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The Burning (film) Quotes

The Burning (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Burning completed its run in 1970.

It features Harvey Weinstein as producer, Rick Wakeman in charge of musical score, and Harvey Harrison as head of cinematography.

The Burning (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Burning (film) is 91 minutes long. The Burning (film) is distributed by Filmways Pictures.

The cast includes: Holly Hunter as Sophie, Leah Ayres as Michelle, Brian Matthews as Todd, Mansoor Najeeullah as Orderly, Jerry McGee as Intern, Jason Alexander as Dave, John Tripp as Camp Counselor, Willie Reale as Paul, John Roach as Snoop, K.C. Townsend as Hooker, Brian Backer as Alfred, James Van Verth as Jamie, Keith Mandell as Young Todd, Larry Joshua as Glazer, Carolyn Houlihan as Karen, and Ned Eisenberg as Eddy.

The Burning (film) Quotes

K.C. Townsend as Hooker

  • (K.C. Townsend) "That's a lowkey lighting, huh? That's alright with me."

Jason Alexander as Dave

  • (Jason Alexander) "God bless her mom and dad."

Leah Ayres as Michelle

  • (Leah Ayres) "What are we going to do now?"
  • (Brian Matthews) "All right, we'll all split up and search this whole area. The canoes have to be around here somewhere."
  • (Holly Hunter) "What happens if we don't find them?"
  • (Brian Matthews) "Then we'll build a raft, or something."

John Tripp as Camp Counselor

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Brian Matthews as Todd

  • (Brian Matthews) "What do you have to say about that, Alfred?"
  • (Brian Backer) "I only meant to scare her."
  • (Leah Ayres) "You only meant to scare her. Well, you sure as hell did scare her."
  • (Brian Matthews) "There used to be a camp not far from here, just across the lake. It was called Camp Blackfoot. No one goes there anymore. Everything burnt down. This camp had a caretaker, and his name was Cropsy. Now, this Cropsy was a drunkard -- a sadist, and he got real pleasure out of hurting -- scaring. And he had these garden shears. The kind with long, thin blades. He carried them all the time, wherever he went. And he had this kind of demonic way of looking at you. One time, Cropsy really went after this kid from Brooklyn, followed him around night and day. He made this kid's life a living hell. But this time, he chose the wrong guy, 'cause the kid and some of his buddies had planned a little prank. Only problem was, the gag went wrong. The next thing anybody knows, Cropsy's trapped alive and burning in his bunk. They try to get him out, but the fire's so fierce, they can't reach him. All they can do is stand outside and listen to him cry out in agony. They say his smashed his way through the bunkroom door in just a mass of flames. And as he burned alive, he cried out, "I will return. I will have my revenge." They never found his body, but he survived. He lives on whatever he can catch. Eats them raw, alive. No longer human. Right now, he's out there. Watching, waiting. Don't look; he'll see you. Don't move; he'll hear you. Don't breathe; you're dead."
  • (Brian Matthews) "You know what your problem is?"
  • (Larry Joshua) "No, man. What's my problem?"
  • (Brian Matthews) "You can't take anyone your own size."
  • (Larry Joshua) "Oh yeah? Well, that's bulls***."

Willie Reale as Paul

  • (Willie Reale) "Jamie, you with us?"
  • (James Van Verth) "Right."
  • (Willie Reale) "Snoop?"
  • (John Roach) "Yeah, I'm in."
  • (Willie Reale) "Billy?"
  • (Billy) "What, are you kidding? I can't stand that creep."
  • (Willie Reale) "What about you?"
  • (Keith Mandell) "As long as I get to see that motherf***er squirm."
  • (Willie Reale) "Don't worry. Tonight's the night that we scare the s*** out of Cropsy. Because when he wakes up, when he see it, he's gonna have a heart attack."
  • (Willie Reale) "Tonight's the night. Cropsy's going to get what he deserves. Remember what he did to you, Snoop?"
  • (John Roach) "Yeah."
  • (Willie Reale) "And when he beat up Jamie really bad for nothing? Billy says Cropsy's been getting away with this s*** for years. If we pull this off, it'll be the biggest number Camp Blackfoot has ever seen."

Mansoor Najeeullah as Orderly

  • (Mansoor Najeeullah) "How long have you been working here?"
  • (Jerry McGee) "I just started working Sunday."
  • (Mansoor Najeeullah) "You like your job?"
  • (Jerry McGee) "Yeah, it's fine."
  • (Mansoor Najeeullah) "Well, when you've seen what I've seen, you'll soon change your mind. Hey listen, after two months of working here, you'll start to feel like an old man. Guys like you won't last five minutes. Hey, there's this guy down the hall in the burn center I'd like you to see. After you see this guy, you'll never want to come back in here again. Man, this guy is so burned, he's cooked. A f***ing Big Mac, overdone. You know what I mean? And, it's a miracle that he's still alive. If it was me, I'd prefer to be dead. No way I'd want to be this freak. He's a monster, man. I've been working here 10 years and I'm telling you, I've never seen anything like this."
  • (Jerry McGee) "Listen, I've got to be --"
  • (Mansoor Najeeullah) "Come on, in here, man."
  • (Jerry McGee) "Look, I've got to go."
  • (Mansoor Najeeullah) "Hey, you want to be a doctor, right? This is what you've got to see. This is where it's at."

Carolyn Houlihan as Karen

  • (Carolyn Houlihan) "You're crazy."
  • (Ned Eisenberg) "Yeah, I know. Crazy for you."

Holly Hunter as Sophie

  • (Holly Hunter) "Hey Todd -- over here."

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