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The Blob (1988 film) Quotes

The Blob (1988 film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Blob ended its run in 1970.

It features Jack H. Harris as producer, Michael Hoenig in charge of musical score, and Mark Irwin as head of cinematography.

The Blob (1988 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Blob (1988 film) is 95 minutes long. The Blob (1988 film) is distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The cast includes: Robert Axelrod as Jennings, Joe Seneca as Dr. Meddows, Shawnee Smith as Meg Penny, Kevin Dillon as Brian Flagg, Jeffrey DeMunn as Sheriff Herb Geller, Jack Rader as Col. Hargis, Michael Kenworthy as Kevin Penny, Douglas Emerson as Eddie Beckner, Donovan Leitch as Paul Taylor, Paul McCrane as Deputy Bill Briggs, Art LaFleur as Pharmacist, Ricky Paull Goldin as Scott Jeske, Beau Billingslea as Moss Woodley, Shawnee Smith as Mr. Penny, and Jack Nance as Can Man.

The Blob (1988 film) Quotes

Donovan Leitch as Paul Taylor

  • (Donovan Leitch) "We've had a car accident, this guy needs to see a doctor."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "He has something on his hand, some kind of acid, or something."
  • (Nurse) "Does he have Blue Cross?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "I don't know."
  • (Nurse) "Medical insurance of any kind?"
  • (Donovan Leitch) "Look, we don't even know who the guy is."
  • (Donovan Leitch) "Flagg. What'd you do to him?"
  • (Kevin Dillon) "Hey I'm not the one who bounced him off my car."
  • (Donovan Leitch) "YEAH RIGHT. You ran him into the middle of the road."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Stop it. Let's get him to a doctor."
  • (Donovan Leitch) "Hey, get in the car."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "What for?"
  • (Donovan Leitch) "There's going to be a lot of explaining to do and you're part of it, now are you gonna get in the car, or am I going to make you get in?"
  • (Kevin Dillon) "What's the matter, Taylor? You worried about a little insurance claim on daddy's car, huh? Maybe I will come along, just to make sure you don't try pinning this whole thing on me."

Shawnee Smith as Meg Penny

  • (Shawnee Smith) "Run, Kevin. Go to Town Hall."
  • (Michael Kenworthy) "No, but Meg --"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "DO IT NOW."
  • (Michael Kenworthy) "I'll miss you, Meg."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Brian. I need to talk to you. Brian?"
  • (Kevin Dillon) "What the hell are you doing here?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Look, I came down to bail you out."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "Who do you think they are, Neiman Marcus? They don't take plastic."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Nobody believes me about what happened tonight."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "What did happen?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "You were there, you saw."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "All I saw was an old man with a funky hand, that's all I saw."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "The thing on that man's hand killed him and then it killed Paul, and whatever it is, it's getting bigger."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "So you told the cops? Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? I know you're the homecoming queen type and all but are you strung out on something or what?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "You're just the same."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "What are you talking about?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "You act like you're different, you put on this big show, but you're just like everybody else in this town, you're full of s***, Flagg."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Sir, excuse me, but I think my little brother's over at the movie theatre on Main Street."
  • (Soldier Outside Town Hall) "We're doing by sector. We'll be there soon."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Right, but you don't understand --"
  • (Art LaFleur) "We'll handle it okay, now get back in line."
  • (Art LaFleur) "I don't see you handling much of anything -- are you on a coffee break?"
  • (Soldier Outside Town Hall) "Look mister"
  • (Art LaFleur) "Don't you look mister me -- I'm a tax payer -- I pay your salary -- now what are you going to do about finding my son?"
  • (Soldier Outside Town Hall) "I understand you're upset, Sir, but if you just get back in line. We have the situation under control."
  • (Art LaFleur) "I know."

Kevin Dillon as Brian Flagg

  • (Kevin Dillon) "In the meantime, we're your prisoners?"
  • (Joe Seneca) "Not at all, you're my patients."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "I never thought I'd go out of my way to find a cop."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "Are you coming?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Brian, I have to go back, my family's there, people that I care about."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "Well I'm going, and if you're smart you'll come with me."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Then go. Take care of yourself. That's the only thing you're really good at, isn't it?"
  • (Kevin Dillon) "You don't give up, do you?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "I need your help."

