jason Patric) "No wonder they don't work."
  • (George Dzundza) "I read your dossier, Mr. Intellectual. What would you say your record says about you?"
  • (Jason Patric) "That I think for myself."
  • (George Dzundza) "You think for yourself. When I was eight years old, defending Stalingrad, I didn't think for myself. When the Motherland asked for our lives, we GAVE. My father didn't think of himself, he GAVE. My mother didn't think of herself, she GAVE. My brother didn't think of himself, he GAVE. My comrades tied a rope around my waist and lowered me on top of Nazi tanks. I'd stuff Molotovs under turret and cannon, and they pulled me up again. Eight years old. They called me Tank Boy. I took a lot of Nazi tanks. A lot. And over the years I've learned to smell a traitor."

Donald Patrick Harvey as Kaminski

  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "On the way."
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "You better watch your ass, Koverchenko. You know, sometimes Afghan snipers pick off tank drivers."
  • (Jason Patric) "Sometimes tank drivers pick 'em off first, Kaminski."
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "I hate this f***ing country."
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "I need a woman."
  • (Stephen Baldwin) "Maybe you'll find another sheep."
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "Maybe I will."

Stephen Baldwin as Golikov

  • (Stephen Baldwin) "What are we doing? Why don't we make a run for it?"
  • (Donald Patrick Harvey) "Are you crazy? He'd shoot us right out of the sky."

Erick Avari as Samad

  • (Erick Avari) "It is called "Pashtunwali". It's the code of honor."
  • (Jason Patric) "Pashtunwali?"
  • (Erick Avari) "Three obligations. First, "Melmastia", hospitality. Second, "Badal", revenge. Third, "Nanawateh", the obligation to give sanctuary to all those who ask."
  • (Jason Patric) "To all?"
  • (Erick Avari) "All."
  • (Jason Patric) "Even the enemy?"
  • (Erick Avari) "All."
  • (Jason Patric) "What if I kill your brother and you came for Badal, revenge? And I ask for Nanawateh?"
  • (Erick Avari) "Then I would be obligated to feed, clothe and protect you."
  • (Jason Patric) "That's incredibly civilized."

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