Robert Axelrod as Jennings

  • (Robert Axelrod) "The organism is growing at a geometric rate. By all accounts, it's at least a thousand times its original mass."
  • (White Suit #1) "This will put U.S. defense years ahead of the Russians."
  • (Robert Axelrod) "Dr. Meadows, just for the record, I don't agree with any of this. Those people's lives are at stake."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Don't you think I know that? This isn't one of you text-book exercises, Mr. Jennings. This is an experiment in biological warfare, or hadn't you noticed? That organism is potentially the greatest breakthrough in weapons research since man split the atom. What we do here will affect the balance of world power. Of course there are lives at stake; whole nations, in fact. And that's far more important than a handful of people in this small town. And that is my cross to bear, Mr. Jennings. Now carry out your orders."

Michael Kenworthy as Kevin Penny

  • (Mrs. Penny) "Kevin, don't eat with your face."
  • (Michael Kenworthy) "Mom, we're in a hurry so we can go bowling with Anthony."
  • (Douglas Emerson) "And then to the movies."
  • (Mrs. Penny) "What movie?"
  • (Douglas Emerson) "Garden Tool Massacre, it's your basic slice and dice."
  • (Mrs. Penny) "Your basic what?"
  • (Douglas Emerson) "Well this guy in a hockey mask, he chops up a few teenagers, but don't worry, there's no sex or anything bad."
  • (Mrs. Penny) "They won't let you kids into a movie like that."
  • (Douglas Emerson) "No problem, my brother's an usher."
  • (Mrs. Penny) "No. Absolutely not."
  • (Michael Kenworthy) "WOOAAHHH"
  • (Michael Kenworthy) "Who are you?"
  • (Donovan Leitch) "I'm Paul is you're sister in?"
  • (Michael Kenworthy) "Just a second."

Jeffrey DeMunn as Sheriff Herb Geller

  • (Jeffrey DeMunn) "Flag's a punk, but he's no killer."
  • (Paul McCrane) "I think it's a mistake."
  • (Jeffrey DeMunn) "I feel like the one-legged man in an ass kicking contest."

Paul McCrane as Deputy Bill Briggs

  • (Paul McCrane) "Bring some more."

Joe Seneca as Dr. Meddows

  • (Joe Seneca) "Let Me tell you a story. Dinosaurs ruled our planet for millions of years and yet they died out almost over night. Why? The evidence suggests that a meteor fell to Earth carrying an alien bacteria."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "Plague? Is that what this whole thing is about?"
  • (Joe Seneca) "Prevention."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "And you think that this meteor brought some kind of killer germ?"
  • (Joe Seneca) "It's something I've expected and prepared for all my life."
  • (Kevin Dillon) "Your meteor brought something all right but if it's a germ, it's the biggest son of a bitch you've ever seen."
  • (Joe Seneca) "I want that organism alive."
  • (White Suit #1) "What about the civilians?"
  • (Joe Seneca) "They're expendable."

Art LaFleur as Pharmacist

  • (Art LaFleur) "You want the ribbed or the regular?"
  • (Ricky Paull Goldin) "Ribbed I guess."
  • (Ricky Paull Goldin) "They're not for me."

Douglas Emerson as Eddie Beckner

  • (Douglas Emerson) "I'll be good I swear -- I'll never see a movie ever again."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "It's gonna be okay."

Beau Billingslea as Moss Woodley

  • (Beau Billingslea) "Hey man I told you we'd have snow -- gotta have a little faith -- I hope I'm covered for this sort of thing."
  • (Beau Billingslea) "Hey bring the dump truck -- we've gotta have this thing moved by dawn."

Jack Rader as Col. Hargis

  • (Jack Rader) "Let's scrag that son-of-a-bitch."
  • (Jack Rader) "Chew on that, slimeball."
  • (Jack Rader) "What's happening?"
  • (Kevin Dillon) "I think -- you pissed it off."

Jack Nance as Can Man

  • (Jack Nance) "The sky, it fell from the sky."
  • (Donovan Leitch) "What's he saying?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "He's in shock, let's just go."

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